Chad Johnson’s probation hearing postponed a week

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Former NFL receiver Chad Johnson will have to wait another week to find out whether he’ll be going to jail.

Johnson recently was arrested after failing to meet with his probation officer.  It’s one of the key terms of the arrangement that kept him out of prison after he pleaded no contest last year to assaulting his former wife, in an incident that got him fired by the Dolphins.

Via the Associated Press, a hearing on the question of whether Johnson’s probation will be revoked has been postponed from today until next Monday, June 10.  Prosecutors intend to request jail time for Johnson.

Johnson claims that the failure to meet with the probation officer was a misunderstanding.

Since being cut by the Dolphins in the aftermath of the incident, Johnson has drawn no interest from any NFL team.

13 responses to “Chad Johnson’s probation hearing postponed a week

  1. Sad. Love the guy, but what on earth are you thinking dude? Get it together.

    I unfollowed him on twitter since all he seems to do these days is pose for pics with women.

  2. He missed a meeting with his probation officer, I guess crime in Miami Dade is very low.

  3. Chad Johnson spends a few weeks in training camp with the Dolphins and every one of his stories shows up on their blotter??

  4. This is sad for Chad because he is a nice guy. I don’t think he had any idea he would be out of the NFL this soon. I don’t know if he was financially prepared for it, though I hope he is. It is difficult for players who grew up without anything to suddenly come into hundreds of thousands and then millions of dollars with no knowledge of how to deal with:

    1: Being able to buy everything you want
    2: Begger friends/parents/siblings/relatives and hangers on
    3: Learning how to save

    This isn’t just athletes. I blew my entire 4 year enlistment money on God knows what and left with only a few thousand saved which went quick. With athletes making more money in their 20’s and early 30’s than the rest of their lives COMBINED it is a hard lesson.

  5. I don’t understand why judges allow these hearings to be continued so often. Both sides knew the court date, the judge should make it clear–“Get your act together and be ready, we are going ON THAT DATE, and if you’re not ready, too freaking bad, I know how to grant a summary judgment.”

  6. He shoulda stayed in Cincy.

    The bengals and marvin are seemingly well equipped to deal with players who might have some outside the lines issues.

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