Cary Williams will miss White House trip with Ravens


Skipping voluntary workouts is well within the rights of a player.

But as we’ve pointed out a number of times, it’s rarely forgotten.

Eagles cornerback Cary Williams, who has missed a number of OTAs for personal reasons, won’t accompany the rest of his former Ravens teammates when they go to the White House Wednesday.

The Eagles have a mandatory minicamp this week, which coincides with the Ravens’ chance to be congratulated by the President.

According to Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Eagles announced the news, but didn’t say whether coach Chip Kelly denied permission (or whether he was asked). Eagles quarterback Dennis Dixon, who was on the Ravens practice squad last year, won’t make the trip either. Now-Titans safety Bernard Pollard’s skipping it as well, but his sounds like more of a grudge against certain folks in the Ravens organization.

Williams has missed OTAs for dental work, a wedding, a honeymoon and his daughter’s recital, and the criticism is already mounting.

If one was skeptical, one might think that Kelly was sticking it to Williams for his casual attendance at practice.

But that would insinuate that coaches think voluntary means something other than voluntary, and only a cynic would believe that.

19 responses to “Cary Williams will miss White House trip with Ravens

  1. Next year after either the Chiefs or Seahawks win the Super Bowl, every member of the winning team will host the Prez in either of the teams home stadium, which are the top 2 stadiums in the league. Obama will have to come see them, not the other way around

  2. I like how this guy is taking time during the OFFSEASON to not attend VOLUNTARY workouts, and is criticized.

    Considering he’s getting MARRIED and being a GOOD DAD, it makes it al the more confusing.

    Psst Baltimore, you won the super bowl, ease up and bask in the glory. It’s June.

  3. If you’re participating only when it’s mandatory, don’t be surprised if you can’t get time off, no matter how prestigious (?) it is to have a photo op with the President.

    Williams could have generated some goodwill with his new coaches by coming to at least some of the “voluntary” OTAs, and perhaps have been given the time off had he asked, but evidently that’s not how he rolls.

  4. He should’ve been ejected from the Super Bowl. First time I’ve seen a player shove a ref in a fit of rage and get away with it.

  5. C.Williams said over a month ago he was not attending visit because he felt he wasn’t treated right by Ravens. has nothing to do with otas

  6. It’s voluntary so you have the freedom to decide whether to go or not, but decisions have consequences and you have to live with those as well.

  7. I don’t have a problem with Williams missing those days of OTAs for one reason…he already had those things scheduled BEFORE he was signed by the Eagles. Furthermore, the timing of his daughters recital is not in his hands and I’m not going to bash a player for being a good father. His wedding, you don’t just change the date of a wedding at the last minute, that’s crazy. He may have been able to postpone the honeymoon but maybe him and/or his wife are old-school, as in, the honeymoon directly follows the wedding. Of the things he missed the OTAs for, his dental work is the only thing he can be criticized for. That could have been done anytime. So basically, its getting blown out of proportion.

  8. This is the second Cleveland raven that is not going. MMMMMM I would not want to be associated with LOSERS as well. Don’t give me that mandatory B.S. if he really wants to go he would of been able to go.

  9. He can’t cover the cost of the flight.
    He was burned out.
    Can’t tackle those political issues right now.

  10. i dont blame him. i wouldnt want to see that marxist pos either. that jerk should be waterboarded and thrown in gitmo. serial lying corrupt scum

  11. In other news, none of the Steelers will be going to the White House either…ever.

  12. Lets see, Williams received a 5M signing bonus, new head coach and new system being implemented. looked upon as leader, near 100% attendance by his teammates. He misses for his wedding and honeymoon (understandable), cosmetic dental work, building a house, and of course the dance recital. Look for Williams to be one and done with Chip. The reality is players are off for 5 weeks before camp starts and their were only 12 OTA’s since the season ended 4 months ago.

  13. One day closer to the Ravens Grand Canyon fall off. I cant wait for the Steelers offense to put up record numbers on that defense.

  14. I hope this puts to bed any questions about his focus and dedication.

    I couldn’t believe the hype of the criticism of this man’s absences. Each time he was out, he was focusing on his family,, his wife & his daughter.

    I don’t want to know a man that can’t respect that.

    That all being said, he better come to work.

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