Leonhard notices “scary” similarities between Ryan twins

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His time with Jets coach Rex Ryan over, safety Jim Leonhard opted last month to join the team that includes Rob Ryan on the coaching staff.  Leonhard quickly learned that these fraternal twins don’t simply look like they’re identical.

Personality-wise, they’re very similar,” Leonhard said recently, via the Baton Rouge Advocate.  “It’s scary.”

The coaches, who can be fiery and combative, both preach to players that football should be enjoyed.

“It’s a lot of fun playing for them because they keep things interesting,” Leonhard said.  “They make football fun; that’s their biggest thing.  Rex always said that it’s a game for kids, and Rob uses the same kind of [motivational] stuff.

“They say that you’re very fortunate to be playing, so you should have fun doing it.”

But it’s not always fun listening to Rob Ryan.

“[H]e knows what we have to do, and he’s been very blunt and very in your face about it,” Leonhard said.  “There are going to be expectations of the defense, so he laid it out there on Day One.”

The good news for the Saints flows from the bulk of last year’s bad news.  With an historically bad defense in 2012, it won’t take much improvement to propel the Saints back to the postseason.

“There’s a bunch of guys in here with a bad taste in their mouth,” Leonhard said.  “They know what winning feels like, and they want to get back to that.”

With Rob Ryan there and coach Sean Payton back and quarterback Drew Brees still in place, we’ve got a feeling that they will.

18 responses to “Leonhard notices “scary” similarities between Ryan twins

  1. Overweight loudmouths, yeah they’re pretty similar, the big difference, Rex has had great defenses, Rob hasn’t, the only reason Rob keeps getting chances are because of his brother and father.

  2. One scary similarity is that both Rob and Rex look like they could fully devour your average NFL player and still have room left over for the punter.

  3. On the Rob Ryan teams I take the under. It worked pretty well in the past. Saints window is already closed with Falcons and Buccaneers getting stronger.

  4. No fan of the beligerant Ryans, but Sean Payton will make a big difference in Rob’s success. Don’t be surprised if the Saints repeat their 2009 season results. They’re on a mission to execute with precision, urgency and motivation. Could be epic.

  5. I have to agree with him, the brothers Ryan are both fat ass wild mouth idiots who can not back up there talk….
    It is and has been proven….

  6. Rob Ryan had a top five defense in Cleveland.
    Rex inherited a great D in Baltimore. Plus we all know Lewis was their D.
    Couple good years in NY.
    I don’t think Rexs resume is much better then Robs. If at all.

  7. They are similar.

    They fall for players that no one should fall for.

    Rex with Shonn Greene and Quentin Coples. Rob with this true 4-3 personnel. They’re a 4-3??

  8. There is a certain aura surrounding the Saints this offseason similar to the 2009/10 season.

    The fact that they finished with a losing record and everyone else’s attention is focused on the 9ers, Seahawks, Packers, and Falcons means they will be flying under the radar which is just where any team wants to be.

  9. If Rob can help NOLA close the defensive holes, I think that the Saints have a good shot at the NFC South title. I still do not believe that ATL has the killer instinct to close the deal and make it to the SB.

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