New Bucs assistant says Freeman’s rep in league is good


As the Bucs prepare to go into the uncertainty of quarterback Josh Freeman’s contract year, they’re making sure to cover all their motivational bases.

After head coach Greg Schiano kept talking about creating competition from rookie Mike Glennon (and then trying to backtrack), new quarterbacks coach John McNulty is taking the good-cop approach in his first year with Freeman.

“Honestly, there’s not one person that said, ‘Good luck with him,'” McNulty said of his new job, via Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times. “Everybody has said, ‘I’ll take him. You don’t want him? I’ll take him.’ And that’s guys who have good quarterbacks and guys who are struggling.”

Of course, McNulty was in Arizona last year, so he knows about being on a team without sufficient quarterback play.

“I know this, there are a lot of guys who would take him today,” McNulty said of Freeman. “Everybody I talk to says he’s tremendously talented, a great person, footbally savvy, will do anything you ask him to do and just really needs to have a chance to have a consistent structure around him as far as his system, his coaches and people he can kind of rely on, the players he’s playing with, all that.

“If that can kind of line up, and really, that kind of goes for anybody. But he’s kind of caught a lot of the flak for that.”

Being in the second year with offensive coordinator Mike Sullivan should help, and working with a respected coach such as McNulty should as well.

If it works, all those teams who respect him so much might have a chance to get him.

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    In fairness to Freeman, he hasn’t had the coaching stability, the intact O-line, or the complimentary weapons of a Tom Brady or Aaron Rogers.

    However, this year he has all three and the onus is on him to be productive.


  2. Freeman has not been perfect but there is far more upside to him. Consistency with the offense is only going to help him break through. A healthy OL and much-improved running game doesn’t hurt either. I’ve never understood the fans that are quick to shove this guy out the door. He’s a little under 2,000 yds shy of having the most passing yds of the franchise @ 25 yrs old. Meanwhile, there are QBs like Sanchez that are starting in this league.

  3. The guy’s a good player. I realize that doesn’t hold water on PFT, where everyone’s either “awesome” or “sucks,” but Freeman’s a good player just the same.

  4. Freeman has the talent to be a playoff winner. This year will be very telling. Everyone in town is saying get rid of him if he can’t win this year, but think of the elite QB’s, how old most of them are, and how good of a situation we are in if he improves and we can sign him affordable long term. It would allow to build around him more and more. Like McNulty said, most people in the know would take him on their team. However, Vegas doesn’t look kindly on us this year, and with 8 pro bowl players on our roster, he must be the reason why……

  5. +1 on above comments.

    He’ll come thru this season.

    Then re-signed long term even not being drafted under Shiano’s watch.

    Freeman’s a rare talent at the most important position in the game.

    Like what Shiano’s doing down in Tampa.

    Toughness, high character…love it.

    Go Bucs!

  6. I’m sorry, when I read the name McNulty all I thought about for the rest of the story is The Wire’s McNulty.

    But, yes, Freeman is an up and comer, and if the Bucs get arrogant and think they can go with the rookie and still be fine, Freeman will be highly sought in next year’s free agent market. Bet on it.

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