D.J. Hayden in “uncharted waters,” but Raiders expect him back for camp


Cornerback D.J. Hayden was back at a Raiders practice on Monday, a few days after he was released from the hospital following an operation to clear out scar tissue in his abdomen.

As you’d imagine, Hayden didn’t practice with the rest of the team. He won’t be practicing again at all during the spring and coach Dennis Allen addressed the timeline for Hayden’s future during his post-practice press conference. The team expects Hayden to be back on the field for training camp, although the coach admitted that things are less clear than they might be if Hayden had suffered a more typical football injury.

“Everything went fine,” Allen said, via Steve Corkran of the Bay Area News Group. “Everything was kind of as we had hoped and anticipated. Hey, listen, it’s a little bit of uncharted waters, but we still feel comfortable that he’ll be back and ready to go in camp. We still have seven weeks before we start training camp. It’s 51 days from now until we start training camp. We feel confident he’ll be back and be ready to go.”

There isn’t a lot of history when it comes to players suffering torn inferior vena cavas during their final year of college so the Raiders would be wise to proceed with caution when it comes to moving Hayden back into the mix.

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  1. Is it just me or does anyone else notice tat rotoworld is always dissing the raiders. O mean there is never a good word. Today I saw something that said the raiders have the least talent of all teams. Hayden, Roach, Woodson, McFadden, Marcel Reece, D. Moore, and even with one of the other additions, I don’t see this as a talentless team. Rotoworld needs to stop it. If the aren’t raiders fans they should keep it to them selves.

  2. The only way he is going to overcome any psychological hang ups is to throw his ass on the field and let him give and take some hits. That will tell the tale in itself. Soft as pudding or ice in his veins? Then judge him! After all he is a 1st rounder and expected to start, so they better find out real quick what they have!

  3. As good of a player Hayden may become, coupled with how great of a story this can turn out to be, you have to ask, “Why did the Raiders take him in the first round?” You REALLY think a lot of other teams would draft him in the early/mid/any part of the first round?

  4. From a human point of view- Great story for this young guy and all he has gone through, to no only revive his football career, but to get drafted as high as he did. I wish him the best!

    From a football point of view- What the hell were the Raiders thinking drafting him this early. He is extremely talented and a great story, but it is a HUGE risk and gamble. I really hope that playing football is going to workout for him, but I fear his health will never get better. Many die from what he went through and he is going to be playing one of the toughest, most physical sports there is after it all. Good luck to both him and the Raiders.

  5. In addition to how raw this kid is, and the injury risk he is this wasn’t a great first round pick when looked at in depth. With missing the spring, any chance he had to make a difference in the league is almost completely gone. Not good news for realistic fans, as if there were any.

  6. When I was reading the initial story about his surgery last week I couldn’t help but laugh when reporters would write “wonder if this is related to his previous injury”… The kid has a scar from his bellybutton to the middle of his chest.. No sh!@ it is related to the previous injury.. Where do you think the scar tissue came from!?! This is a non issue and small bump on the road to a full recovery,hope D. Hayden is the next coming of W brown Cwood and Asomugah all wrapped in one. This draft was a great success for Reggie, at least 4 starters this year and possibly more in the next year. If we can get some more pass rushing help and pressure Manning we can take the division. Raiders surprise 2013 team

  7. Well it’s pretty simple why the raiders took him where they took him. No other teams wanted to trade up and the raiders couldn’t find anybody to trade down. Do you risk having to wait another 23 picks before you get to pick again? With Hayden’s stock rising by many experts, you can never assume that a team isn’t interested. From what I’ve seen and heard, Hayden definitely would’ve been long gone by the time the raiders got a chance to pick again.

  8. If Zak Gilbert was still the PR Director of the Raiders, this operation would not have been to remove scar tissue and wonder about DJ Hayden’s future. This operation would have been an inferior vena cava strength improvement procedure to enhance his career.

    Damn you Mark Davis……..

  9. To me the reason they picked him is obvious … the Raiders have little money and few picks so … they go after a guy who most other teams are shying away from and they get him in the first round. They get an absolutely first-round talent but can offer him less because of his history. If they passed on him they would still have to pick someone else with their first round and absolutely have to give him first-round money.

    Understand? They get a first-round talent for less money because he was hurt and no-one else was willing to take the chance. Circumstance dictates that the Raiders take the chance.

  10. Come on Man, corporate1raider, the 1st round rookies are salary slotted. They not going to pay Hayden any less than his 1st round allocated money.

    Raiders have salary cap issues due to past mistakes and next year, they’ll have plenty of money available, so Hayden signing isn’t going to break the bank for them.

    Velhdeer and McFadden season needs to be watched. There’s where the next two big contracts will be signed or player released.

  11. Hayden looks like a tough young man who loves football. After all he’s been through he is showing his love for the game. Passion. Determination. Those are some missing words in a lot of our prior 1st round picks.

    Raiders are taking criticism from everyone, even our own Raiders fan base. That’s BS. I can understand all the Raider haters bashing us. But our own Raider fans bashing on someone you haven’t even given a chance to. Those aren’t real Raider fans.

    Good Luck Hayden, the real hardcore Raider fans are behind you 100%.

  12. If Zak Gilbert had more authority with the press at the time, Hayden never would have been injured.

    THAT’S how important Zak Gilbert is……was.

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