For Adam Vinatieri, less offseason kicking is more


For Colts placekicker Adam Vinatieri, staying ready to kick appears to be something of a balancing act.

The 40-year old Vinatieri told Mike Chappell of the Indianapolis Star that keeping his conditioning is key.

“I try not to get too far out of shape,” Vinatieri told the paper in a feature published Saturday. “It takes longer to get it back.”

However, Vinatieri, the NFL’s oldest player per the Star, also told the paper he generally won’t kick on consecutive days as he prepares for the season.

Said Vinatieri: “It’s important I stay fresh so the next time I go out there, I can kick it good again.”

One factor that surely doesn’t hurt Vinatieri’s strength: he has not handled kickoffs since 2009, with those duties falling to punter Pat McAfee.

Vinatieri connected on 26-of-33 field goals in 2012, and his 78.8 percent accuracy rate was his lowest for a full season since 2003. However, Vinatieri hit 9-of-10 field goals from 40-49 yards and 4-of-7 attempts from 50 yards and beyond — good signs relative to his leg strength.

And, of course, there are no doubts about his ability to perform in big games.

13 responses to “For Adam Vinatieri, less offseason kicking is more

  1. I wish I could do that at my office. I could just imagine saying to my boss, “Hey Boss, I’m gonna go on vacation for a few months because working less will help me get more done.”

  2. Adam sticks religiously to his daily fitness regimen of walking out to the mailbox every morning and carrying the entire contents back to his house. Without help.

  3. No doubt about his ability in big situations, but I disliked his NE to Indy move. Hopefully Josh Scobee will demoralize them with his 3rd 50+ yard game winning kick against them. Fred Taylor still has the ultimate winning score on them, punishing Mike Doss for a TD just like he said he would.

  4. In other news, to extend his career Tim Tebow has started to practice kicking field goals in an attempt to take out the 40 year old Colt kicker.

  5. He was definitely still good when he left NE but the fact his kickoffs were terrible and the Pats weren’t going to waste a roster spot on a specialist made me fine with his leaving. Interesting the Colts still have to do that with the new kickoff rules and the fact they play indoors.

  6. Hey dumb#}#. The Colts don’t employ an extra roster spot for kickoffs. The punter does it.

  7. @ CKL

    yeah it was time for him to leave new England at that point.

    But it still rankles me to see him in those puke-blue indy colors

  8. The punter hasn’t always done it though tdmill. Thanks for your silly grade school insults though! A little sensitive are we?

  9. Shocked at the lack of love for Vinateri (sp?). He is going to go down as one of the all time great kickers in the league. Not a luxury position but he put in his work a good share of games. Respect to the vet.

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