Lions awarded Thaddeus Lewis on waivers


The Lions were awarded Thaddeus Lewis on waivers from Cleveland Tuesday.

Lewis, 25, made his first career regular-season NFL start in Cleveland’s 2012 finale, completing 22-of-32 passes for 204 yards with a touchdown and an interception. The Browns let him go last week.

Detroit has a clear-cut top backup quarterback in Shaun Hill. However, Hill is coming off foot surgery, as the Detroit Free Press reported earlier in May. Lewis joins Kellen Moore and Alex Carder as competitors for the third spot on the Lions’ QB depth chart.

In other Lions roster moves Tuesday, the Lions signed undrafted rookie defensive linemen Spencer Nealy and Robert Maci while waving rookie defensive lineman Michael Brooks and wide receiver Chastin West. The moves were disclosed in the NFL’s transaction report.

16 responses to “Lions awarded Thaddeus Lewis on waivers

  1. Third-string behind an established QB is a good place for this kid. He’s raw but has talent.

  2. He did better than anyone could’ve expected him to do during that last game against Pittsburgh. I’m glad to hear that someone picked him up.

  3. Well this is better than Alex Carder and maybe Kellen Moore, but I still think Shaun Hill should be traded and more new QBs are needing to be targeted. We have wasted a lot of time and money on Hill now and soon he will be a FA and we will get nothing for him like many other wasted players we could have dumped off over the years that ended up contributing to no playoff victories. This team is the worst team in the NFL in managing player assets.

    And Tebow is a much better choice than Thaddeus, Kellen, or Alex. Our QB group is in weak shape for the long-term. With the biggest problem still being the horrible value we have had on Stafford. He has been a MEGA waste so far, and we continue to waste time and opportunity by doing nothing with his value.

  4. Ok ‘strategy expert’. You have OFFICIALLY lost all credibility by saying Frickin TEBOW is a better option at backup qb than Shawn Hill. Quite simply, that is one of the most idiotic things i have ever seen on PFT and that’s really saying something.
    What a Maroon. What a gulli-bull.

    Go Lions! (just please don’t go anywhere near Tebow)

  5. I think this is a really good fit for him. He’s not a starter, the Lions have an established starter and a quality backup, but one that’s nearing the end of his run. Maybe Lewis is Stafford’s long term backup.

  6. brainbowman16:

    Dude I didn’t make that post to get a lot of likes. I suggested bringing in Tebow AND re-upped my concerns about Stafford AND for keeping Hill and not trading him AND for all of the mistakes of the past this team has made. Not to mention I compliment a Brown’s castoff in a roundabout way, only to then neg him in comparison to Tebow while also doing the same to Moore and Carder.

    This wasn’t about gaining popularity, it was about complaining about the global problems of the Lions, with some of that obviously applying to my dissatisfaction with the QB group.

    I think my credibility should be high because I have pointed out for many years all of the big problems of the Lions that they have been unable to see. It’s the decision makers of the Lions who have earned the lack of credibility while I keep racking up the points by pointing out the problems in advance.

  7. TheStrategyExpert:
    Now you are posting your nonsense here? Shaun Hill has not been a waste of money. In Stafford’s first two seasons Hill was excellent coming in cold off the bench when needed. There was no way for the Lions management to know that he wouldn’t be needed these last two seasons, particularly after Stafford’s first two injury plagued campaigns.

    As for your credibility, I can attest to that….it sucks. You posted your ramblings rants on other websites I’ve been to, and have been ripped to shreds by others who were able to provide statistical information you couldn’t, and also bring up previous arguments you made and then tried to deny when they didn’t come to fruition. You are only an expert in annoying people.

  8. Lewis is ok, did a nice job in CLE, all the best, young man. Congrats Lions, you could have done much worse, not gonna mention any names as far as that goes.

  9. With the biggest problem still being the horrible value we have had on Stafford. He has been a MEGA waste so far, and we continue to waste time and opportunity by doing nothing with his value.——————————————————-

    If you think that Matt Stafford, who is a top 10 NFL quarterback, is a “MEGA waste” then you do have zero credibility. Yes, hes been paid a lot of money but without him the Lions would be absolute garbage. In the past 2 seasons hes thrown over 10,000 yards and 61 TDs. Only Tom Brady and Drew Brees have thrown for more yards in that span and only Brees Brady and Aaron Rodgers has thrown more TDs.

  10. strategy expert is a moron. He acts like he’s this great Lions expert that watches every game and knows everything, yet if we gave him the reins to the team we would be nothing short of a Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow QB group. You are dissatisfied with our QB group yet you want to bring in Tebow? How dumb do you have to be….

  11. I do not listen to monday morning fantasy coach/gm/qb coach. Stafford is a very good qb and can make throws they a lot of quarterback wish they could! he has a canon for arm! I laugh because bobby lane was a beer drinking hard nose qb for the lions it did not look pretty but he got the job done ! I am sick of the compliant about stafford period! Considering that most QB have had a lot more talent and done worse. But this year we our ready and we have speed and talent on offense and defense! This team is stafford team and he will do very well this year! and even then there will be critics when get into the playoffs! please get off stafford and the lions back and do yourself a favor watch the game and refrian from posting please!

  12. Lewis sounds like a great developmental prospect for the 3rd stringer position.

    Shaun Hill has been a great backup.

    And anyone who suggests bringing in Tebow needs to have his head examined.

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