Goodell wants more NFL games, maybe a franchise, in London

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The NFL’s experiment with playing regular-season games in London may soon be a lot more than an experiment.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell indicated today that he hopes to eventually put an actual franchise in London, according to Bart Hubbuch of the New York Post.

Moving a franchise to London (or starting an expansion franchise in London) is probably a long way off. But in the interim, Goodell also said that the NFL is planning to add a third London game soon.

If the three games a year in London are warmly received by the home fans, it won’t be long before eight games a year are played in London. And maybe playoff games and the Super Bowl.

UPDATE 2:45 p.m. ET: Goodell said the Jaguars may start playing two “home” games a year in London.

147 responses to “Goodell wants more NFL games, maybe a franchise, in London

  1. Yeah… Flying a team across the ocean to potentially play in California seems a little unfair to the players. Too much of a time zone difference.

  2. Stupid.
    Honestly, get a clue.

    What team wants to fly all the way to London for a game? It would mess them up for weeks.

    It’s the clear #1 sport in the country, it doesn’t need expansion to dilute the product. Focus there Jerky. They can get the NFL Package on DirecTV and be happy or they can COME HERE to watch a damn game.

  3. The National Fixed League needs to publically apoligize to Robert Griffin, Dan Snyder and the Washington Redskins for sabotaging our Super Bowl run last season. #Cheaters

  4. Money, money, and money: the only thing Goodell cares about. Integrity of the game, fans? Pshh that’s way in the back of his mind.

  5. Greedy. Too many games, too much travel to make it (London) work. Just like turning the Draft into an exercise in “showbusiness”. I fear the greed will spoil our greatest sport.

  6. A lot of posters here seem to act like these guys are going to be flying economy class on a cattle car airline after waiting for hours to go through security and sit at the gate waiting to board.

    They’ll be flying first class on a private jet, which is a heck of an easier ride and experience, without the long waits that normal consumers have to deal with.

    I’ve done the flight to Europe many times and its not a big deal.

  7. NFL is America’s sport. Please don’t put a franchise in the garbage dump that is London. Plenty of cities here that would love a NFL franchise.

  8. Leave it to Rodger: “Yea, I can probably make 43 million as opposed to my measly 33 million if I can this done……” Who cares if the players don’t like it, or the fans think it’s stupid. It’s an American game, Period.
    Lets quit trying to shove this game down the soccer fan’s throats.

  9. Most every player in the league is saying, “Let Goodell sit in coach and fly to and from freaking London four times a year in a 24 hour span. One trip would probably put an end to this UK franchise nonsense.”

  10. Mr, Goodell, Let me explain something, London, Soccer, AMERICA, FOOTBALL . Just a really dumb Idea that will fail, and we’ll pay for it through our ticket prices.

  11. October 2, 2005 ESPN San Francisco 49ers 14 Arizona Cardinals 31 Estadio Azteca Mexico Mexico City 103,467
    October 28, 2007 Fox New York Giants 13 Miami Dolphins 10 Wembley Stadium United Kingdom London 81,176
    October 26, 2008 CBS San Diego Chargers 32 New Orleans Saints 37 Wembley Stadium United Kingdom London 83,226
    October 25, 2009 CBS New England Patriots 35 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 7 Wembley Stadium United Kingdom London 84,254
    October 31, 2010 CBS Denver Broncos 16 San Francisco 49ers 24 Wembley Stadium United Kingdom London 83,941
    October 23, 2011 Fox Chicago Bears 24 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 18 Wembley Stadium United Kingdom London 76,981
    October 28, 2012 CBS New England Patriots 45 St. Louis Rams 7 Wembley Stadium United Kingdom London 84,004

  12. Shouldn’t the league try to fully tap the biggest North American cities before heading farther away?

    Toronto? Monterrey, Mexico?


  13. “If the three games a year in London are warmly received by the home fans, it won’t be long before eight games a year are played in London. And maybe playoff games and the Super Bowl.”

    Put two crappy teams in the third game and see how well received it is. It’s easy when you send Brady, Brees, Manning, etc over there. Have the Raiders play the Jets. See what the reaction to that is. How will 8 games by a bad team go over in London? Not well. Let’s just say that.

  14. How do people so stupid get such high ranking posistions. Wake up Goodell, nobody wants this.

  15. He needs to stop. He needs to ask himself how successful NFL Europe was financially. And then if he says, as he will, that NFL Europe was successful financially, ask him why it ended if it was so successful.

    NFL Football in Europe is a novelty, like buying a program at a game nowadays. You don’t really need to do it but you do it just because. Until they come out with jets that can cut the distance down to no more than NY to SF, but if they can’t then players and opponents lose an entire day.

    Goodell doesn’t listen to, or care about the fan. He keeps pushing the 18 games deal saying that the fans want it when we don’t. He keeps pushing this team in UK when they don’t want it. How can a man be so out of touch.

  16. I can imagine the attitude of certain players leading to some nasty games between uk and us. why not just create a separate euro league?

    not enough interest?

    probably a sign

  17. WLAF or NFL Europe sound familiar? Those leagues still around? Didn’t think so. Can you picture ANY free agent choosing London as his destination of choice? Me neither.

  18. I rather see a expansion team in another major US city then in London. Cities like:

    Los Angeles
    Las Vegas
    Salt Lake City
    San Juan, PR

    Heck I would give a nod to a franchise in a Canada city before London.

  19. Rodger Goodell is out of control and needs to be reeled in before his ego out ways the good of the NFL!
    Football is an American sport and cities all across this
    country would love to host a team.
    The dissolution of the European League should show you that people over there prefer Soccer over the NFL. Teams have long complained how expensive and tiring it is on players to travel that far to play

  20. Don’t think I’ve read a comment in favor of this idea yet. Small sample size obviously, but this should tell Roger something. There is such thing as too much of a good thing.

  21. Would somebody please fire this guy before he COMPLETELY ruins our favorite sport. He’s out of control. He just can’t stop himself from tinkering around and changing things that don’t need to be changed.

    Next up for Goodell: holding the Super Bowl in London, outlawing tackles that hurt and replacing the regulation NFL game balls with their Nerf equivalents.

  22. Meh, these guys get paid millions of dollars to play a game, I think they can handle some plane flights.

    If they don’t want to they can always find another profession, I don’t think anyone forces these guys to play football.

    And there’s always baseball for all the fans who can’t handle the toughness of America’s greatest sport.

  23. New World Order… NFL style.

    Traveling technology has to improve for this to ever work. It’s probably over an 11 hour flight for a west coast team… Not to mention the time zone difference. If you leave on a Friday morning @ 8 am, you will arrive non-stop I believe at 4 am Saturday… That’s ridiculous.

  24. whatnojets says: Jun 4, 2013 2:37 PM

    Flying time from New York to California is the same as New York to London.


    What about Cali to London? Yet another example of how New Yorkers are convinced that the world revolves around the armpit they call home.

  25. “Flying time from New York to California is the same as New York to London.”

    Ok, It’s decided then, the home teams will always be the Jets, Giants and Patriots. Since it is no big deal for them to fly over there. They can each give up 3-4 home games a year.

  26. I think a couple games a year is all London could support. Does anyone remember NFL Europe and all the empty stadiums? I believe that if Europe couldn’t support minor league football with greatly reduced salaries how will they be able to afford a real team. Europe is not interested in “American” Football. Yes it is a fun novelty for them every so often, but it is just a bad idea to plan to put a franchise in there. If the NFL prizes safety the way they say, how is playing 9 hours outside your time zone supporting the proposed player safety that Goodell pays lip service to. It doesn’t.

  27. I love all the short minded people saying “It’s no big deal they fly first class and its the same as a flight to SF from NY.”

    It’s 8 hours time difference from the West Coast.

    Anybody who thinks it’s ‘no big deal’ trying to adjust to that time difference (plus an 11 hour flight from SF) is just stupid.

    As others have stated, why?

  28. Why can’t Roger be more like the previous commish and stop acting as if he is The Emporer. He makes 30 freekin million bucks in one year which is absolutely ridiculous. He is an irritant to put it mildly. He always uses the fans as justification to do his dirty work when most fans wish we wld see and hear less from him! Stop trying to change the game I grew up loving. He has already made it softer , and broader. Stop already!!!@ This is America , not Europe . He is just trying to advance his lame legacy when all he cares about are the greedy owners!

  29. Tebow can be the starter. Brits don’t know the difference between a qb and a hotdog vendor.

  30. We will have to change the name of the league to the IFL (International Football League) since it is no longer a national one. Just ridiculous. You don’t see any English soccer teams trying to expand over here.

  31. London Jaguars 2015.

    AFC East


    New England


    New York

    AFC South





  32. Example:

    British Airlines flight departs Los Angeles 3:35 PM
    Arrives in London Heathrow at 9:55 AM

    Flight time: 10:20

    Sleep on the plane, no jet lag

    Simple as that

  33. I have never seen a good reason for for the London team idea. Not one. Money? Not really. The novelty will wear off and London attendance could be worse than what the Dolphins have had lately. Check the tix sales of the London games. They sell out but it is taking longer and longer to do it. The logistics are almost insurmountable. The London team will be at a disadvantage and cannot get to a competitive level much less sustain one. The team will perpetually be comprised of 1st contract guys and over-the-hill guys that can’t make other teams. The rest of the able-bodied free agents will go to other teams. Couple that with the time issues and travel requirements and , well, good luck.

    The only explanation is legacy and that has never in history been a good thing. Nothing else makes sense. Growing the brand is not necessary as the popularity has been growing just fine. A world league/European league has tried and failed. Football can grow some globally but if the NFL attempts to it will contribute to its own demise.

  34. It does seem silly now, but this isn’t about just having a team in London. This is a pilot program to start a league in England or Europe, and tap that huge professional sports market and infrastructure (i.e. stadiums) built around the Premier League and RFU. It’s a natural evolution for the NFL.

    Personally, I’d love to see a World Championship of American Rules Football.

  35. Every college football players dream is to be drafted by an nfl team and forced to live in another country. Hey goodell think about all the 22 year old kids that have to leave their family just to go play for a London franchise. Stupid idea all around. If I wanna see a good soccer game Ill go to London if they wanna see a good football they can come here.

  36. NASCAR: went from the NUMBER 1 attended sport (even beating the NFL,,per event),,,then they killed the GOOSE,,kooky rules,,holding races in places where NASCAR was considered redneck hillbillies (Fontana? NH? NY?) holding races on road courses,,and having Toyotas? Really sometimes you leave well enough alone,,,same with the NFL…if you make billions per year,,LEAVE IT THE HELL ALONE…..IDIOTS

  37. It’s bad enough how the NFL screws the west coast teams playing the early games on the east coast … losing over 80% of the games …. it will be 99% in London.
    Maybe that’s why LA is not getting a team … the NFL does not want another west coast team.

  38. whatnojets says:
    Jun 4, 2013 2:37 PM
    Flying time from New York to California is the same as New York to London.
    Good point. Thre’s little suport for a franchise in the US in L.A. , and little for one overseas too.

    As for your attendance figures, those are all well and good. But make it a fixture instead of a novelty one -off and I bet those figures plummet. A lot of overseas fans have NFL franchises they love already and won’t change their allegiance if they get a franchise there.

    I too dislike Goodell, but he is not doing one thing the owners as a whole don’t want. I blame the owners for this overseas games and longer season silliness. Goodell is just nutty for claiming “THE FANS” want this when we umm…don’t.

  39. This guy needs to go now! This is an American sport to be played on American soil. The fans don’t care about a team or games in London, much less the Super Bowl. He’s ruining the game.

  40. CKL says: Jun 4, 2013 3:05 PM
    . A lot of overseas fans have NFL franchises they love already and won’t change their allegiance if they get a franchise there.

    Very true and that’s why a person would travel say from Belgium or even Austria to watch his favorite NFL franchise play in London.

  41. so football players are more prone to travel then say baseball players, who are in a constant state of travel or Soccer players that fly around the globe… distance is a poor excuse from your comments its also being expressed by people who do little to no international travel themselves.

    Not that I care if London has a team or not..its just evident that Jacksonville should not as home revenue is low enough that it makes sense to travel to london for “home” games. Business owners are always looking for a way to expand… to gain international traction is the bigest possible boom the NFL could hope for, get over yourselves people they are trying to take the Superbowl from most watched event in the US to most watched event in the world.

  42. As others have noted the flight time from the west coast is around 9 hours. From SEA it is 11 hours.

    Also, Goodell is so anti-gambling, at least that’s what he says in the US. I am sure he realizes there are sportsbooks just outside Wembley Stadiums’ gates. I guess that doesn’t matter in London.

  43. Don’t the London games have novelty as their main appeal in the first place? Such that, if you started playing more NFL games in London, you’d take away the novelty that brings people to the stadium.

  44. Is it me, or do the PFT comment sections get filled up with trolls and whiners?

    Get over yourselves.

  45. Remember that time when RG said he cared about player safety so he suspended a head coach for a year and everybody agreed with him?

  46. What is it with Goodell and the London games/franchise thing? I mean does the guy have a girlfriend there or what? He needs to be more concerned with addressing the issues within the U.S.,like putting an “expansion” team in one largest U.S. TV markets or improving home attendance.

  47. India can create their own league, but Europe can’t? Khan.. if you take another home game from Jax all that love and goodwill you have created will disintegrate and a bounty will be placed on your billion dollar stache. The whole idea of putting a franchise there is ludicrous. The UEFA has many American fans and no American franchises. For good reason. The only reason to do this is to make money. In doing so, the NFL would be creating a wholly unneccessary logistical nightmare and would diminish the quality of the product. Do not continue down this road.

  48. RussianBreadMaker says: Jun 4, 2013 2:38 PM


    Create a league over there. Why not?

    There was NFL Europa, but it folded, because lack of interest. They prefer soccer.

  49. Goodell has been entrusted by the owners to grow and expand the league; that’s part of his job. He’d be foolish not to look internationally. There’s millons of potential customers out there.

  50. This is not good ell acting on his own. He is only doing the owners’ bidding. They see a big revenue increase and that’s all they now care about. I hope they realize their greed may ruin what’s been built.

  51. “UPDATE 2:45 p.m. ET: Goodell said the Jaguars may start playing two “home” games a year in London.”

    The funny thing is Goodell did not even say “two home games”. Probably just Bart Hubbuch trolling Jaguars fans.

  52. Right, just to clarify – a UK reply.

    1. These games sell out every year, in a stadium that is bigger than virtually all NFL stadiums. And they sell out quickly as well, even with the Jags as the home team. If you can sell out 2 games at 85k in London instead of 2 at 60k in Jacksonsville, of course you’ll think about it.

    2. The majority of UK fans don’t want a franchise either, relax. We’re very happy that teams want to come here and play meaningful games here, and I will continue to attend them for as long as they come over. But expanding that to a franchise? I don’t think that’s a good idea.

    3. Many of us also DO go to the US and see games. I’ve seen games in New York (Jets and Giants), Washington, Philadelphia, Indianapolis and Green Bay, including the Super Bowl. Don’t worry, I paid the same rip off prices that you did.

    How many of you have been outside of the USA, let alone seen a foreign sport in a different country? UK fans are passionate, that’s why the NFL is looking at expanding here. I don’t agree with a franchise, but I can see why they are exploring the idea.

    4. The fans that DO come over with their teams to see a game in London treat it like a holiday, why not? We Brits try and be hospitable to you when you visit and see the games here, as much as you Americans have been hospitable to me when I’ve seen games there. A LOT of negativity on here sometimes!

  53. While I personally think London is a bad idea for any number of reasons, you guys highlighting the travel times, etc are barking up the wrong tree.

    If the flights are planned at the right times such as late night departure from NY or mid evening from Cali, it is not that big of a deal-you sleep most of the way and land in the late morning. Used to do it every other week for work and while kind of blahed out for a day after the trip each way, it is not like they are on a mission to Mars. Also quite sure the team docs can hand out Ambien like candy

  54. After causing an uproar, Bart Hubbuch has now issued a “clarification” that he was basically wrong and Goodell said the Jaguars could play two games a year (not two home games a year) there.

  55. As a football fan from Britain I’m disappointed in the comments that seem to think we know nothing of the game and are attracted by the “novelty factor”. The game has been popular in this country for 30 years now, and it’s popularity is evidenced by the fact that television coverage mirrors availability in the USA. And dismissing London as a ‘dump’ seems somewhat rich considering the current location of several NFL teams.

    However, I would agree with the majority feeling that it’s a bad idea. There are a number of cities in the US that should clearly be considered before London, and selling out two or three games is one thing, but eight? Fans currently travel from all over the country for the few games played, but they’re not going to do that for eight, they’ll pick and choose and that’s where problems will start.

    And if they moved the FA cup final to New York people here would go nuts, so I totally get people being upset at the thought of a London Superbowl.

  56. Can’t wait until players start getting stranded for weeks in London after not being cleared for flights after a particularly nasty concussion.

  57. This moron and his pack of lawyers need to be stopped!! They take player safety to extremes, then advocate MORE games and transatlantic travel to play more games. Brilliant. Its not about player safety at all, its about lawsuits and greed!

  58. How about this. Instead of watering down the sport further by putting a franchise somewhere where no nfl fan wants it, the nfl takes a moment from its gluttonous search to create more money from bad ideas (18 game season, expanded playoffs or even the expansion of a single team) it sets aside its greed during its next trip to London and uses the time to study the one genius idea that the Premier League uses. The Football Pyramid system. A system that ensures quality from its teams. If your unfamiliar with it, it goes like this. The lowest performing teams in a division get demoted to a lower division and the top teams get to move up in a division. A team has to earn its place. this will never happen here, but imagine if owners were accountable for there teams success. We would never have to talk about who is quarterbacking the Browns because they would be in the D league. If this was expanded to all our sports we wouldn’t have teams that are perennial bottom dwellers. Good bye Kansas City Royals, Good bye Miami Marlins (take your crappy owner with you), Adios Charlotte what ever your name is now. Just imagine the end of season interviews as owners, coaches, players and fans have to be held accountable for their demotion to the B league and the elation of those same people when they earn a spot in the top tier. It will never happen here, but what a great system if it did.

  59. Steelers are going there this year to get trounced by the Vikings. Maybe the Vikings will come back without them. Hope so.

  60. I have no problem with goodell. He is the face of the owners, relaying what the owners want. Before anyone talks about rozelle or tagliabue, remember that a lot of owners who had the game of football as their number one priority were in charge then. Over time, teams became owned by real estate developers, or home depot owners, owners whose number one priority is money.

  61. Vikings got screwed this year with a “home” game in London. Fabulous. I wonder how much that costs the local economy- that just provided 45% of the funding for a new NFL stadium.

    If they’re gonna have games in London, they should make the teams with the fewest sellouts and/or lowest local TV ratings the previous year play ’em.

  62. It’s time someone in the NFL office talked some sense in Goodell. My favorite is losing a home game this year because of Goodell’s fettish with London, and it might well be the difference between a playoff birth and sitting home in January.

    The NFL had a developmental league in Europe in the 1990’s and it couldn’t survive economically. You’d think the league would have learned its lesson.

    The idea of putting a franchise in London is absurd. For starters, none of the players would live their on a regular basis; they’d all have homes in America because they’d all be from American colleges and universities.

    Then there’s the issue of logistics. Flying across five to eight time zones every week to play a football game? How expensive is that going to be? On top of that, what about taxation issues? London players will obviously be subjected to U.S. taxes, but they are unlikely to escape U.K. taxes.

    A London NFL franchise is a pipe dream. The sooner the league office realizes this, the sooner the league can stop robbing current teams of home games every year just to scratch Goodell’s European itch.

  63. What’s with all the greed comments? What’s greedy about expanding an already popular sport. Its a business people……

    Do you really care how much money an owner makes (or in my case, how much real/fake stock my team sells?) no….

    I want them to field a winning team, that’s all.

  64. Fits in with Goodell and his idiotic ideas/decisions and wishes. That guy has been beyond horrible as a commish in terms of improving the league/product since he the league/product is getting worse each year. He’s been like the Bush/Obama commish.

  65. How arrogant can this guy be? Geez, perhaps Roger needs to spend some time in Europe amongst the people and get a little in tune with the culture and also the antiAmerican feelings rooted in American’s flaunting their supremecy and thinking anything American is automatically better! Europeans play football only it is what we regard as soccer and they are every bit as passionate about it as we are our American NFL (maybe more so). The NFL talks about player safety and in the same sentence wants to make the season longer (more lucrative for the owners) = more injuries to players…unless they officially make it flag football.
    The American economy is hurting and this fool wants to take jobs across the pond and pump more revenue out of this country and into some place else where we’re not invited! Like the jet lag isn’t already bad enough when teams have a Sunday and a Thursday night game in a different time zone…???

  66. nfloracle says:

    Most every player in the league is saying, “Let Goodell sit in coach and fly to and from freaking London four times a year in a 24 hour span. One trip would probably put an end to this UK franchise nonsense.”

    You obviously don’t realize these guys will be flying 1st class on a private chartered jet as opposed to economy class on a cattle car airline.

  67. Somewhere in the near future:

    “Hey San Diego Chargers, CONGRATS, you’re in the playoffs! And what an incredible week 17 game you had to play just to get in. Now hop on a plane & head to England for your Wild Card match-up against the London Jaguars/Silly Nannies. And if you happen to win, just head back to Denver to face the Broncos in the Divisional round less than a week later cause that game is scheduled for Saturday night in primetime. Good luck with all that!”

    – Roger Goodell

  68. same trolls and whiners that complain about half of PFT being rumors and speculation when PFT was started on just that, Since I actually love the sport of football and not just my home town team, I would love for it to become globally popular it only adds to the competition

  69. Great! The Europeans love the Steelers, Packers, Cowboys, and Patriots. How are they going to feel when they get the Jaquars as their new team? They aren’t going to show up for any games and the team is going to crumble into obscurity.

    I do have one productive idea… if they want football so bad, let them have preseason games in London, Japan, Canada, Mexico, wherever!

  70. Before anyone gives Goodell a free pass, remember that Rozelle and Tagliabue both had owners to appease. They managed to make owners happy and do what was right for the game. Goodell isn’t smart enough to be anything more than an errand boy.

  71. It makes sense to put the London Ducebags into the AFC East. That isn’t a drastic time-zone shift. It would also help the NFL to put Tom Bieber in front of the Europeans so they can marvel at his spectacularness. It doesn’t make sense to put Jump Ball Joe in London, he isn’t even elite. London is only for eliteness.

  72. “petersjeffrey36 says: Jun 4, 2013 3:11 PM
    so football players are more prone to travel then say baseball players, who are in a constant state of travel or Soccer players that fly around the globe… distance is a poor excuse from your comments its also being expressed by people who do little to no international travel themselves. ”

    That’s not a very good comparison. If you’re talking about internationals or friendlies, then those are one off games, and even then largely regional. Heck the continental US is essentially the size of Europe (sans Russia), so UEFA Cup or Champions League games are within Europe and within travel times of, say Miami flying to Seattle for a game. OK, occassionally they have to fly to Moscow Spartak. Not really the same thing. You can’t compare one off matches with a regular season game.

  73. It’ll be the last thing Goodell does as Commish. That experiment will fail and Goodell will be blamed for it because he is stupid enough to keep wanting it and openly saying that nonsense. Why not just move all the NFL teams over-seas somewhere? Maybe Goodell can work on getting fans to games here instead of some pipe dream of a London team. What a joke that’d be. Who would want to be on the visiting teams in London or the London team when they have to travel to the US?

  74. A writer from the New York Post is exactly what I think about when I think of credibility…

  75. To borrow a phrase that is frequently employed on another website that encourages user posts, there certainly is a lot of derp and wharrgarbl here on this thread . . .

    I think quite a few of you need to calm down a little bit. And maybe read your posts out loud before you hit submit.

    My guess is that the person who referred to London as a “garbage dump” has never been there. The comment about college students being “forced” to live in another country also sounds somewhat provincial and frankly ignorant; in my experience, a significant percentage of college students would love the opportunity to explore another country, particularly one where they speak the same language.

    The logistics of scheduling and travel aren’t insurmountable, and the argument that travelling players would be subject to undue hardship by making a transatlantic trip has already been addressed upthread, and very well at that.

    Those who are are attempting to make the case against economic sustainability may have something. While I think it’s dismissive to say that the games in London have succeeded only on the basis of novelty, we simply don’t know if UK fans would ultimately embrace a “home” team.

    But it’s not as absurd as some of you seem to think that the region could support more than one “real” game a year.

  76. whatnojets says: Jun 4, 2013 2:37 PM

    Flying time from New York to California is the same as New York to London.

    Obviously a Jets fan, as like usual clearly oblivious to the rest of the League. What about flight time from California to London? Dumb idea unless proposing putting at least 4 teams overseas that would all be in the same division and so overseas travel would be minimized. Putting just 1 team over there would be dumb.

  77. subsoiler says: Jun 4, 2013 5:19 PM

    whatnojets says: Jun 4, 2013 2:37 PM

    I already posted flying time from Los Angeles to London

    10:20 all during the night time….If you ever flew first class you would know that they actually have beds for them to sleep on……but being a flakey west coaster, you wouldn’t know that, would you?!?

  78. How many free agents will really want to sign there? How many good drafted players would never sign extensions in order to get back to states? The team would be terrible and fail

  79. 1. Londoners didn’t pay for the stadiums in Jacksonville, Minnesota, Pittsburgh or anywhere else so they shouldn’t get a home game. In many cases, taxpayers in these NFL cities are stuck with the financial burden.

    2. The NHL, MLB and NBA all have Canadian teams. The NFL should join them and expand in Canada first.

    3. During the 2011 lockout it was estimated that each NFL city makes $20 million per home game (from bars, restaurants, hotels, etc). So far Goodell has completely ignored this issue, so apparently he’s unsympathetic and won’t help cities recoup the lost revenue from London games.

  80. If you came up with this idea and pitched it to your buddies, they’d laugh at you and call you a nut. Goodell says it and everybody’s supposed to take it seriously? Why? It’s even crazier coming from him because he should know better.

    Nobody wants to play or coach in Europe… they’d be lucky if 5% of the league answered “I’d love to go” to that question. Putting all the travel problems aside, the team would be doomed to signing nobody but the guys who couldn’t get a job anywhere else.

  81. RussianBreadMaker says: Jun 4, 2013 2:38 PM


    Create a league over there. Why not?
    They did. They called it the World League of American Football, which of course became known as the WAFL. After a few years, a lot of lost money, and a lot of empty stadiums, they renamed it NFL Europe. After a few years, a lot of lost money, and a lot of empty stadiums, they canned the project.

    But that was under Paul Tagliabue’s watch. Now The Great Roger Goodell Himself Live And In Person has revived the bad idea and forced teams to play “home” games there. As I found out in my days in the corporate world, taking a previously disastrous bad idea, tinkering with it, and forcing it on people does not make it a good idea. A shined turd is still a turd.

  82. What is wrong with his brain? I used to support this guy but not anymore. Take the Packers. They have 12 guys who can’t even practice due to injury and were in the non contact part of the season.

    There is just no way team’s can hold up to the punishment of and 18 game schedule and no reason we need an 18 game schedule. Its just to get into the face of baseball, April opener, and hockey, playoffs.

    Everybody wants their season to run into other sports to steal ticket money from them.

  83. “frankdatank23 says: Jun 4, 2013 2:49 PM
    this man needs to be stopped !”

    “bmoritz2003 says: Jun 4, 2013 2:49 PM
    Goodell is the worst commission by far in the history of the NFL. I am sick and tired of his stupid ideas that will destroy the sport.”

    The truth is that he gets paid $1,000,000 per year per NFL team to say this stuff. NFL owners used to have common sense, but many teams just pass the teams to their kids to run. I mean look at the Bucs! It’s a mess!

  84. Why has the NFL deteriorated?
    1. Quality of NFL Owners – now charge fans for preseason games and taking taxpayer money
    2. Agents holding out their clients
    3. TV Networks what to get in the locker room
    4. Sponsors have a commercial every 3 downs
    5. Commissioners taking tackling out of the game, because Alumni were suing for medical bills.

    What does this all come down too? Greed and Money.

  85. “mvp43 says: Jun 4, 2013 4:06 PM
    What’s with all the greed comments? What’s greedy about expanding an already popular sport. Its a business people……”

    Yet, thanks to some bribed, er “lobbied”, congressmen, the NFL operates TAX-FREE.

    What Goodell hasn’t addressed is he’s taking away revenue away from cities by moving games to other cities. If he is demanding that taxpayers and/ or hotels/bars pay for the stadiums, then how are they going to recoup the money if the profits go to other international cities?

    Greedy greedy greedy (and tax free).

  86. Learn from the housing bubble. Things can’t go up forever. Sometimes you have to quit growing and improve quality. The NFL bubble will burst under Goodell’s watch, mark my words. Stop trying to turn the best game in America into a bad reality show.

  87. While we would love to have a franchise here first the Draft would have to be abolished, the EU authorities will look away while it’s just a few games but no way that Communist nonsense will fly here if they have a franchise!

  88. with the exchange rate currently at .65 British pound sterling for every US dollar, are they going to pay players on the London team in pounds? I’d demand it if playing on London.

  89. How rediculous!!! Why does it seem that the fans are the ones to get screwed in damn near every aspect of the league? Replacment refs. last year proves that the NFL doesn’t give a crap about it’s fans. How many people paid rediculous prices to watch bad games last year? Full price for preseason tickets. It seems a father needs to take out a loan to takes his family to a NFL game. How about he looks at solving those problems before even thinking about this. Goodell just wants more fans to dick and the deeper the pockets the better the fan too the NFL. It seems that the people that make this league possible too exist are the only people without representation. It seems that the fans should have a union. What would happen if we the fans went on strike? A billion dollar a year bussiness that can’t take care of the vets that made this league what it is today. This league has no consideration for it’s fans or the vets that laid the foundation for the NFL to be what it is today and for Goodell to waste time to even entertain this is a slap in the face to American fans. Besides what about our neighbors to the North that seems far more plausable.

  90. Remember a little offering called “NFL-EUROPE” or the ”World League of American Football” ? The London franchise,the Monarchs folded because of lack of support and general indifference,while the FIVE German teams prospered.The NFL response: no pre-season games in Germany…no regular season games…and absolutely NO talk of any more involvement in American football in Germany.

  91. “April Fools!” Oh no, wait, it’s June…right? Who gets to drug-test Commissioner Goodell anyway?

    In all seriousness, Rams’ owner/Walmart heir, Stan Kroenke, already owns a stake in a futbol team, and stadium in in the UK . Rich guys love to play with other rich, bored folk. You can bet he’s checking out the territory as we write.

    I liked NFL Europe, as the “farm-system” for the real NFL. It developed some real talent for the US football (Kurt Warner) scene. As regular football entity however, I don’t see it; and more importantly however neither will the Euro-zone fan-base who will loathe to part with as many euros as we have to shell-out (dollars) for our games here!

  92. I think the sooner we move to a 18 game regular season schedule, the sooner we will see a team in London.

    When they add the two more games they will just have to work out the schedule so it is basically broken into three game road trips and three game homestands. The team would need to have a headquarters in the states where they can stay and practice during their road trips. Each of the two bye weeks would be scheduled after a homestand and a road trip, and the teams Thursday night game would be scheduled at the end of a homestand or road trip to give them more time to travel for that mini bye. When they have to travel to the west coast for games, those games would be scheduled as the second game of a road trip so that they play a game further east as the first game and as the third game.

    There would obviously be some issues that come up from season to season depending on which divisions they are playing, but it is not as unthinkable for them to have a team in London as I once thought it was.

  93. Goodell needs to go. this slug is destroying the game. and he is doing it fast. The NFLPA needs to stop play until the owners agree to get Goodell and his plans away from football

  94. @chi01town

    Goodell works for the owners so what you consider to be “his plans” are actually their plans, and they will not likely change with a change of commissioner.

  95. I know what Goodell is trying to do, but he needs to realize that American football is not going to surpass the other football (or futbol) as the most popular international sport.

    Oh, and playing a Super Bowl in London would probably be the worst idea ever…it would be more susceptible to an attack by the people out there that don’t like America, Americans and want to inflict harm (particularly through bombs).

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