Peyton Manning says he’s more comfortable than last year

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With a full year of work in Denver under his belt, Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning says he’s feeling a lot better than he did last year. But he isn’t ready to go so far as to say he feels better than ever.

Manning talked to Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times about coming back last year after missing the full 2011 season following multiple neck surgeries, and Manning said the way he feels now is a lot better than the way he felt when he was a new Bronco.

The biggest issue for me was performance: Can I perform the way that I’ve been performing over 14 years?” Manning said. “You’ve only done it one way – you’ve thrown one way, the ball felt one way in your hand since you were 15 years old playing quarterback. All of a sudden, when things feel a little different, there are some questions and some unknowns: How will it hold up in different types of throws, touch passes? I’ve got to put one in there in some weather, whatever it may be. Not that I feel as comfortable as I did in my eighth year in Indianapolis, but it’s a heck of a lot more comfortable than I was last year.”

If Manning feeling more comfortable translates to playing better, that’s bad news for the rest of the league, considering that Manning looked awfully comfortable in Denver last year. Broncos Coach John Fox, in fact, still believes that Manning should have received the Most Valuable Player award that Adrian Peterson (himself coming back from a serious knee injury) received.

“No disrespect to Adrian, because I love him and he’s a great player,” Fox said. “But I think an ACL is a little bit more understood in the National Football League than a surgery on your neck that affects your nerves. I still marvel at what [Manning] was able to accomplish. It was with a different team, and at a position that mentally is just so hard. In history, I don’t think anything’s ever been done like that, and not even counting the fact that he didn’t play the year before.”

And this year Manning may be even better.

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  1. More older too. It doesn’t matter, he could go 16-0 next year but you already know where it’s going to lead…. Another playoff loss to add to his 9-11 post season record. The biggest big game choke artist in galactic history.

  2. Fox makes a really good case for Peyton as the 2012 MVP.

    Peterson made a hell of a case himself.

  3. MVP has everything to do with performance on the field & how reliant your team is on said performance.

    Coming back from injury & performing well is typically reserved for Comeback player of the year.

    There are a number of other QB’s in the league that could’ve lifted Denver last year (Brady, Rodgers & Brees to name 3).

    You cannot name another RB that elevated his team like AD did for the Vikings last year.

    With all due respect to Manning, MVP went to the right guy last year.

  4. The start of the greatest three year run the NFL has ever seen begins this season. Denver will go undefeated, unlike the cheaters, doing it by pure domination on the field (not cameras). Denver will win the next THREE super bowls, doing what has never been done before. ORANGE CRUSH PFM LETS GO!

  5. Heck of a debate about MVP for sure and AP is a flat out stud–

    When people mention other QBs like Rodgers and Brees, the thing that’s missing is that: 1. Manning could barely throw the ball in the months leading up to the season 2. Joined a brand new team to work with guys he hadn’t before, and in a new offense. 3. The QB touches the ball alot more than any workhorse running back and is responsible for the offense (i.e. reading defenses, audibles).

    I just remember watching the first couple games and I was wondering how Manning was even going to make it. His throws had suffered a major loss of velocity. It was crazy how much he improved and the team came together after a few weeks into the season.

  6. @raiderlyfe510…
    This coming from a team who’s starting QB had one good game… Good luck with that brother! “Commitment to Mediocrity”

  7. Really? I would think the presence of Tracey Porter in Oakland’s Secondary wouldnt make him more comfortable, lol! Oakland’s Secondary is light year’s better with the arrival of he, Charles Woodson, Mike Jenkins and the best cover CB in the draft DJ Hayden. We’ll see how comfy ol’ Peyton is come game time. This is not the same ol’ Raiders. I imagine Peyton still has Porter nightmares from the Superbowl, lol..

  8. So you’re saying that Peyton Manning feels more comfortable a year later than he did last year when he was just coming back from injury.

    Pretty much makes him just like Jamaal Charles and Eric Berry and every other player in the league who was coming off an injury at the beginning of last season.

    Just not sure what the news flash is here.

  9. As a broncos fanatic I have to say this is absolute music to my ears. After years in the doldrums with Plummer, Orton and the chosen one I can tell you that watching this team now is absolutely thrilling.

    on a side note I have started a football blog mostly for Broncos fans and fantasy experts if you wanna give the ol name a click and check it out. thumbs down and trolls most certainly welcome

  10. Both were deserving. AP won and everyone should move on.

    Rushing as well as he did with 11 guys in the box is rediculous.

    Manning will just have to drop 40-50 each week so there’s no debate this year.

  11. Note to Fox, Adrian wasn’t voted MVP for coming back from a knee injury, he was voted MVP for having one of the greatest seasons a RB ever had, on top of coming back from a gigantic knee injury in record time through hard work.

    Meanwhile Peyton had ONE of the best seasons of the 2012 season and hardly one of the best ever.

  12. Demarius Thomas could be a monster this year. If he can be as good at receiver as Jim Harbaugh is at being dirty and classless, I want him on my fantasy team.

  13. We’ll see how good he looks in playoffs. We all know the Broncos are going to demolish a ton of teams in the regular season with that offense, but once they start playing against top defenses, we’ll see if Peyton goes back to being the choker some have labeled him in the past.

  14. He looked like his old choking self in the Playoff game. He still was able to have turnovers that led to 17 ravens points while he was spotted 14 points from specials. Fox, Manning and Elway the three overrated amigos!

  15. ACLs typically take a whole year to get right from. When Brady came back, he wasn’t right in 09. When Welker came back, he wasn’t right in 2010. Peterson has to use his to cut on. I’d say playing one of the best seasons for a RB with little else to help him on offense while being less that one year removed from an ACL is FAR from normal.

  16. Bronco fan has a right to be excited. Manning has been on the team one year and already has 6 franchise records. I would say that would make anyone excited about a 2nd year QB.
    But father time waits for no man, Peyton is 37, (read old for a QB). If he hasn’t lost a step yet, he soon will. To date no QB has ever won superbowls with two different teams. Even the great Manning won’t change that.

  17. Yep. Peyton is great and no denying it but his playoff record still speaks for itself. I see them winning the division if he stays healthy but not advancing far in the playoffs. However, they better hurry as his window is definitely closing. I give it three years and he will be hanging up the cleats, signing a one-day contract to retire with the Colts.
    Honestly, I wouldn’t mind seeing him win another Superbowl, as long as it is earned and not handed/gifted to him and the Broncos.

    Oakland does look improved, SD–who knows how that will go with the new coach and KC will be better than 2-14 or whatever they were, but I don’t think they threaten Denver. However, next season, I see it being a three way beat down amongst Denver, Oak and KC for the West title.

  18. Here’s what I find comforting… All that Bronco salary cap space spent on Manning and no playoff win delivered.

    Will Denver put enough team around him before time runs out on Manning’s shelf life? That’s they question.

  19. Manning often wins at least one playoff game a year, it’s just usually for the other team.

  20. anarchopurplism says:

    You cannot name another RB that elevated his team like AD did for the Vikings last year.

    Darren McFadden in 2010 & 2011. Had he played full seasons we’re contending for championships in both years……Then for some odd reason we bring Knapp and his zone blocking scheme back in 2012. What a waste of good infantry. As the Great Gen Patton would say.

  21. Of COURSE he’s comfortable.

    He spent the majority of his career in Indy, failing in big time situations, demanding the highest salary he could, all the while eschewing any blame a normal player would take and having his GM spout off about his god-like greatness during the whole thing.

    Denver may be a little colder when he loses in the playoffs, but other than that it comes with all the comforts of old.

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