Mike Adams would have welcomed the competition from Charles Woodson


Before veteran defensive back Charles Woodson returned to the Raiders, he visited with the Broncos.  And that got the attention of current starting safety Mike Adams.

Even with Woodson not joining the Broncos, Adams is uncertain about what the short-term future may hold.

“As a competitor, it all weighs in the back of your mind,” Adams recently said, via Mike Klis of the Denver Post. “What’s going to happen next?  What’s going to happen to me next?  Because you never know what they’re thinking upstairs.  At the end of the day, my thought was, ‘Let’s go compete.'”

Adams knows a thing or two about competition.

“I came in ’04 as an undrafted free agent,” Adams said.  “How many people did you think I had to beat out as rookie to make the roster?  I never had it where I walked into a job.  Never in my whole career.”

While Adams wasn’t involved in the blown coverage and mistimed jump that allowed the Ravens to tie up the AFC divisional-round playoff game that Baltimore would win in double overtime (Adams was playing linebacker in the team’s dime package), he knows that the gaffe sticks to the entire safety unit.

“Sometimes I read things and . . . I thought the safeties played well,” Adams said.  “We played well all year.  And then one play, all of a sudden the safety spot comes into question.  It’s amazing how one play can affect somebody’s career, it can affect how the team’s thinking.  It’s amazing how one play can change everybody’s outlook about how they see the next season.”

That’s not, of course, what the Broncos are saying publicly.  But the flirtation with Woodson coupled with Adams’ instincts suggests that the Broncos are looking to do something to beef up the last line of defense that failed to keep safe a victory that otherwise would have been in the bag.

16 responses to “Mike Adams would have welcomed the competition from Charles Woodson

  1. I’m a Broncos fan, and I am tired of hearing of how the safeties blew it on that play. I can’t imagine what non-Broncos fans think.

    That being said, they are a promising young unit and it’s nice to hear Adams speak out. If they were such a weak unit, Joe Flacco wouldn’t have been the only QB to throw for 300+ on us.

  2. ha. adams is average at best. woodson with a walker and his arm in a cast is 0 times better than adams. adams was worthless in cleveland and denvers scheme protects him.

  3. Funny that people think our safeties are so terrible. Rahim moore graded as one if the best safeties in the NFL last year. And to the raiders fan above, so he choose sentimentalIty over a chance at another ring. Raiders aren’t gonna be contending for years to come. Deal with it

  4. He choose money lol, snd i dont blame him, its a business. Also to the raiders fan, he had some good years in oak town, but his years in GB made him the first ballot HOFer he is.

  5. The Donkeys have 2 Super Bowls and on both occasions, they circumvented the salary cap.

    Just the facts.

  6. stankytoes12 says:
    May 27, 2013 11:20 AM
    Also to the raiders fan, he had some good years in oak town, but his years in GB made him the first ballot HOFer he is.

    Says the lazy football analysts who don’t watch Raiders games. Charles Woodson was beast as a Raider. The only bad game Woodson had as a Raider was the very first game of his career.

  7. I have enjoyed watching the hapless Faiders win an average of 5 (count em 5) games per season over the last ten years. How many chocking QB’s have they had over that span? Now what will the Faiders do?

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