Irsay offers “SERIOUS Coin” to Bradshaw on Twitter


Colts G.M. Ryan Grigson is the reigning NFL executive of the year.  He arguably should get that award for every year in which he is able to function in that job without ripping out every strand of his own hair, from every follicle on his body through which hair is growing.

As Grigson tries to negotiate a contract with free-agent running back Ahmad Bradshaw, Irsay has chimed in via Twitter, with a message to Bradshaw’s agent, Drew Rosenhaus:  “Hey Drew..I’m upside down,after this Hip Replacement Surgery,but the right hand can still scoop a pile of SERIOUS Coin,from Ft Knox-Let’s GO.”

For starters, we wish Irsay well in his recovery from hip-replacement surgery.  He has a big heart (as evidenced by his regular charitable donations), and he ultimately is good for the league.

But his Twitter habit remains the opposite of good for his team’s bargaining position.  With Grigson trying to do the best deal possible, the last thing he needs is Irsay basically handing Bradshaw a blank check.

Rosenhaus responded, with something a bit more restrained:  “@JimIrsay wishing you a speedy recovery. We would like to get a deal done with you as well. Hopefully happens soon.”

At last word, negotiations between Bradshaw and the Colts were continuing.  Bradshaw over the past 12 hours has picked up an extra chunk of leverage.

21 responses to “Irsay offers “SERIOUS Coin” to Bradshaw on Twitter

  1. I love that Irsay, a multimillionaire and one of the most powerful men in pro football, uses Twitter in basically the same way that college frat boy would.

  2. overreaction once again mr. florio. A twitter comment like that is not leverage. its a twitter comment. the negotiations that go on behind closed doors dont involve “but your owner said on twitter that he wants to give me serious coin!”

  3. Thats comical. Im just glad we have a running back made for greatness, even though he is only good because ur team thinks are QB hasthe rock.

  4. Bradshaw is one of my favorite players. As a Giants fan, to get all that NY got from him for a 7th round pick is one of the great draft steals in franchise history. Heart of a lion and a true leader on the field. But with his injury history, any owner willing to pay him “SERIOUS coin” needs something besides his hip replaced. Guess when you inherit all your money, being intelligent isn’t a requirement and no one around you dares to call you stupid to your face in the hope that they are the next in line to fleece you.

  5. Wow I wish I had somebody offering me a sweet deal like this. It’s all in CAPS too, that’s not messin’ around. Are you for realz Jim?

    Solid blow my top your stickin’! Get straight Rosey and hype that gold.

    Yea I speak Jive. Thanks to Google.

  6. Was that an olive branch that you just extended to Irsay after all of last year’s feuding?

  7. The media needs to get over Irsay’s twitter account. It’s just a corny thing he does and I doubt it effects Grigson one bit.

  8. If hes anything like robert irsay, colts gm guy will end up in a mental institution somewhere.

  9. What does serious mean? I would guess to every commenter here, it would equate to the NFL minimum. Thus not sure the tweet adds any leverage as the Colts can consider their current offer serious.

  10. Lighten up!

    Isn’t following the NFL supposed to be fun? What could be more fun than following the drunken tweets of an actual NFL owner?

    As far as leverage is concerned, that’s REALLY a joke.

    “Um….yeah, I realize my client has been turned down by basically 31 other teams and training camp is a month away, but your drunk owner just said he’s got lots of money, so we’re going to hold out for more”.

  11. Let me think I’m not working, a job is being offerred, humm why do i need an agent to figure out that i need to be employed. Bradshaw is a good player would like to see him stay healthy.

  12. I love Ahmad Bradshaw both as a player and as a human being and I wish him nothing but the best and hope he lands with a team and gets a good contract.

    That said I don’t see how he has much leverage. He is coming off some injuries and the way the league is changing RB’s have less emphasis and are more interchangeable. Unless the Colts offer is insultingly low I think he should probably sign. If he wants more try having them throw in some incentive pay if he reaches certain milestones.

  13. Irsay was mistaken and was offerin Bradshaw Bitcoins. Because Bradshaw has the heart of a warrior, but isn’t durable to handle the load for a full season. He’s great as a change of pace and when he doesn’t have to get 30 handoffs a game. His magic number is 12-20 carries a game.

  14. Anymore a team needs a 2 RB set. Vick Ballard’s, as a rookie, stats weren’t that far behind Bradshaws. This is an improvement for the Colts offense by taking some pressure off of Luck. With Bradshaw in the backfield, the defense will now have to focus on 2, and not just 1 threat. Welcomed addition to the Colt’s offense.

    (Yes, I’m a Jag’s fan, feel for me but I’m originally from Indy and my heart still beats for the Colts)

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