Dominik, other Bucs shaving heads next week in fight against pediatric cancer

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Next week, several Buccaneers representatives won’t be shaving off 99.9 percent of their hair.  They’ll be shaving all of it.

On June 7, G.M. Mark Dominik and others will get their scalps sheared in connection with the fight against pediatric cancer.  The names of the others will be revealed as next Friday approaches.

The event supports the Pediatric Cancer Foundation, which funds research for less toxic, more targeted therapies for childhood cancer.

The Bucs’ website promises that “some very prominent Buccaneers figures” will have their heads shaved.

If Mark Barron or Adrian Clayborn do it, we’ll be very impressed.

14 responses to “Dominik, other Bucs shaving heads next week in fight against pediatric cancer

  1. I’ll shave my head if Adrian Peterson is willing to grow one and declare it’s not wrong for men to like each other. I only say men here, because I don’t know if he approves of girls liking each other or if this is just a male thing he’s concerned about.

    I’ll also be willing to shave my head for any reason that gets me on TV to promote any good cause of any kind!

  2. @thestrategyexpert | Really? What is the point of you saying that? So you can preach your beliefs to the few hundred who read the comments? The comments should stay on topic. That being said, I personally hope the newest addition at QB will be there for head shaving.

  3. cullimon:

    Well I don’t know what everybody is going to make of my post, but my thought process was just to try and build off of the positive by showing enthusiasm to being willing to do anything to support a good cause. Whether it’s cancer or gay rights, sometimes people are shy of standing up, and I’m just putting my hat in the ring for the record in case there’s anything I can do, or if the feeling can in some way become infectious to inspire somebody else that might read it to step up and fight for a good cause in the future when they might have that shot.

    And give PFT some credit, I think they have a LOT more than a few hundred people reading their comments pages. There are a lot of people who probably see me quite often and I get a lot of Dislikes because of what some people tell me are controversial positions that I take, and I figured maybe all of those people who dislike me so much might get a kick out of seeing somebody like me have to get my head shaved. I’m willing to take on any kind of embarrassment if it can create a positive or add some joy or a simple pleasure to another person’s day.

    If just one other person can be affected to see the honor or value in that, then maybe some day that one person can touch somebody else’s life in the future and make it better somehow. Whatever those odds are, I do not know, but I think they were significant enough that I wasn’t willing to risk passing up the chance that it could reach that one person to then reach out for another. The price was too high to stay quiet with my opinion on this one.

  4. I’m not a Tampa Bay “hater”. I just don’t know how shaving ones head will cure cancer.

  5. Don’t use support for cancer and gay rights in the same sentence.

    The two have absolutely nothing in common.

  6. “Don’t use support for cancer and gay rights in the same sentence.

    The two have absolutely nothing in common.”

    Unless of course, your partner has cancer and because you do not have a legal union/marriage, you’re not able to visit them when they’re dying (you’re not “family only”), make medical decisions on their behalf (you’re not “next of kin”), etc.

    So in the case of what the Bucs are doing, is there a commonality between pediatric cancer and gay rights? No.

    But in the grander scheme of things, yes, they do hold something in common.

  7. @tpa43 “good PR after they got busted for contact drills and another DUI last week!”

    They havent gotten busted for anything and its was public intoxication.

    Mark Dominik has done some awesome outreach work in the community and with soldiers overseas. It’s a shame you can’t appreciate somebody trying to do good

  8. @buca1905: I can read just fine, thank you. May I inform you that cancer is now an “industry”. Just like heart disease.”The Amercan Cancer Society”. “The American Heart Association”. No matter how much money is raised, (and there must have been billions by now), There will never be a cure for these diseases. My mom died from cancer. Don’t be so gullible and naive. If there was a cure for cancer there would be no need for “The American Cancer Society”. It is now an entrenched beaurocracy that provides employment to millions of people. It’s purpose is not to find a cure. In fact it sounds like a “social club”. You can cut all your hair off and give them all the money you want, but they ain’t going to cure anything.

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