Trent Richardson says he won’t be injury prone


Browns running back Trent Richardson tried to downplay concerns about the fact a muscle pull could keep him out until training camp, saying even if it did, it wouldn’t be a sign of things to come.

Injury-prone is not going to be me,” Richardson said, via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “It’s just a mindset and I know that’s not me.”

Richardson strained a muscle in his right leg last week, and they’re trying to play it cautiously for now, letting him watch and learn. But after he went through a knee procedure last preseason then suffered broken ribs during the year, he knows what people are thinking.

“I know in my mind, everybody knows it’s not going to be near like last year being hurt and injury-[prone],” he said. “I can’t wait to get back up and running. [Missing time is] terrible, man.”

He said he didn’t need an MRI, and that sitting out is strictly precautionary.

Coach Rob Chudzinski said they’d wait until next week to determine if Richardson will take part in next week’s minicamp.

It’s great that Richardson’s confident, but he can’t possibly know that this is the end of his injury issues. Some of the hardest-working, most talented players can simply be unlucky, and unless Jim Brown brought a crystal ball with him, the Browns can’t know either.

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  1. If you could control injuries, no one would ever be injured.

    As long as the Browns run this guy into the ground, he will wear down and eventually get hurt.

  2. @Dansaysso

    no, that Is not why Doug Martin is the best RB from last years draft. The reason why he is the best RB from that draft is because of his OVERALL ability. He is a better pass blocker and receiver out of the backfield then Morris and Richardson, go look at his receiving stats from this past season.. proof right there, and only a Bucs fans can tell you he is also the best pass blocker from that draft. Martin also had a great yards per carry without his 2 starting Guards for most of the season. IMO, it goes Martin, then Morris ( its close between those 2 cause Morris is a STUD, but Martin is more polished ALL around ) then Richardson last. 3.6 yards per carry? not good enough

  3. A strained muscle at the beginning of the OTAs? How is that news. Nothing torn/ripped/broken. This kid is tough but the coaches told him to hit the bike.

  4. 3 broken ribs he played with for 12 games last year. And he still posts decent numbers. It’s not accurate to say Doug Martin is better, he was healthier. TRich ran for 900 plus yards and caught 50+ passes. All in a crappy Shurmur/Chilly offense.

  5. Don’t just look at the stats look at the situation as well. Richardson had more catches than Martin, the same number of touchdowns (12), and blitz pickup is up for debate as I didn’t watch every Bucs game while you didn’t watch every Browns game. Richardson also did not play in every game (15 starts) and didn’t get as much playing time or good play calling because Pat Shurmur is one of the worst play callers in the NFL. He never did anything to maximize the talent he had and instead tried to play it safe or get cute instead of use what he had.

  6. Wow, hope this kid spends all his free time knocking on wood. He’s asking for trouble with this kind of talk. And there are more than a few passionate athletes that would take offense to his comment about it being nothing more than a mindset issue.

  7. The guy Richardson replaced (Peyton Hillis) missed half the previous season with “Strep Throat” and the other half with a bad ham string. Richardson only missed 2 games being “injury prone”. Pretty sure Browns fans are quite fine with Richardson’s version.

  8. No worries, T Rich will be ripping through the defenses off these smack talking negative nancys posting here. This kid played with broken ribs most of the season and it still took multiple defenders to bring him down. Wait until he is 100% , Yes before and during the season. Richardson is a beast, and will prove to be top 3 RB. in the league for many seasons to come.

  9. The problem with this statement is that not only was he injured in college, he had surgery too. Injuries are part of the game, toughness is where it is at and can his structure hold up to his toughness? We will see.

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