Johnny Jolly says he’ll be at Packers minicamp


The Packers have shown a lot of support for defensive tackle Johnny Jolly in his attempt to make a comeback after three years away from the game as a result of drug arrests and suspensions, but that comeback effort has not yet progressed to the point of seeing what he has to offer on the football field.

That should change on Tuesday. Jolly responded with a “yes” on Twitter to a question from Jason Wilde of about whether Jolly planned to join the rest of the organization at this week’s minicamp.

It’s not the first time Jolly has announced that he’s on his way back to the team. He said he would be at organized team activities after completing a drug treatment program last month, but didn’t wind up rejoining the team for reasons that coach Mike McCarthy would only say were part of “the process.”

If the process allows Jolly back onto the field this week, the Packers will get a chance to see how much rust has accumulated over three years of inactivity. Jolly’s getting his second chance, but he won’t get anything more than that if his long absence has sapped him of the ability that he flashed back in the old days with the Packers.

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  1. There’s gonna be a LOT of people coming in here throwing around insulting terms at Jolly after my comment I’m sure – but all I have to say really is that when you’re involved in drug dealing on that level, the people you work for don’t just let you walk away. No matter who you are, you get that deep, there’s no turning back without your family being pulled into it. I’m not saying that I know exactly what happened and none of us really do, but let he who is without sin cast the first stone. Till then, I wish him nothing but the best and I’m proud to call myself a Packer fan when the organization helps somebody get their life together like this, whether it is ultimately successful or not. This is America. it is build on redemption.

  2. I am glad to see the packers stick by this young man as he fought his drug problem so many times in life we as people turn our back on our friends,love ones etc.. instead of helping them when they have a problem with any drug.I have never taken any drug in my life so I do not know what it is that a person must go through to break those bad habits,but from what I have saw its tough…lets send a big shout out to the packers for the love they have showed mr jolly

  3. I give this clown three months until he is caught trying to sell a few kilos. You had your chance slim and you blew it. DUHHHHH!!!!

  4. Every team and every training camp requires fodder….guys who are willing to stick their heads in the gristmill to help their teammates become better players. Sometimes one or two will rise to the top. Maybe Jolly will defy the odds and make the squad. That would be a good thing.

  5. Uhhh, he was caught selling codeine, not cocaine. I really don’t see how cough syrup is that big of a deal, not like he is slinging heroin on the corner…….

  6. Who’s going to draw him back in? The Walgreens clerk? C’mon, I’m all for ripping the packers, but lets step up our game, fellow Vike fans!

  7. I feel bad for Jolly because he missed out on humiliating the Vikings and Bears twice per season each year he was out. And the most recent Packer Superbowl.

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