Flacco’s comments could fuel a run at Linta’s Ravens clients

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Agent Joe Linta says the Ravens were dumb for not signing quarterback Joe Flacco last August.  Flacco has since said he “obviously” disagrees with Linta.

Flacco’s words “obviously” will be used by other agents against Linta.

It’s against the rules for rival agents to target players who currently have agents.  But it happens all the time.  As to Linta and his comments about the Ravens, some in league circles believe other agents will prey on Linta’s Baltimore clients, arguing that the relationship between Linta and the Ravens is irreparably broken.

The failure (to date) of the Ravens to publicly declare that they have no problem with Linta’s comments will fuel any such effort, as will the decision of the team’s website to post Flacco’s comments — and to push the idea that private disagreements shouldn’t be made public.

It’s wrong for any other agent to try to convert Linta’s clients.  But Linta would be dumb not to make sure his relationship with his other Ravens clients is as strong as it can be.

14 responses to “Flacco’s comments could fuel a run at Linta’s Ravens clients

  1. More so there are guys for Linta to steal. There’s lots of players in the NFL that wish they could have burned their perceived greedy teams when they wanted to get their way.

    Maybe those players will hire Linta next time around so that they can get the upper hand for themselves.

  2. Linta was right to state his opinion. The problem is that there is a difference between negotiating in the press versus reviewing the negotiations in the press. In other words a time to put up and a time to shut up.

  3. Is it OK if Flacco drops him? Geno Smith surely caught flak for firing his guy. (which was uncalled for)

    Flacco got paid, but should dump this guy post haste. How will he ever negotiate another contract?

  4. There are several problems here.

    First, it was reported last year that Flacco, not Linta, turned down the Ravens offer. If this is true then Linta is overstating his role.

    Second, gratuitously insulting the other side in a negotiation never turns out well in the long run when you know there will be more encounters in the future. If you are a Ravens player you will think twice about having an agent you know the team is not going to cut any slack.

    Third, Linta has been going on radio recently to keep talking and unfortunately he comes across as being out of his element.Of course it’s not unusual for agents to be all talk and no substance, but no reason to make yourself a more visible target.

  5. From a business standpoint there was no upside to Linta’s statement. Deal was in the books & he made out better than he woul have if Flacco’s contract was worked out the previous season. Why is he complaining? Pretty dumb!

  6. Depending on the time the attached picture was taken, will Flacco get fined by the NFL for wearing a Reebok shirt?

  7. We know with certainty that this blowhard has burned his bridges with Baltimore.

    Let’s see, when Joe needed the skills of an agent (before the 2012 season) he failed to deliver. Linta had nothing to do with Joe and Caldwell and the rest of the team’s effort to win a Super Bowl and make his client an MVP. After that stretch even Bisciotti practically conceded that Flacco could ask whatever he wanted. A braindead monkey coulda gotten him a big contract.

    What I want to know is with what good faith are the other 31 clubs gonna negotiate with Linta knowing now that they can’t trust his discretion one bit. What’s to stop him from betraying other ball clubs?

    Time for this guy to seek excellence in other lines of work.

  8. Everyone knows Joe Linta is a class act guy. He doesn’t chase college players. He seem to be a blue collar guy and for the last 2 years has be coaching his son TJ Linta at Hamden Hall as the head coach. I see the guy all the time around New Haven, CT. He seems to tell it how it is and if the Ravens had a chance to sign Flacco at $16m a season then they were dumb.. its not like thats talking crap. Thats locker room talk ” man they were dumb, they could have signed him for $35m less” Hello… its common sense.

  9. Joe Linta let his client take a huge risk and that, many will say, is really dumb. He lucked out with Flacco just like he lucked out with Willie Colon, who signed a $29 million-five year deal in 2011 and then got cut in March after getting hurt. If Linta had walked away from Colon’s deal like he did with Flacco, Colon would be a lot poorer today.

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