Marvin Lewis expects Andre Smith next week at minicamp


Voluntary doesn’t always mean voluntary, but apparently mandatory does.

According to Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer, Bengals coach Marvin Lewis said he expects right tackle Andre Smith to be at next week’s minicamp.

Next week’s “mandatory” minicamp.

Smith hasn’t been to any of the team’s OTAs, after signing a three-year, $18 million deal the weekend of the draft.

But since he signed a contract, he’d have been subject to fines if he didn’t show up.

15 responses to “Marvin Lewis expects Andre Smith next week at minicamp

  1. And this is why teams were so leery of signing Smith to a big deal in the first place: he gets the money, then quits caring.

  2. And if he’s not there, you can find him at the Montgomery Inn-Boathouse, Skyline, Gold Star, Frisch’s, McDonalds or Five Guys locations!

  3. He may be a big boy, but as you call him fat or lazy, feel free to add in that he graded out to be one of the top RT’s in the NFL last year. What’s not noted is that Lewis knew Smith was not going to be at OTA’s due to a previous issue.

  4. arfffire13 says: Jun 6, 2013 4:19 PM

    And if he’s not there, you can find him at the Montgomery Inn-Boathouse, Skyline, Gold Star, Frisch’s, McDonalds or Five Guys locations!
    Don’t forget LaRosa’s–“I want an extra large pizza with everything on it.”
    “You mean all the toppings?”
    “No, I mean EVERYTHING. Everything in the kitchen.”

    I figure he’s been eating at Waffle House, probably the one in Covington. Not to eat the food, the House.

  5. First of all he’s a veteran (and a good one at that) not some rookie prospect attempting to make a roster…cut him some slack …it was reported well ahead of the opening of OTA’s that he would not be there and Marvin and company were fine with it…if he comes in out of shape …that’s a problem…if he under performs…that’s a problem …..if he misses anything that he is required to attend ….that’s a problem…look its the same offense that’s been in place for two years I doubt much has changed for him or the rest of the O-line …. when the pads go on and its time for the rubber to hit the track I fully expect him to be ready to go and further cement his billing as one of the top RT in the game …WHO DEY!

  6. Smith has NEVER attended an OTA since his drafting, except for those of which were mandatory! When he did, he was ALWAYS out if shape or dealing with his chronic foot issues (ironically, due to the fact that he was too heavy). In his 5 years in the NFL, this man, despite his ability when healthy, has not shown the discipline that the men that battle on the O-Line, to his left, do! When he “mans up” and dedicates himself to his profession, he’ll then earn my respect as a Bengal fan.

  7. In three years he’ll want another contract so If he wants a bigger one than the one he received this go around then he’ll be in shape and perform even better than last year. I wouldn’t be surprised if he starts getting LT reps he has the athleticism to do so and he wants LT money so I fully expect him to be a pro bowler over the next three years. Hate on haters. Oh yea Steeler fans checkout the YouTube video of the game that kicked you out of the playoffs last year.(in your house by the way). Man when the camera pans around the stands the look on all your fans stupid faces it looked like they were gonna cry. Priceless. WHO DEY!

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