Reggie Kelly has great advice for today’s players

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So when should an NFL player begin planning for life after football?  The right answer is ASAFP.

“I started preparing for life after the game of football as soon as I was drafted,” former NFL tight end Reggie Kelly told FOX 5.

Kelly ultimately played 13 years for the Falcons and Bengals, but he didn’t know whether he’d make it 13 games when he arrived.  “I didn’t know how my career would go,” Kelly said.  “I didn’t know if it was going to come to a screeching halt as a lot of guys’ careers do.”

He has applied a simple, but powerful, philosophy.  “If you do the little things right, the big things will follow, and that’s what carried me through my NFL career,” Kelly said.

Kelly now owns a salsa company, which also sells jambalaya sauce and blackberry-flavored honey.  And it’s all because he realized from the moment he arrived in the NFL that, for every player, the NFL eventually disappears.

10 responses to “Reggie Kelly has great advice for today’s players

  1. First thing I’d do is lose the enterouge, then take care of my parents. Then invest 80% of the rest. I can live on less than $200,000 a year.

  2. Reggie played on the same team as Chad Johnson for a number of years. All the best advice in the world wont help a thick headed fellow who doesn’t take advice…..Reggie Kelly is a class person and was a great player and teammate.

  3. Lay off Titus Young. You clearly do not understand what a mental illness is or how it can turn your world upside. From common clinical depression to schizophrenia, it is no laughing matter. The dude is probably bipolar and while medication can help, it is no slam dunk. Not everything is always about bad choices within one’s control or understanding. He needs help, not ridicule. Attitudes like yours is why the mental health field in this country is deplorable.

  4. Dretwann is correct. Mental illness is no laughing matter. We know more about outer space and the depths of the ocean than we do about mental health.

  5. Like all the great investors have always said, a washed-up former fringe NFL player bankrolling an obscure condiment business with the limited money he earned over his playing career is by far the most stable investment for his pro earnings that have to last him the rest of his life. What could possibly go wrong??

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