Carroll: Chris Clemons could be ready for season opener


The Seattle Seahawks knew defensive end Chris Clemons had become a key player for their defense when they elected to give him a three-year contract extension last offseason. However, they truly understood just how valuable Clemons is when they lost him to injury in the playoffs.

Clemons suffered a torn ACL on the horrific turf of FedEx Field during the Seahawks playoff victory over the Washington Redskins in January. While Clemons has become a consistent pass rush threat for Seattle, it was his absence in the run game where the Seahawks felt his loss the most. Rookie Bruce Irvin was called upon to assume Clemons’ role as the starting end against the Atlanta Falcons. But Irvin couldn’t hold up against the run as the Falcons ran for 167 yards against the Seahawks as Seattle’s season came to an end.

With Irvin set to miss the first four games of the season to a suspension, the Seahawks are holding out hope Clemons will be able to get back in time for their season opener against the Carolina Panthers. According to head coach Pete Carroll, it’s not out of the question for Clemons to be ready to go.

“Yes he does have a shot to be ready according to the doctor. He’s got a chance and we’ll just wait and see how it goes,” Carroll said. “Like I said from the beginning we’re not going to rush it. We’ll make sure he’s really well and ready to go and all of that, but he is well ahead of schedule and he’s in great shape and so we’re really pleased.”

Clemons has averaged 11 sacks a season for Seattle over the past three seasons. He hasn’t been around the team during OTAs but is expected to make an appearance for the team’s mandatory mini-camp next week – though he isn’t expected to participate.

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  1. Clemons is an exceptionally valuable member of the defense and I’m glad the ‘Hawks are going to rush it. We need him for the last 8 games much more than the first 8 games. And truthfully, we have very, very good depth (that’s getting a little stretched at the moment with suspensions and injuries).

  2. I hated when the Raiders let him walk and I hate it just as much now….8 sacks and 2 forced fumbles in 2 starts and situational play for the one season we had him?!

    Dude is an absolute animal! I hope he bounces back from this and gets a few more really solid years in. He’s a player I’ve always liked.

  3. I think Carroll is misinterpreting what USC students meant when he overheard them call Adderall a “miracle drug.” Sorry Pete, it doesn’t mend ACL’s.

  4. I’m cautiously opptomistic about his week one return. I will say this though: If he is back by then and we are at full strength on the the D line, we will hands down be the best D in the league. GO HAWKS!!!

  5. This probably won’t be a very popular opinion, but I think that the NFL should consider allowing a “therapeutic exemption” for HGH or other banned substances when it comes to bringing a player back from injury. The treatments would need to be done by non-team doctors and the players would need to pass a screening to resume playing where they allowed their blood to be tested for a certain amount of time after the injury to ensure that the regimen was ended to keep the playing field balanced.

    Let’s face it, football is no longer about the game and athletic purity. The NFL is a business, and a huge one. Players are being held together with chewing gum and duct tape and sent out onto the field three weeks after a broken arm anyway. The owners and coaches want their stars back on the field because the coaches want to win and the owners want butts in the seats.

    Setting up a system to allow and monitor this would prevent players from doing it on their own and possibly doing it in dangerous ways. Today’s NFL is all about protecting the players from themselves between rule changes and manipulation of the bonus and incentive money, so this is a logical step.

  6. Seattle fans know how valuable Clemons is to this defense. If Bruce was here the 1st four games I would say no rush because Bennett/Avril will fill in just fine. I still think you’re going to see one of the best D-line’s in football especially if our rookie DT’s can step up and Red Bryant plays the way he did in 2011. Funny how fans talk HGH about our team yet RG3 who tore his on the same day is back by training camp and there is none of that talk on that forum. I think Skins had 4 or 5 PED suspensions the last 2 years.

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