Jaguars keep bringing in former Pats, this time Kafka


The Jaguars continue to provide a good home for stray former Patriots.

According to a tweet from his agent, former Patriots quarterback Mike Kafka was claimed off waivers by the Jags.

That’s four players making that trek in the last month, along with defensive tackles Brandon Deaderick and Kyle Love, and wide receiver Jeremy Ebert.

It also has a two-fold impact on the Jaguars quarterback situation.

First, it adds a more experienced backup option behind the competition for the starting job being contested by Blaine Gabbert and Chad Henne. At the moment, undrafted rookies Matt Scott and Jordan Rodgers are the only other quarterbacks in camp.

But more importantly, it paves the way for You-Know-Who to come home when the Patriots cut him.

17 responses to “Jaguars keep bringing in former Pats, this time Kafka

  1. There aren’t enough faces and palms on the planet to account for this embarrassing Tebow coverage.

  2. “But more importantly, it paves the way for You-Know-Who to come home when the Patriots cut him.”

    Please tell me that was sarcasm.

  3. Maybe I’m dense but, how exactly does this pave the way when, you know, they could have signed him when the Jets released him in April?

  4. Jedd Fisch and Bob Babich are still working on their playbooks so it’s always helpful to have another ex Pat to fill in the gaps. None of their memories are perfect you know.

  5. The Cowboys, of all teams, were the only other team to put in a waiver claim for Kafka. Why would the Cowboys want him?

  6. I’m pulling for this guy simply because Colin Cowherd insults his name. The Herd has a problem with Eastern Europeans, a non-pc protected group.

  7. Just when I thought I could read the article fast enough to avoid a possible Tebow reference, you go and slip it in the end.

    It was like the entire article was made with that last sentence in mind.

  8. If a miracle happens and Mike Kafka becomes a star QB. Tim Tebow will have delivered the Jags franchise a savior without actually being The Savior.

    In reality, Kafka saves The Omaha Beef franchise in 2015.

  9. As a former season ticket holder, this franchise has moved from disappointing to absolutely amusing. They are so desperate to fail that a move is inevitable. I’m glad my money isn’t being wasted on this. Here’s to fishing NE Florida on Sundays.

  10. Little by little, fans of the Jaguars are realizing they’ve been duped by Khan.

    He’s made the Jags the Cleveland Indians of the NFL and soon, he’s going to deliver the knockout blow.

    The sooner you stop praising this guy the better, SMH.

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