Kaepernick thought he was going to be a Raider


So the Raiders had a brilliant plan to make a trade to get the quarterback they so desperately needed, and it didn’t quite work out.

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before.

Peter King of Sports Illustrated outlines the background of the Raiders’ attempt to maneuver in the 2011 NFL Draft for Colin Kaepernick, a move Kaepernick himself thought was going to happen.

“Coach [Hue] Jackson told me before the draft they were going to do everything they could to try to get me,” Kaepernick said. “I thought there was a good chance they’d pick me. I never heard anything from the 49ers before the draft after I worked out for them [at Nevada]. I just figured they weren’t interested.”

Except, they were, and they beat the Raiders to the punch.

The Raiders loved Kaepernick, and had him rated atop their board of quarterbacks (ahead of top pick Cam Newton and first-rounders Jake Locker, Blaine Gabbert and Christian Ponder).

But everyone knew they loved him, so the 49ers knew who they had to get in front of.

Both teams tried to make a deal with the Patriots, owners of the 33rd overall pick, but couldn’t get it done. The 49ers were finally able to deal with Denver for the 36th spot.

“I think about it all the time, believe me,” Jackson said. “No question in my mind we wanted it to happen, and no question I thought it could happen. We wanted the kid in the worst way.”

Not getting Kaepernick then led to a string of bad decisions, from using a supplemental third-rounder on Terrelle Pryor to panicking and giving up a first and a second six months later in exchange for Carson Palmer.

Landing Kaepernick could have changed so many things, perhaps keeping Jackson on the job, and that might have kept Reggie McKenzie from taking over as General Manager a year later to blow the place up and start over.

But obviously, this was all Zak Gilbert’s fault.

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  1. Don’t worry Kaepernick, had you been drafted by the Raiders you’d already be out of the league and stealing car radios for your crack habit.

  2. Hey Darin, maybe Zak can help you pull your head out of your ass. You must really like that brown ring around you neck, you keep trying to be funny but you keep failing miserably.

  3. Kapernick looks like a great QB, but keep in mind he has only played half of a season and has arguably the best defense in the nfl to help him out, Alex smith also had great numbers before he got hurt so don’t criticize me if I’m not sold yet on him being a elite QB

  4. Good thing for kaep they didn’t get him, he is like Russell Wilson, they need a great team around them to be successful, if he had gone to the raiders his career would be in line with the organization, hopeless.

  5. Or by being drafted by the raiders and instantly being thrown into the starting job of a terrible team instead of getting to sit and learn on what is one of the best all around teams in the nfl today he may have ended up a bust. The 49ers could have made the Super Bowl with Alex smith at qb. They could have made it with many qbs at the helm. They are not a team reliant on a qb. They are a full team. A great defense, good recievers, one of the best receiving tight ends in the game and a great running game. Don’t forget that kap fell into a perfect situation and if landing on the raiders, so many things would be different. In fact the 49ers very possibly could have made the Super Bowl this past year with Carson Palmer at qb because the qb position isn’t nearly as important to a team like the 49ers as you would lead people to believe

  6. I think Big Al regretted not signing Mike Vick when he got out of prison. I didnt understand it. Vick was the fastest player in the NFL and he had the strongest arm in the NFL. He had Raider written all over him. Al didnt sign him and Vick goes on and had a great year the next season.

    I think Al regretted it so thats why we we’re trying to get QBs like Pryor and Kaepernick.

  7. Amazing how easy life could go “boom or bust” with one wrong turn….thank God the train wreck (raiders or jets for that matter) didn’t get this kid….go niners

  8. “But obviously, this was all Zak Gilbert’s fault.”

    Well that statement just makes you look foolish. It also confirms that the real reason that writers are upset by the Gilbert firing is the loss of access to the Raiders.

  9. maybe there is hope for the Raiders if they liked Kap better than Gabbert (monumental bust in the making) and Locker (not far behind Gabbert)…unless of course all those guys that were involved are fired now

  10. What does this say about the Titans/Jags/Vikings when the looney version of Al Davis is still better at rating/scouting QBs than their front offices.

  11. Look on the bright side of the Gilbert thing. Now that the Raiders don’t have Zak to kick around anymore he’s got plenty of time for those long makeout sessions with you on Florio’s office couch. Happy Ending!

  12. The media is upset because they lost their source inside the Raider organization. No more leaks to the press. I wish the media spent as much time investigating Obama before he was elected. Then again they probably know the Communist that he is and are fine with it.

  13. The Camel has 7 NFL starts and didn’t get his first until he was 25 years old. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. Pryor has just as much chance of long term success and he is less of an idiot.

  14. Or they could have just picked Aaron Rodgers in the 2005 draft instead of Fabian Washington. Rodgers went with the next pick to Green Bay and the rest is history. You’d think a local guy who was a candidate for the top pick would intrigue the Raiders, but no, I guess he didn’t run fast enough.

  15. Jun 3, 2013 9:11 AMI think Big Al regretted not signing Mike Vick when he got out of prison. I didnt understand it. Vick was the fastest player in the NFL and he had the strongest arm in the NFL. He had Raider written all over him. Al didnt sign him and Vick goes on and had a great year the next season.I think Al regretted it so thats why we we’re trying to get QBs like Pryor and Kaepernick.

    Michael vick had a deal on the table from the raiders (better than the one he received in philly if I recall correctly) but tony dungy advised Michael not to sign with the raiders.

  16. The real story … Harbaugh was pissed he did not get the Raiders HC job so he screwed Al by taking Kaepernick.

  17. Compared to Michael Vick, Colin Kaepernick is a bum.

    Eagles will win Super Bowl 48.

    Bet on it.

    The Eagles will be out of Super Bowl for another 48 years!

    Bet on it

    Go Niners!

  18. I like CK7, he’s a very instinctive, devastating runner. That said, he’s a little too reliant on his arm strength to get the ball to receivers that he sees are open. He got Manningham and Davis hurt in the same game from staring them down and letting the defenders know where he’s going with the ball. If he’s smart, he’ll be able to figure that out.

  19. My team got a franchise QB, and prevented the Raiders from one. As far as I’m concerned, that’s a win-win. And Kaep got a play for a winning team. So let’s call it a win-win-win!

  20. The Raiders have been terrible for awhile now at keeping their draft intentions secret. A Raider staffer leaked out that Darius Heywood Bey would go higher then expected over a week before the draft then again leaked out info that the Raiders would select Darius with their pick fully 2 days before the draft. The next year the Raiders didn’t hide the fact that they wanted to draft Stefen Wisniewski. The only surprise was getting drafted a couple rouns too early. This year it was a known fact before the draft started that the Raiders were desperate to trade down to Pick DJ Hayden and if they kept pick 3 they still would have drafted Hayden. So different guys in charge of the draft but the info is still getting out. At least it’s a fixable problem. The Redskins had the same problem a few years back and it was known who they wanted to draft high for a couple years but they fixed that. Loose lips sink ships.

  21. Happy for the Raiders, they didn’t get KRAPernick!!!!!!!! Another want to be a NFL QB, but never will be. He will get crushed this season!

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