Jerry Jones on Cowboys’ draft board: I don’t see what the big deal is


When the Cowboys accidentally revealed their draft board by posting videos of owner and General Manager Jerry Jones standing in front of it in the team’s draft room, it was a much-discussed story in NFL circles. But Jones doesn’t see why anybody cares.

I’m a little hard-pressed to see where the issue is at all after the draft is over,” Jones said. “We don’t put anything up there that’s particularly sensitive. Those are the opinions and the work of our scouts. The fact that there might have been a player up there a round earlier or a round later than it is on a lot of other people’s boards or opinion doesn’t impact us.”

The Cowboys’ full draft board is now public knowledge, but since that only happened after the draft, Jones doesn’t see any way any other team can get a competitive advantage out of it.

“I don’t see the negative aspect of that information,” Jones said. “We won’t make it a practice of publishing it, but still, I don’t think it’s an important detail.”

Jones is right that after the draft is over, it’s not a huge deal. Still, he’ll probably find a new backdrop for his inside-the-draft-room interviews in the future.

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  1. How he didn’t make the Cowboy’s Mount Rushmore is surely a beyond my understanding…

  2. I’d say one negative aspect might be on future free agents. They see they were lower on your board and they may be less likely to want to go there

  3. Hey Jerry, the big deal is that you just don’t stand back and let the people you hired do their jobs that’s what they get paid for.

    After all, shouldn’t you take a page out of the Raiders handbook? Look at what Al Davis’ meddling gotten his team. They are just barely starting to rebuild right now.

    If your draft board ends up being garbage at the end of the season, you know you have a serious problem.

    Oh, and don’t blame the coach for not doing his job when he doesn’t have the personnel that he really wants.

  4. Once the draft is over, I don’t see the big deal either. I also don’t understand why you guys keep saying they “accidentally” revealed their board. It was no accident. They just differ opinion with you, and obviously didn’t care.

    Ericburt, such a thing wouldn’t effect them in the future via free agency. The NFL is a business, and money talks. No one is going to walk away from a deal possibly offering millions more because of how a team had them rated on their draft board…

  5. I can hardly believe I’m saying this, but here goes: I’ve gotta side with Jerry on this one.

  6. He should be on the Mt. Rushmore of every other NFC East team. Speaking for my G-Men, without him in Dallas, I’m not so sure the Giants overtake the Cowboys and win 2 SBs the last 15 years.

  7. Well there you go, it really was not that important, it was the work from all his scouts. JERRRRA never listens to his scouts so it was a total smoke screen.

    Jerry only listens to Jerry when it comes to the draft. This is why the Cowboys will be a mediocre team with a billion dollar QB eating the salary cap for the next decade.

    He reminds me a lot of AL Davis in his latter years…. Nothing but pain ahead for the boys I’m sorry to say.

  8. Or maybe it’s leaked for a reason! So when some of these guys eventually hit FA or are looking for a new contract, their agents know the Cowboys really values them. A roundabout way of premature tampering. The agent knows the cowboys had interest in the player then and can make that “courtesy call”. Just saying.

  9. yep jerry is no big deal. that is why every cowboys articles have the most comments.
    jerry = smart. cowboys sell! cowboys = publicity.
    cowboys = championships.
    ya’ll let me know when you have “Three rings” like jerry eh.
    now i know you trained trolls think that winning is easy, this is why the great peyton manning has ONE ring to Jerrys THREE!
    hate on and feed jerry the spot light losers!

  10. Still, he’ll probably find a new backdrop for his inside-the-draft-room interviews in the future.

    How about big Peyton Manning poster…you know, to motivate Romo.

  11. Well I sort of agree with Jerry, but it’s better if you make a special out of it by doing some kind of interview or making it part of Hard Knocks to go through and disclose your draft board and talk about it, if you want to talk about it and you want people to know. So if you don’t want to do that, then it looks clumsy and like a poor security effort to keep that information secret.

    So which is it, do you want everybody to know the board or not? And if you do, then why not do that yourself instead of allowing somebody to break the code and present it on their own? Hire a guy to do that for you so you can control the PR during the unveiling. Something doesn’t add up here.

  12. People like to compare Jerry Jones to Al Davis , but . . .
    All Davis won three Super Bowls as the de facto GM of the Raiders (although it was a long time ago). Jerry Jones won one Super Bowl with a team comprised almost entirely of players brought in by Jimmy Johnson , and . . . hold on , I’m still thinking . . .

  13. Jerry is much more about publicity than he is about winning. He wanted that picture to go out just the way it is. You’ve got to hand it to him; he knows how to keep them relevant when their play on the field hasn’t. Just look at how they played the play-calling thing as another example.

  14. Craniator,
    You do realize Jerry the GM won 3 SuperBowls right? Please tell me what Jimmy won at Miami? Go ahead I’m waiting.

    Too all my Cowboy haters, why such hate? Did your ex boyfriends leave you for a Cowboys fan. Was it the Cowboys beating your team when your mother and father came out to you about really being brother and sister? Please explain your hate POOH C’s.

  15. The reason it is a big deal is that the past can be an indication of the future. If other teams know the strategy used by the Cowboys to rate players, they will have more information for a future draft and know when they need to trade up ahead of the Cowboys or trade down below them.

    Ask Bill Belichick the value of having the strategy of other teams on film.

  16. There is no issue here unless the critics foresee some sort of 2013 draft do-over that none of the rest of us are aware of. Jerry Jones has done things worthy of a fair amount of criticism but this isn’t one of them

  17. and neither do the 31 teams do as well. keep drafting like the moron organization you head up.

  18. Every day Jerry Jones is on a mission to prove to everyone that he does not need PR Director Zak Gilbert.

    “Zak Gilbert, I don’t need no stinking Zak Gilbert” Jerry Jones

    Damn you Mark Davis……..

  19. I love how it said in A Football Life: Jimmy Johnson where Johnson talks about how Jerry tells him after he takes credit for acquiring a F/A (Novacek I believe) TE and he Jimmy says to himself “He didn’t acquire “I” acquired him” Later JJ tells Jimmy “I can make $10-million and nobody cares…….but when I make a transaction around here EVERYBODY is interested!”

    And there you have it Big-D in JJ’s nutshell. Making transactions and working as a GM with that as his M.O. has to make fans crazy.

  20. I’m always ready to pile on when Jerry does something stupid. But this time he’s actually right.

  21. If I’m a smart GM elsewhere (a group which when compared to Jerrah comprises 31 men), I look at his draft board and tell my guys, “Don’t even think of drafting anyone high on Jerry’s board.” And if someone brings up the idea of Jerry setting up some kind of disinformation, I tell them, “He’s not smart enough to do that, and now that you’re shown me how dumb you are, you’re fired!”

  22. Jerry Jones, the only owner in pro football to have fired three Superbowl winning coaches.

    Stupidity isn’t all that easy, Jerry has to work very hard at it.

  23. The problem is that I believe I saw somewhere that some of the people they picked were lower on their board than others when they picked them.

    I never have cared for the Cowboys or the Redskins so I am enjoying Cowboys struggles.

    GM & owner is not usually a good mix.

  24. Jerry I need to tell you how much you mean to me.

    You pick me up when I am down.
    You make me smile, make me laugh.

    You’re always there for me.

    You are a dependable person when I need lifting up.

    Jerry, I don’t know much, but I know I love you…

    And that may be all I need to know…

  25. I don’t think it’s a big deal from a football standpoint, but I think Jerry uses that backdrop to remind everyone that he runs a football team. The guy isn’t really a football guy, but he had the money to buy a team so that he could do what every other decision-maker had to work from the bottom to do. The problem is, of course, that he never got the experience that comes from starting at the bottom and he doesn’t have to worry about anyone firing him. I can see why Jimmy Johnson and Bill Parcells couldn’t stand the guy.

  26. Apparently he forgets that even his own draft board had Travis Frederick rated as a 2nd round player.

    There were 1st round players on the board. They traded down in the 1st round, and drafted a player that even their own board suggests is a reach by at least a round.

    That’s the big deal Jerry. But, carry on. This is fun to watch.

  27. As for the board leaks it’s a good idea because we actually know what teams literally thought before the picks were made.

    It’s like the NCAA Tournament. You have the seeds based on projections and then let the teams play to see if their seeds were worth it or not.

  28. The part that bothers me is that all three of my Vikings 1st round picks got 1st round grades in Jerry’s World. Now I KNOW they screwed up……

  29. Who cares if boards are leaked.

    If they’re leaked and the talent has to match the board ranks let’s praise Jerry when player success comes to fruition and mock the owner when it fails.

    so far Jerry is nothing without jimmy Johnson because Johnson at least won playoff games in his last two years in Miami.

    Jerry’s done it once w/o Jimmy’s players.

    Also, when you look at Jerry he is the most overhyped owner in the NFL. People use his “bold” moves with Chan Gailey and Jimmy Johnson to overrate his talents as an executive.

    Until the media FINALLY sees how bad Jerry is let’s see the way the board goes. Other than that it’s time to get a real GM.

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