Philip Rivers: My best days are still ahead of me


Chargers offensive coordinator Ken Whisenhunt recently said that he believes quarterback Philip Rivers can get past 47 turnovers in the last two seasons and become a Pro Bowl player again in the future.

It’s no great surprise to learn that Rivers agrees with Whisenhunt about his ability to bounce back from the struggles of the last two seasons since you don’t often hear 31-year-old starting quarterbacks set to make a handsome salary say that they simply can’t play the game of football anymore. Rivers went a little further than Whisenhunt, actually, saying that his past heights are just prologue for the next phase of his career.

“I think my best football is ahead of me, I really do,” Rivers said, via Lindsay Jones of USA Today. “That’s being optimistic, because we’ve had a lot of really good years. I am probably on the second half of my career, the back end, but I think I’ve got a lot of good football left. To me, the bad is always magnified [more] than the good, and there has been some bad. But there has been a heck of a lot of good.”

Rivers doesn’t need to play the best football of his career in order to get the Chargers offense moving back in the right direction as something between the last two seasons and his 2008-10 peak would represent plenty for Whisenhunt and coach Mike McCoy to work with. Both those men have been consistent in their belief that Rivers is capable of doing that kind of work, although it remains hard to miss the fact that the talent level around Rivers isn’t the same as it was in his most productive seasons. That’s left him to try to do too much, often under heavy pressure, and the results have been dismal.

The Chargers have taken some steps toward remedying that, but there’s still an awful lot on Rivers’ plate heading into the 2013 season. McCoy and Whisenhunt can scheme around a lot, but another year of Rivers against the world isn’t likely to wind up with a particularly different result.

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  1. I am a GIANTS fan, so I am not supposed to like Rivers, but the guy is a darn good QB.

    Take away the weapons from any top QB that he has had taken away, and let the quality of the o-line deteriorate, and most quality QBs will struggle.

    I think a change of coaching and leadership will benefit him greatly.

  2. Never do I try to troll but since GoChargersGo always finds a way to randomly talk crap and spew pointless hatred about my superbowl mvp qb on my teams page, I just wanna remind him that the ONLY thing Rivers could ever win is National Shot-Put competition. His form is gold medal worthy and his natural talents are being wasted. Sorry bolt fans but this clown made me do it 🙂

  3. 26 TDs and 15 ints last year with an UDFA lined up at LT and not meeting your number one WR until half way thru the season sounds like an accomplishment to me. The whispers of PR’s demise are greatly exaggerated. Now we’ve got some pass pro and two offensive minds to help this man. Haters can hate but ill roll the dice with 17 anyday!

  4. “My best days are still ahead of me”. Phyllis must be looking forward to retiring.

  5. I love how every thinks he is so bad, but a couple years ago he was a top 5 QB that trailed only Aaron Rodgers in most points per game and was a Fantasy must have. Now everyone thinks he garbage and can’t play. I would love to see some of the articles from a few years ago that PFT put out. I’m sure they were singing a different tune. Remember he had no Line to protect and AJ “lord of no rings” Smith refused to keep the core together. Remember if not for a bogus call vs NE and Nate the Great Kaeding missing 3 fgs vs jets. Chargers would have been in at Least 2 SB’s.

  6. I should hope so, he can’t play any worse. This whine bag is maybe the 5th best QB in the west. Manning and Alex Smith are clearly ahead of him, and Flynn and Prior may be better too.

  7. Rivers is one of the best QB’s in the league..
    they never gave this guy options at WR..

    it’s like the old days in philly..
    the best weapons on his squad are TE & RB.
    Alexander has a shot to make some noise though.

  8. Vincent Brown…Ladarius Green…Keenan Allen…Michael Hill.

    Names that you might not know now but soon will.

  9. Philip is very much maligned and misunderstood outside of San Diego. He is very positive and upbeat, a natural leader, and those “tantrums” are actually peptalks with a sneer. His form is weird, but it works – especially when you consider how quick his release is. And considering that his o-line was demolished by injurie and that knee problems make him about as mobile as Adrienne Alpert, I’d say he’s done remarkably well in the last two years. We love the heck out of him in Chargerland.

  10. Phillip Rivers is a good journeyman QB that will be remembered with respect like Danny Pastorini or Ken Stabler. But HOF, I don’t think so. He had awesome receivers and still never got anywhere in the playoffs, when they reached them at all. With Denver appearing to be a juggernaut at least for this year and KC on the rise, I think that those “best years” don’t include 2013 and probably not 2014.

  11. Trivia question: Who was the quarterback drafted between Eli Manning and Ben Roethlisberger in 2004? Stumped? Take your time, this is a tough one. No? Take a guess?

  12. I’ll tell you what’s ahead of him. the other three teams in the division. chargers are a dumpster fire that will never ever win a troohy

  13. Rivers is an elite QB, yes….’elite’, and much better than Eli. Put in the same situation with same players, coach and GM, Rivers would make baby Manning look like…….Baby Manning. AJ Smith and Norv Turner kept Rivers from being in Superbowls. AJ is just a bad GM, and Norv strives to achieve mediocrity.

  14. Love that the leaders of this ball club have these guys thinking positive and believing. Seems like a very different vibe than years past.

  15. There are many, many reasons to hate Philip Rivers – we all know what they are. Purely as a QB, and without bias, I’d say he still has some very good days ahead of him…maybe not in San Diego though. Certainly his days as a top 5 QB in the league are long gone however.

  16. “I think my best football is ahead of me, I really do,” Rivers said

    Delusional dirtbag says what?

    Choo choo!

  17. The last two years it wasn’t only the O line that let you down, you had a sandlot mentality and made some horrible decisions. Maybe this will be your year though.

  18. dcapettini says:
    Jun 7, 2013 11:08 AM
    Phillip Rivers is a good journeyman QB that will be remembered with respect like Danny Pastorini or Ken Stabler.
    Do you know what a journeyman is? a QB that has played for one team his entire career is the exact opposite…

  19. @rhamrhoddy…the fact your asking if anyone was hurt in fantasy by picking him in the last 2-3 years. Proves my point (2nd comment of article). That at one point before his line was dismantled and all his weapons left he was a fantasy value and top 5 QB.

  20. It’s puzzling how many negative, bitter, sarcastic comments are posted by trolls of other teams; because it is so far from any reasonable definition of sportmanship or even entertainment. So I’m asking them: what pleasure do you get out of essentially smearing yourself with your own feces? Do you think anyone cares anything what you think when it is apparent you don’t think? It seems an unbearably dreary and unsatisfying way to participate in sports.

  21. From 2006-2010 this guy was the best deep ball thrower in the league. The last two seasons he has lost some serious zip and distance on his deep ball. If that part of his game doesn’t return to form, he’ll never be an elite passer again.

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