Mike Goodson’s lawyer says driver claimed ownership of gun


Among the five charges Jets running back Mike Goodson faces as a result of his May arrest in New Jersey are three charges having to do with unlawful possession of a gun and ammunition.

Shortly after Goodson’s arrest, his lawyer Anthony Fusco said that the gun found in a car that Goodson was a passenger in when police found it stopped on an interstate belonged to the driver and not Goodson. According to Fusco, the driver agrees with that.

Mike Garafolo of USA Today reports that Fusco said Friday that reports he’s received as part of the discovery process ahead of any court proceedings indicate that Garant Evans claimed ownership of the firearm when he spoke to police immediately after the arrest. Evans’ attorney could not be reached for comment.

If the gun charges against Goodson are dropped, he might still face league discipline for two drug charges but it would likely lessen the chances that he’d be dropped by the Jets as a result of the arrest. He has been participating in the team’s voluntary workouts, although he missed Wednesday’s session, which was open to the media, with what was described as an illness.

UPDATE 2:39 p.m. ET: Garafolo has updated his report to include the New Jersey State Police report from the night in question, which states that Evans claimed ownership of the gun, but that he didn’t answer other questions about where he obtained it. The report also indicates that Goodson was charged on the gun counts because “the degree of alcohol and intoxication” of both men made it impossible to discern the truth.

21 responses to “Mike Goodson’s lawyer says driver claimed ownership of gun

  1. Lot of cynics here. Is it possible that the guy with the previous charge for possession of a firearm was once again in possession of a firearm.

    Pick better friends, yes, but not be charged criminally.

  2. I knew the cynics would come out and Say Goodson paid him off.

    Two things:

    A gun charges is NJ is a huge deal. Possibly years in prison. It would take A LOT of money for someone to take that charge. Goodson hasn’t even made a lot of money in the league.

    Goodson was the PASSENGER!! Was more conceivable. Goodson brought his gun into to someone else’s car and stuffed in the the compartment, or the gun simply belonged to the driver/owner?

  3. It probably was the driver’s gun. Either way, Goodson deserves a decently sized suspension. Guys get suspended for PED use for 4-6 games. This is more serious. I’d say give him mandatory 6 and possible 8 games off. Maybe next time he’ll think a lot better.

  4. wonder what that’s worth? I am thinking $40K. Any thoughts? Maybe $50K tops.

    only a drop in the bucket versus the money goodson loses for getting cut.

  5. The driver claimed ownership of the gun that night @ the scene from the state police report so Goodson, while passed out n puking on himself logically n thoughtfully sized up the situation n convinced the driver to take the gun charge before he was brought to the hospital for being almost in a coma. Seems probable.

  6. Ivory has yet to prove he can carry the load, i see him, Goodson, and Powell getting 150 carries each.

  7. Check the records of the gun and see who’s lying. Same with the MJD case. Check the video of who threw the punch at the bouncer.

  8. 1- Goodson did not own the car, Evans did.
    2- Gun was in Glove compartment, how many of us look in the glove compartment of a car we don’t own. Also it was locked, I believe.
    3- Evans was engaged to Goodson’s cousin, that is how the know each other. He is not a buddy of Goodson from off the street.
    4- Evans was charged with gun possession once before, Goodson has a clean criminal record.
    5- On the night of the arrest Evens claimed the gun was his, not Goodson’s.

    The gun was not Goodson’s so all criminal charges related to it are dropped against him.

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