Adam Jones says he engaged in a “quick reaction”

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Bengals cornerback Adam Jones had an eventful day.  After multiple years of staying out of trouble, trouble found Jones in the form of an assault charge against a woman outside a Cincinnati bar.

Jones joined ESPN 1530 by phone after being released from custody to tell his side of the story.

But Jones, based on the interview, apparently wanted to explain himself without being questioned.  He called the surveillance video “self-explanatory,” and Jones said he was struck with a bottle and was merely “defending” himself.

“I didn’t draw back and swing and hit her with my right hand,” Jones said.  “It was just a quick reaction.”

Once the questioning began from host Mo Egger, Jones became reluctant and careful.  Jones didn’t want to talk, for example, about what the woman said before she (based on the video) stuck something in his face.

“I’m not gonna get into each piece by piece,” Jones said.  “My point was coming on here just to let people know, like, I’m not out acting a fool.  I’m not out drinking, getting drunk.  All I was doing was protecting myself, man.  I wouldn’t like to harm no woman, period.  I have two beautiful little girls and a wife at home [and] my mother.  Most of my family are all women, I don’t even had a dad.  That’s not Adam.  That’s no part.  I’m not into that, and I don’t condone that.  So I don’t want you to try to tweak it and make it sound any other way.  All I was doing was protecting myself and trying to clear my space.”

Eventually, the call dropped after Egger asked if Jones suffered any cuts or marks from being struck — with the signal failing because of a bad cell or a dead battery or Jones hitting the “end” button.

Egger then opined that Jones’ actions based on the video don’t seem to be justified by the circumstances.  It’s hard to disagree, given that Jones merely needed to step back from a barrier outside the bar, which would have prevented the woman from continuing to do whatever she was doing.  There was no need to strike the woman; at most, Jones should have knocked her arm away while also stepping away.

Moving forward, Jones’ best move could be to say nothing more to anyone until the matter is resolved.  Apart from the pending criminal charges, his NFL career could soon be encountering another rough patch, given his history of off-field issues.

And while we truly believe Jones has turned his life around, the best way to avoid problems is to avoid situations in which problems could arise.  Hanging out at bars inevitably puts you in the presence of people who are drunk and who may be inclined to instigate an incident.  Players with an extensive history of charges and suspension aren’t likely to get the benefit of the doubt — especially when the video evidence isn’t as helpful as the player thinks it is.

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  1. I saw the video, and Jones is done in the NFL. A whole lot of talent flushed right down the drain.

  2. What video are you guys watching? The one I see clearly shows them talking, the woman initiating contact (aka the aggressor) by pouring and/or hitting Jones with beer, then Jones immediately responding by shoving/slapping her.

    He didn’t haul off and clock her (she’d still be asleep if he did). He didn’t throw multiple punches. He reacted to the aggressors actions in a split-second.

    Drop the charges, find the woman and charge her for assaulting Jones and instigating this.

  3. If the video shows her hitting him with a bottle then amazingly I would side with Jones, she got what she deserved and needs to be charge with AWDW, that’s if the video shows what he said.

  4. I posted on another thread, but why give him the benefit of the doubt, Ben Roethlisberger was found guilty in the media and court of public opinion and was handed 6 games reduced to 4 games suspension, but Adam had some one die in one of his “scrapes” and he has had only 7 games served suspension, but we are supposed to wait for due process on this

  5. This stupid ass never learns!!!

    You are playing a kids game making sick money & you behave like a jackass!

    You were given a second chance & you blew it!

    Now you should be working the drive-thru @ McDonalds saying “Do you want a shamrock shake to go with your fries sir?”

  6. Man, I was trying to give Jones the benefit of the doubt here. When I read the initial report that someone “threw a beer bottle” at his head, I was imagining him being cheapshotted/blindsided by a bottle flung from across the bar.

    The video looks pretty clear that they woman poured her beer on him and he reacted by hitting her.

    While the woman’s behavior was inappropriate and shouldn’t be excused, Jones was engaged in prolonged banter from outside the bar patio and had plenty to opportunities to diffuse the situation by walking away. All he needed to do was walk away and he didn’t. Or he could have avoided the bar scene altogether, as it has proved time and again to be a toxic environment for him to be in.

    Up until this point, I was happy to see his progress towards turning his life around. I hope the guy gets help, but I’ll continue to save my “benefit of the doubt” for someone who deserves it.

  7. What a bum. She pours him with a drink and he hits her in the face and is clearly the aggressor afterwards. Going forward for more. I don’t believe you coward!

  8. Sounds like she came out on top… She throws a beer bottle and only got a love tap in return. Although, Ocho got 30 days in jail for a love tap so who knows….. Either way, JoeQuebec in 5…4…3…2…1..

  9. What an idiot! I just watched the video. She didn’t throw the bottle at him. She kind of poked it in his face. All he had to do was just move along. He’s a professional football player with a history of crossing the line. The whole thing didn’t look like much from either party’s point of view, but he is only going to lose in this situation–as he should. He has too poor a track record.

  10. Why is the woman always the victim? This is BS…self defense should not cost a person his life! What about the woman? Isn’t she held accountable?

  11. Mo’s middle name must be Ron. All Pacman did was react, but Mo I guess can Monday morning QB the situation. I could take or leave Pacman, but that criticism is hokum.

  12. What an idiot. He could easily have walked away and let it be. It could have been a non-issue.

    He’s screwed once Goodell sees this video.

  13. Wow. I can’t believe how many cowardly men post on this sight. A man who hits a woman for any reason is a punk and a wimp. Clearly the woman only poured beer on Jones and did not ‘hit’ him with the bottle as he claims. I hope he never plays another NFL game.

  14. Is Jones not violating some sort of probation by being at a bar to begin with? It looks unfortunate and self defending.. But someone with his history shouldn’t be in bars at all.

  15. just seen the video..theres not a single reason he should get sued or put in jail. she deserved it she lookedl ike she hit him in the fce with the bottle and she got a little slap for it..consider her lucky had that been a guy he would of been punched and probably hurt..

    drop the charges

  16. Yes, because nothing screams “respect for women” like ” makin it rain” in strip clubs, ay Pacman?

  17. For all the “Men” saying i would a done the same thing and he wasn’t the aggressor, y’all are just as big as cowards as Pacman. This dude who is known for this, who puts hime self in this position over and over, swung on a chick and more than half are defending him? man I live in a messed up era. My dad taught me even if a woman hits me with a bat across the face, walk away. (if I could) I have always done that, never touched a female. If i was there i would jumped that railing and wrecked Pacman for touching a girl. The girl wasn’t right by no mean but it seemed Pac was bugging them.

  18. I just want to know what caused the girl to pour beer on Jones, but the Bengals being a rehabilitation center for players with questionable pasts is now over.

    First, Adam Jones and now Chad Johnson.

    If no one can be cured of alcoholism, but they’re “recovering” due to the fact he or she can go into a relapse that goes the same with those who have personal pasts.

  19. Oh I thought this article was going to be about that time he killed somebody, but apparently this is another quick reaction. Looks like he said something rude to the lady, she poured beer on him, so he punched her in the face. Hopefully this ends his career (which really should have been over after he murdered a guy). It’s a disgrace the NFL even allows him to play now.

  20. Watch the video. He’s outside a bar, arguing with someone inside it. She dumps beer on him. Instead of walking away he punches a girl, her friend throws a bottle at him. 1.why is he causing a scene to begin with yelling with a women. 2. Walk away even if its a guy walk away. 3. You don’t hit a woman, especially for just pouring a drink on you.

  21. nmrdr795 says:
    Jun 10, 2013 8:59 PM

    My dad taught me even if a woman hits me with a bat across the face, walk away. (if I could) I have always done that, never touched a female.

    Well, then, you (and I) are lucky to have a dad to teach you things. Jones didn’t have a dad.

  22. It’s as simple as this: YOU NEVER HIT A WOMAN. Guy’s a scumbag. Hope we never have to hear his name on t.v. again.

  23. am I the only one that read the headline, and immediately started to picture ace ventura saying “quick decision” before flipping the tranny cop into the water?

  24. What’s wrong with this scenario? He’s got a family at home (wife, 2 beautiful little girls) and he’s out hanging at a bar. Hey Pacman, that’s single/divorced guy stuff dude. Don’t you have a Man Cave at the manse where you can “hang out”? You straighten your life out WITH the family, not in spite of them.

  25. The bottle was not thrown at him, anyone can see that. Pacman over reacted for sure but I personally don’t know what I would have done if I were in his shoes. Probably not slap or punch but I might have pushed the girl, which would both probably have the same result, which leaves her on the ground and me with a assault charge. But giving his past its hard to give him the benefit of the doubt. There are very few cases where girls should be hit by a guy, but to say never is just a cliché and politically the right thing to say

  26. for all the “Women” who think its ok to hit a man and think it is ok……U have no right to tell a man he cant defend himself. I dnt care wat your Dad told you, U better not hit a man and if U dnt want any consequences. Not a Man, not a Woman, not a Dog has a right to attack me and I will defend myself as I see fit. Keep your hands to yourself.

  27. The people who are putting him in the wrong are those who have a white knight syndrome, want to appear to their peers as a moral crusader for all females and wouldn’t do a thing regardless of the situation as long as the person that’s being violent to them is a woman.

    Now back in the real world, the rest of us would of either reacted the same way OR almost reacted the same way but catch ourselves before contact. The only two options.

  28. The video seems to be gone, but the “Blossoming Beauties” were there…ooh la la…

  29. nmrdr795 | Jun 10, 2013, 5:59 PM PDT
    For all the “Men” saying i would a done the same thing and he wasn’t the aggressor, y’all are just as big as cowards as Pacman. This dude who is known for this, who puts hime self in this position over and over, swung on a chick and more than half are defending him? man I live in a messed up era. My dad taught me even if a woman hits me with a bat across the face, walk away. (if I could) I have always done that, never touched a female. If i was there i would jumped that railing and wrecked Pacman for touching a girl. The girl wasn’t right by no mean but it seemed Pac was bugging them.


  30. There is a huge difference between “self defense” and retaliation. He appeared to be the aggressor the entire time. Even if she did throw beer at him, there was a gate/fence barrier separating the two and he was in no way in any kind of danger. He’s a professional athlete and one of the fastest players in the NFL. Are you seriously going to real me he couldn’t have taken two steps back to “defend” his safety. He’s a punk ass coward and will get what he deserves. There were multiple witnesses who will testify to who said what and did what. The video will only back up those testimonies . Karma’s a b****. This jackass has been beating on women consistently for years and claiming his innocence. Hopefully, he’ll get his turn in prison. And for those scumbags out there defending this turd, you should hope someone doesn’t do this to your mother, sister, or wife. Unless, they deserve it of course.

  31. A lot of white knights on this thread. Listen up fellas, protecting the poor, weak, defenseless females on the internet won’t get you laid. Nice try though.

    A man should never hit a lady – agreed. When a woman acts like a punk she’s no longer a lady, she’s just a punk. Slamming a beer bottle into someone’s face is a punk move.

    All punks should be treated equal without regard to gender.

  32. I’m no huge fan of Adam Jones but in this case he was just protecting himself. If someone lunges at you with a bottle you could be scarred for life, not surprised he acted the way he did. Man or woman. If the woman didnt want to get hit then dont lunge at someone with a bottle near their face.

    Actually its great for Jones there was video footage, as if there wasnt and we read a story about Jones hitting this woman i’m sure many of us would jump to conclusions and start saying how bad Jones is/should be banned etc.

    In the past he might have acted like an idiot but in this case i would say hes 100% innocent.

  33. Anyone who watches the video and
    thinks his actions where justified needs
    To reevaluate themselves. R u kidding me?
    What kind of conversation do u think led
    To her wanting to pour her beer on him?
    And he blasts her in the face?! That isn’t
    ok for any man to do much less a pro
    athlete. I hope he spends some time in jail
    and gets kicked out of the NFL for good.

  34. he’s finished…the video clearly shows Jones is theborderline instigator. It looks like he was yelling at everyone outside at first.

    For a guy with no more second chances, he could have prevented this but chose not to

  35. “And while we truly believe Jones has turned his life around… ”

    I question your judgement. I could see saying , “we truly WANT to believe… “.

  36. When you act a fool as often as he did when he was younger, that will follow you forever. Perception often lags behind reality for those with fame and fortune, especially those as notorious for foolishness as this guy.
    Innocent or guilty, here comes the past to bite you in the Ars!
    Try to “make it rain” after paying for your sins, I bet it aint no more than a drizzle.

  37. In the video, he is either drunk or just plain stupid. An athlete with his past shouldn’t even put himself in that position at this point. He’s pissed most of his career away at this point, and his best years are behind him anyway.

  38. The most impressive part of the story is that Pacman is married. Married?? The kids part we all knew, he must be up to what now, seven…eight? Well, good luck pal. Thought you would have learned to stay clear of the hos by now. LOL

  39. More often than not, you shouldn’t hit a woman, but there are plenty of times it’s ok. You think women today are these feeble little creatures who can’t take care of themselves? Every gym commercial features a woman, every martial arts commercial features a woman and how many times have you seen some chick try to act all tough and start a fight with man. They wanted equal rights, they got them. Woman bashes me with a bottle, she’s getting hit. Screw you and your “you should never hit a woman” crap.

  40. I thought women wanted equality?? oh yeah i forgot, only until it doesnt benefit their agenda.

    just because you are female doesn’t give you the right to assault men without the fear of retribution

    LOL at being hit with a bat by a women and walking away- you’re the reason these females think they can get away with this crap

  41. My God, there are a lot of people defending Jones punching a woman.

    She didn’t hurl a bottle at his head. At worst that bottle tapped him on his chin. It looks like she tried to spill a drink on him. She’s obviously an idiot too…but that doesn’t excuse Jones’ behavior.

    And just to clarify, legally you can’t just go to town on someone and cry self-defense. The question is if he thought the level of force he used was necessary to defend himself from harm. I’m sure there’s a bunch of tough guys on here that will back him but it’s clear he lost his head because he was shown up.

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