Marcus Lattimore: I want to train hard, 49ers are slowing me down


San Francisco running back Marcus Lattimore says he’s so fired up to get back on the field after the gruesome knee injury he suffered last season at South Carolina that he wants to go harder in offseason workouts than the 49ers will let him.

Lattimore told the Associated Press that the most difficult part of his first month as a member of the 49ers has been doctors and trainers slowing him down and urging him to be patient in recovery from reconstructive knee surgery so he doesn’t aggravate the injury and set himself back.

I just want to train as hard as I can,” Lattimore said. “But I understand why they want me to slow down. . . . I want to have a long, healthy NFL career.”

The knee injury Lattimore suffered in October was so severe that there were fears it would end his football career, so it would be amazing if he plays this year at all. No matter how hard Lattimore wants to push himself, he should put his focus on gradually improving to get himself ready to play — probably in 2014.

52 responses to “Marcus Lattimore: I want to train hard, 49ers are slowing me down

  1. They are playing it SMART easing him along.
    Hang in there kid, its not like you were going to take touches away from Gore this season anyway.

  2. It’s ok young buck. You will get your chance. The Niners have a plan for you and they don’t want to jeopardize it by having your injure yourself.

  3. You think the 49ers are slowing you down, wait until you play the Seahawks, it will be like you’re moving backwards, silly rookie.

  4. Well ya see Marcus, its like this. You’re not playing for a team of young guys who play fast and hard. More like a training camp for the Geritol division of the NFL. Look around ya, see all of those big name players that you idolized when you were in high school? I’ll bet you see some that were stars when you were in Pop Warner. Now do you understand? But you get out there and go just as hard as you want. Harbaugh will be impressed.

  5. i cant wait to see the big guy hammer it to opposing defenses, just hope he will take the advice of the people who know best..the payoff will be huge.

  6. You can be your own worst enemy.. Listen to the team they have your best interest at heart. Now if you were on the Redskins that would be a different story…. Let the thumps down begin!! LOL

  7. You think the 49ers are slowing you down, wait until you play the Seahawks, it will be like you’re moving backwards, silly rookie.
    _________________________________BAHAHAHA you mean the Seattle PEDHawks ?

  8. Sounds like exactly what all the reports were saying the day he was drafted… but with a sensationalist headline. I guess old news is still new news for PFT

  9. A true a Niner through and through, as the great Ronnie Lott once said to be a 49er means “standing your ground while imposing your will”. I can only expect the best from this kid in the years to come.

    Go Niners!!!!!

  10. I’m not a 49’ers fan, but I’m hoping Lattimore comes back full speed. And I hope he runs over the Seachickens for years and years so their arrogant fans will shut up for a change.

    I do have a serious question about the new 49’ers stadium. How far is it from San Fran to Santa Clara and will the change affect the fan base?

  11. The Seahawks seem to have not only the most boisterous fans but the most uninformed ones. They talk like they’ve done something, just what, I don’t know. Perhaps one of them could enlighten us to exactly what that team has ever accomplished.

  12. It amazes me how Seahawk fans spew garbage on here like they have ever accomplished anything. You didn’t even win your division last year and have never won anything significant. Hell, you’re still behind the Rams in Super Bowls. Get lost you pathetic scrubs.

  13. The biggest news for the Niners is that a rookie who has barely played any football since 2010 and is unlikely to be able to play this year feels ready to go. That says a lot about why the Niners are a leaderless, second rate team.

  14. “I do have a serious question about the new 49′ers stadium. How far is it from San Fran to Santa Clara and will the change affect the fan base?”

    It’s about 30-40 minutes South down the SF Bay, and the largest contingent of Niners Fans are down in Silicon Valley anyway. Plus their practice facility and HQ are right next door, where they have been for decades.

  15. He might want to examine what happened to RG3 last year and rethink this rushing back from a knee injury thing.

  16. The 49ers just sign Latt to a 4 year rookie contract…welcome to the 49ers Latt and patience is a virtue, you will be in tip top shop when it comes for your time to shine.

  17. Marcus,

    Slow down there buddy! There will be lots of time for Kam Chancellor to dent your chest. Ask Vernon, that sissy knows what is up….

    42-13. Expect 52-0 Week 2

    See you soon. Sincerely,

    The 12th Man

  18. Probably a lost season anyways for the 9ers since Crabtree will be a no go this season.

  19. I don’t think the 49ers take PEDs but I bet most take Geritol though. Marcus, some of your teammates could be your father

  20. Take your time and get healthy man, don’t rush it and the keys will be yours when Gore is gone.

    The Bills took their time with Mcgahee and the Raiders with Bush…worked out well for both.

  21. These Seattle fans are really delusional. You guys are like the eagle fans of the west coast. Never won a thing and are so bitter because of it. Seattle. You lost the division last year. I know Ur superbowl victory was the one played against the Niners last year in the 42-13 game. You’ve won one battle in the last 5 matchups. All the while the Niners keep winning the war. It’s lonely at the top. Keep tugging at the pants and get kicked in the face.

  22. The 12th man. Proudly thumping your chest since 2010. Where’s the rings? Where’s the Super Bowl appearance? Current NFC West Champs (x2)!! I understand Steelers fans singing the praises but the Seahawks?? The Chickens haven’t done a meaningful thing in their ENTIRE existence! The Seattle Seahawks have the most loose mouthed fans in the NFL for a team that has NEVER won a Super Bowl. A fluke home win (I’ll admit it wasn’t pretty) at the end of last season means NOTHING. The 49ers players obviously weren’t prepared for that game but the most important part of that equation is where did your season end? Ours ended 1 play away from ring #6.

    BTW back to this story. This is a rehash of a story that came out right after the draft. All Lattimore is saying is he is pumped up and wants to get out there. He also said he knows why the coaches and doctors are holding him back. Garbage headline on an old story!

  23. I was going to comment that not all Seahawk fans are represented by a few loudmouths but the the numerous 49er fans with mouths bigger than their accomplishments have to use all the normal cliches about the Hawks go on and on. It gets old.

    Now I”ll just say, get well Lattimore, me and many Seahawk fans don’t care what team you play for as long as you play. We don’t want any NFL player hurt.

  24. Since Seattle joined the NFC West in 2002:

    Seattle – 5 NFC West Championships
    49ers – 3 NFC West Championships
    Cardinals – 2 NFC West Championships
    Rams – 1 NFC West Championship

    This season will make it 6. NO Team from west won the superbowl since 2002.

    Hope you 49ers enjoyed the years we spent rebuilding. Notice is served…

    Thanks for your cooperation! Sincerely,

    The 12th Man (aka your Daddy)

  25. Playing the Seahawks will make Lattimore feel like he’s moving backwards? Just like the Seahawks made Alfred Morris feel like he was moving backwards in the playoff game? Seahawks run D can’t stop anyone. 42-13 is all you got. In 1993 the Niners beat the Saints 42-7. We just don’t remind them of it every 5 seconds….

  26. I can help you with that, longonexperience. Sometimes they can win some regular season football games, but they usually have to be at home to do that. Every so often they can win a playoff game, but it usually helps to have key members (RGIII) of the opposing team get injured. Oh, and sometimes they can win their division, but usually its when the rest of those teams in the division are rebuilding or are so bad that they win it by not being quite as bad (7-9 to be division champs). But what they are really really good at, is having their fanbase troll articles about absolutely anything and everything related to the 49ers! Case in point is all the ridiculous negative posts above about a guy rehabbing an injured knee…

  27. skinsfan91 says:
    May 31, 2013 5:03 PM
    I just hope all you people talking crap will eat crow when the season is on and the Redskins are mowing down opponents.

    Well that certainly came out of left field…speaking of fields, you guys may want to put a decent one down first, and mow that. Then maybe you can start talking about mowing down your opponents…btw, i’ll be coming to your “field” for that monday night matchup this year, and i’ll bring some tissues for ya buddy

  28. Since the 2002 NFC west re-alignment (the 1st year the Seahawks became a member of the NFC west), the Seahawks have won 5 division titles, the 49ers have won 3, AZ won 2, and the Rams won 1. All 4 teams ended their season with a loss.

  29. Every Seahawks fan I’ve actually known has been very impressive. However, the ones I encounter online? Perhaps the most arrogant and uninformed lot in all of football. As far as Marcus Lattimore goes, I may be a Georgia and Vanderbilt fan, but my favorite college player the past few years has been this kid from South Carolina. Kudos to the Niners on that pick.

    -Titans Fan

  30. The 49ers are loaded in the backfield. Take your time to heal young man. Your time is next season, or even your third. Get healthy.

  31. What’s wrong with these Seahawks fans. They always sound emotionally wreck and their minds are clouded with hype. Since the Seahawks became apart of the NFL in 1976, they still have a big fat morbidly obese zero in their make shift trophy case. Since you guys are so happy about your team beating the 49ers 42-13, go make a print screen t-shirt out of that and wear it to sleep because the 49ers will get their 6th Super Bowl before your team even gets to play in an NFC Championship game.


  33. ennesseeoilers says:
    May 31, 2013 10:46 PM
    Every Seahawks fan I’ve actually known has been very impressive. However, the ones I encounter online? Perhaps the most arrogant and uninformed lot in all of football. As far as Marcus Lattimore goes, I may be a Georgia and Vanderbilt fan, but my favorite college player the past few years has been this kid from South Carolina. Kudos to the Niners on that pick.

    -Titans Fan

    I actually have to agree with you on this point. A couple of my friends are Seahawks fans, and they are good guys who know their football. Sure we jazz one another about our teams, but its never delusional rambling or wishing injury to the other teams’ players like i’ve seen repeatedly from’hawks fans on this site. I guess its easy to be big and tough sitting behind a computer anonymously…

  34. Hey now! No Seahawks fan I’ve seen has wished injury to anyone. With that said we flat own the NFC West since we came to the division. You can tattoo that on your forehead, it’s fact. You can bring up the years of Superbowls back b4 you were born or were in grade school all day long. So can Dallas Cowboy fans…..

    Since 2002 (when Seattle joined NFC West)Seattle leads the series 12-10. Listening to you people ramble on you would think it was the 9ers who have the upper hand????

    This is the bottom line, because the 12th man said so….

    See you soon! Bring that QB and his big nose to the Clink. We can tattoo some more nonsense on him afterwards. You going down, again!!!

  35. Niners fans on the internet, are the most moronic and insulting people there are. One of your enlightened types (norcalmafia) bragged on here about watching a Niners Neanderthal do damage to the van of some Seahawks fans and laughing about it. Another of yours (sportnorcal) (same guy?) talks about us drinking “fruity beer”. Anytime you wanna go head to head with some Pschorrbrau Special Dark, I’m waiting.

    I never used to call SF fans or the team, “Whiners”. But I have gotten tired of all of the insulting names you hit us with. Frankly you all strike me as a bunch of whiny kids. Your actual football knowledge leaves a lot to be desired. I doubt it that Joe Montana or Jerry Rice would ever want to be identified with you, for the simple reason that those were men with personal integrity, something you jerks don’t even know the meaning of.

    You remind me of immature little girls. One player gets busted for using PED’s, and the chorus of “they all use it” starts. But when one of your recently cut players gets nailed for the same thing, the excuses flow like water over the Grand Coulee. The rest of your team, according to you, are sissified, shining angels who curtsy to say thank you, and never, ever utter an unkind word.
    Either they are that way, or they are normal, like every other team’s players. You can’t have it both ways.

    I would never wish injury on ANY sports player, no matter how much I disliked a team. For you to say otherwise only marks you as liars, and slanderers. In other words, NOTHING you write can be believed.

  36. Seaeagle you sound like a thoughtful person. Unfortunately, I have read posts by classless morons from your fan base on PFT cheer/wish injury on Crabtree and other 49er players. Pretty sad.

  37. Buy you a beer sixjak. Because you’re a guy who gets it. Every fan base has its morons. We’ve got one I dislike so much that I won’t comment within ten of his.

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