Britt enters make-or-break year for Titans


As Titans receiver Kenny Britt embarks on the final season of his rookie contract, whether he gets another one from the team will depend largely on what he does now.

His problems flow from a rash of off-field issues (which have subsided in recent months) and chronic knee problems dating back to a torn ACL suffered early in the 2011 season, just as he was becoming one of the top wideouts in the game.

“Kenny is healthy and he’s doing good.  He looks way different,” receiver Kendall Wright said recently, via Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean.  “He took his offseason serious and went and got his knees right.”

Britt sounds a bit strident regarding the reality that the burden is on him to show that he can get it done.

“I don’t believe I have to prove anything,” Britt said. “There’s things that I would like to prove — that I can be the receiver that I was two years ago.  And I am going to be the receiver I was two years ago.  I’m focusing more on football than I ever have in my life the last couple months.  So I’m really excited to see what I can do this year.”

Teammate Nate Washington sees the difference in Britt’s perspective.

“It is beyond football for him right now,” Washington said.  “I think he is doing a lot better at home, staying out of trouble, and his focus is totally different.  He has realized where he can be in this league.  So he has been taking time out to work a little harder and do what he has to do on and off the field.  Hopefully it all pays off for him.  We’ll keep pushing him in the right direction.”

If that happens, the Titans likely will keep him around.  Or, at a minimum, someone else will reward him.

“I feel good, and feel I am in the best shape I have been in,” Britt said.  “I am not too worried about the contract.  I am just worried about staying healthy.”

Staying healthy will be one of the keys to getting the contract.  Along with staying out of trouble.

9 responses to “Britt enters make-or-break year for Titans

  1. I’d like to see the 9ers trade for him, say…for a 4th round pick and two year conditional contract based on playing time/staying out of trouble.

  2. Despite his well-publicized bouts of stupidity and poor judgement, Britt’s biggest problem has been his lack of durability. He’ll play lights out and look like an all-world talent for a week or two….but then he pulls a hamstring or tweaks a knee and spends 3-4 weeks playing on one leg.

    Nobody has questioned his talent or ability to play the game. But if he wants to be considered a premier player (and be paid as such), he has to prove that he can play through minor injuries and still be productive.

    Because we haven’t seen it yet.

  3. K.Britt can be easily a top five reciever in the league. He has all the tools to be one. But alot of people dont understand he came into the league at a young age (20). He has had knee, and hamstring problems every yr in which causes him to miss games. With all the trouble he has gotten into having only been suspended only one game is a blessing too. As a die hard Titans fan I know the potential he has and can only hope he keeps his head right and body heathly for this up coming season. Hopefully he does good and we keep him after this yr.

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