Pittsburgh police make second arrest in Mike Adams stabbing


Steelers tackle Mike Adams was stabbed in a confrontation with three men trying to steal his car in Pittsburgh early Saturday morning and the police have now arrested a second suspect in the case.

Margaret Harding of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports that Dquay Means has been arrested and charged with attempted homicide, aggravated assault, conspiracy, illegally possessing a firearm, escape and carrying a firearm without a license for his alleged involvement in the incident with Adams. Adams identified Means in a photo array and said Means pointed a gun at his head and threatened to shoot if Adams did not turn over his truck.

Means ran from detectives when they came to his house to talk about the stabbing, but turned himself in about three hours later after speaking to his mother. A preliminary hearing on his charges has been set for June 12.

Pittsburgh police had previously announced the arrest of Michael Paranay, who is accused of punching Adams while a third, still unidentified man stabbed the Steelers tackle. Paranay dropped his cell phone while fleeing the scene, which the police found and used to identify him as a suspect in the case.

20 responses to “Pittsburgh police make second arrest in Mike Adams stabbing

  1. Those three idiots should have realized that a man that tall, young and strong was not your average “Joe Shmo”

  2. Too bad he didn’t put as much effort into protecting Roethlisberger as he did that car.

    LOL, j/k… best wishes for a speedy recovery, Mike. I know you’ll improve on past mistakes and be a fixture on the O-line for years to come… at least I hope so.

  3. Punching a 6’7″ , 323-lb. man with one hand while holding his precious cellphone in the other, then dropping the cell phone while running away. Not exactly the brightest light in the chandelier on either count.

    I say that after they capture the third guy, and after Adams has made a full recovery, let’s lock the three perps and Adams in a small, no-other-way out room and wait 15 minutes. Unlock the room, congratulate Adams, and send the morgue boys in to scrape up what’s left inside. Fair?

  4. DeQuay Means is rapper Quay Meanz, who is good friends with Steeler fan Wiz Khalifa, and recently opened for the famous rapper.

  5. Good work by the Pittsburgh PD though dropped cell phones tend to speed investigation results.

    These 3 guys a lowlifes. Just like the lowlifes posting negative remarks about a NFL player with stab wounds who is still in the hospital.

  6. golfongrass311 | Jun 4, 2013, 4:34 PM EDT
    even the fans are fed up with that crappy team

    Not really….just trolls like you making classless comments. Grow up….something’s are beyond trash talking. So as part of moving into adulthood this is something you should have learned…..smh

  7. golfongrass311 ,

    The remedy for a crappy team starts with getting rid of Rottenberger.

  8. Glad to hear Mike Adams is alright. What a bunch of idiots…….Better get used to singing “Black and White” as in there prison jumpers instead of “Black and Yellow” now.

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