Report: Colts, Ahmad Bradshaw in “heavy negotiations”

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Last week saw free agent running back Ahmad Bradshaw leave a visit with the Colts without signing a contract.

That doesn’t mean that a deal that makes Bradshaw a member of the team’s backfield is off the table. Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network reports that the Colts and Bradshaw remain in “heavy negotiations” on a contract.

There’s no word on what obstacles remain to striking a deal, but we’d imagine that money is near the top of the list. Given the lack of other suitors for Bradshaw’s services, there’s not much reason for the Colts to offer much more than the veteran’s minimum. Bradshaw would want more, but he’s not exactly overflowing with leverage thanks to his history of foot injuries and the aforementioned dearth of teams trying to sign him in June.

Should a deal get done, it would likely signal the end of the line in Indy for either Donald Brown or Delone Carter as Bradshaw and Vick Ballard would bump one of them down to fourth on a depth chart that probably has room for only three tailbacks.

13 responses to “Report: Colts, Ahmad Bradshaw in “heavy negotiations”

  1. The team that made the worst draft mistake in NFL history by passing on RG3 now wants to sign an injured, fumble prone castoff from a second rate team that serves as the Redskins punching bag. This won’t help the Colts do anything except have a good chance of getting the first pick in the draft again.

  2. I Changed my mind, they did get the best qb in last years draft. Sometimes i get blinded by my love for skins. I will admit Luck is better and will be elite for many years. But i know RG3 will be at best an average qb and out of league in 5 years.

  3. Despite the health issues, the guy was a tank for the giants, I think he still played a few games for them when he was in pain just walking, I’d take a shot on him especially if you pay him the minimum salary

  4. As long as they are only “heavy negotiations” and not the dreaded “serious negotiations”!

  5. Pay the man, Shirley! Just not too much. I don’t like when we overspend. He’s going to be a good asset in the backfield. As for logicalvoice, RGIII couldn’t hold Luck’s jock strap. He’d be lucky to get 5 years in.

  6. I’m thinking Grigson keeps Brown and Ballard if Indy signs Bradshaw. Nothing wrong with a little depth at that position.

  7. He will want more $$ than S. Greene and M. Goodson thats for sure anything less is un-acceptable. He is 4x the player that those guys are.

  8. we will dump carter before Brown, unless it saves alot of money, which im not sure it does right now

  9. and logicalvoices……………u need help, no way IRG3 is better than Luck, nice try tho

  10. Hey folks, as a Steeler fan who watches a lot of game tape — this would be an epic signing by Indy if they can pull it off. This guy runs HARD.

    Man, I was so wishing Pittsburgh would seal on this guy — he is so underrated. Even AFTER we drafted Le’Veon Bell – I wanted to snag Brad.

    Just ask Big Blue Nation — the fans of the G-Men know what I’m talking about. This would be a great find for the Colts – and a huuuuge help to Luck and company in keeping defenses honest in a pick-their-poison mode. Good luck Indy – seal the deal with this guy. You will love him.

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