Russell Wilson doesn’t acknowledge sophomore slump


There are things Russell Wilson might worry about going into his second season.

But a sophomore slump isn’t one of them.

I don’t even know those words,” Wilson said, via Eric Williams of the Tacoma News Tribune. “I don’t pay attention to it. I think the biggest thing is just focusing on tomorrow and focusing on the day — the rest of the day that I have and the next couple hours I have here.”

Wilson’s unexpected rise was one of the biggest reasons for Seattle’s success this year, but the sudden stardom doesn’t seem to have changed the third-round pick.

“He ain’t letting anything happen but going straight ahead,” coach Pete Carroll said. “He’s going to keep ballin’, working and preparing. And somebody might want to label it something, but he’s so much farther ahead than last year at this time. And he’s in greater command.”

A year ago, no one knew Wilson was going to be a starter, much less a star. And being game-planned against will make it more difficult for him.

A year ago, he was asked to do less than some of the other rookie quarterbacks who were expected to do more, but those training wheels won’t be around this year.

After acquiring wide receiver Percy Harvin, there’s more pressure on him to develop as a passer, and he’ll have to do that if the Seahawks are going to take another step.

45 responses to “Russell Wilson doesn’t acknowledge sophomore slump

  1. you left out part of his quote:

    ““I don’t pay attention to it. I think the biggest thing is just focusing on tomorrow and focusing on the day — the rest of the day that I have and the next couple hours I have here.” GO HAWKS”

  2. That’s ok. As long as he acknowledges getting served by the Lions last year. That’s all I care about.

  3. Russel Wilson played very well last season. Hopefully he’s able to play at the same level if not better. Good luck young man!!!

  4. You cannot “rah rah” yourself past real NFL difficulties which arise from opponents getting to know your game after competing against you for a year.

    He’s a very good player, but other teams have very good defensive players and also smart coaches.

  5. Love Wilson, hate PED Pete, the hawks and their exceptionally irritating fan base. Dude is a baller wish he was on a team I could pull for.

  6. Let’s go get that SB trophy Wilson! By far the better young QB in the game in my mind!

  7. I like his chances as a potential MVP candidate. Kid is super intelligent and a natural born leader.

    If anything, I would expect RG3 or perhaps even Luck to have sophmore slumps, based solely on the fact that their teams overachieved last year.

  8. He doesn’t acknowledge interceptions because he hardly throws them. Second of all teams prepared for him last year, and towards the end of the year they got smoked. He didn’t get served by the Lions the Seattle defense let the game slip by. All I have to say is 11-5 record for a a rookie QB, and not losing a single game by more than 6 points is one hell of an accomplishment.

  9. We need to get the wilson chant going this year for him from the band Phish song Wilson. Have the announcer play the cords and the crowd chants his name. Youtube phish wilson to see what i mean.

  10. @johnelwayishorsefaced i agree dude! Its hilarious! These seadderal fans sure love to talk about how “great” their team is but yet they don’t have anything to say about losing to the Lions! LMAO! Even that loud mouth richard sherman was speechless after that game! Hahahahaha sweet jesus i love when that idiot has nothing to say. Shut down corner my ass.

  11. Troll – your name says it all.

    The PED thing is a shame. Of the 5, 1 player was on the Seahawk squad for a couple preseason games and didn’t even make the team. 4 is high, but now we are tied with other teams…but that sort of reporting is nowhere to be found in the gossip loving press.

    In 2013 there will be no excuses for other teams, since Seattle players will be tested more than any other team. I guess we will see the result, but I say we will rock some teams this year well into the postseason. See you on the other side.

  12. Don’t really care how much you hate the Seahawks or Pete Carroll; if you’re anti-Russell Wilson, you’re cheating yourself out of embracing one of the special people in sports who prepares and plays the game and represents himself the way everyone always laments not seeing.

  13. “A year ago, no one knew Wilson was going to be a starter, much less a star.”

    Wrong! I knew he’d be a star. I am no fan of any particular team, but I happened to watch a NC State game, where he was balling his a$$ off. Looking at him play that game, I knew this dude was special. I followed his progress to Wisconsin and it only confirmed what I believed. I remember after the first round of the 2012 draft calling my boy, who is a huge Michigan fan, and saying that I can’t believe NFL teams got scared of his height. The fact that he played extremely well behind the largest O Line in college football made this all the more unbelievable. My boy who hates Wisconsin almost as much as he hates Ohio State totally agreed. So if I, a non-expert evaluator, saw this, how did all 32 NFL teams, with their expert fail to?

    At least Seattle came to their senses and kept a poker face through out the first two rounds. I wouldn’t have taken that risk. He will be the best out of this much herald 2012 QB class. Now don’t say 8 years from now that no one expected it

  14. If you can’t root for this kid find another sport. He is maybe the best example of what a young professional ball player should be like. No matter what team you support get your kids to pay attention to this man. Great role model.

    As Russell would (and does) say, go hawks!

  15. Yeah we lost some games that we shouldn’t have lost like the Lions and Dolphins, but he’s a far much better player than he was then. Also our defense lost those games just like the one against Atlanta. I was the biggest Anti-wilson fan at the start of the season, but the kid is amazing, and will be great for years to come.

  16. Lion fan, the Hawks were 4-4 their first 8 games and went 7-1 the back half including the first team in decades to put back to back 50 spots on the board which wouldve been 3 straight but Pete called off the dogs and stayed classy vs whiners and 42-13 whoopin. We’re a rising NFL team. You would disagree? We have done squat but havea team we love. Don’t be a hater

  17. Wilson is a beast. If he continues to work hard he will only get better as Seattle comes together throughout the Season. Wilson > Luck & RGIII

  18. pathsovglory:

    hard to slump with Marshawn Lynch and Percy Harvin and your team. barring catastrophe, he’ll be fine…


    pretty sure percy harvin’s played with Adrian Peterson the last few years. They haven’t had a winning record since ’09, nor have they made their QB great. In fact, the only time the Vikings looked good in the last 3 years was with Percy off the field. If anything, Percy makes his QB look worse because he commands the ball in open field situations that are designed short plays that don’t develop a QBs ability to read defenses and go through progressions. Seahawks fans will dislike this, but Marshawn Lynch and Percy Harvin cut into each other more than they realize. There’s only one ball on offense, and it should be going mostly through beast mode.

  19. I remember thinking that Colt McCoy was going to be for the Browns what Russell Wilson is for the Seahawks. It didn’t work out that way unfortunately because Wilson’s still and work ethic far supassed McCoy’s and he wasn’t coming off of a severe arm injury as McCoy was. He is very mature for his time in the league. I wish him nothing but the best…when they are not playing my Browns.

  20. more pressure on him to develop as a passer

    What? He tied the all time rookie record for touchdowns, he had a 100 passer rating, 102 in the post season.

    Do you even watch football?

  21. Anyone else think it’s weird that Pete Carroll uses the phrase “ballin’ ” ? I’m trying to hear his voice in my mind saying this and I can’t.

    Does Pete say “you go girl” and “what up” too?

  22. blacknole08 says:
    Jun 12, 2013 1:20 PM
    I like his chances as a potential MVP candidate. Kid is super intelligent and a natural born leader.

    If anything, I would expect RG3 or perhaps even Luck to have sophmore slumps, based solely on the fact that their teams overachieved last year.

    The Redskins WON THEIR division. They DIDN’T back into the playoffs with a CRITICAL gift W given to them on MNF in front of the WORLD by Lance Easley. Keep Hoping. The Skins WILL win their division again! The 9ers won the west last year, what makes you think with all the additions they had that you can compete with them this year? What about the DRASTICALLY improved Cards? My money has the 9ers coming out of the west. Wilson can play ball but he is NO RGIII ROY. RGIII will also be MVP in the future he was CLOSEST behind AD in voting this season. SOOooooo…… homer!

  23. It’s almost impossible to build up any kind of drama about Wilson. He is the single most focused and dedicated player I have ever seen. How many QB’s took their receiving corps out for several days of non-team practice and getting to know each other? How many QB’s leave notes on scouting reports in their receivers’ lockers before a game? How many QB’s study film every day that they can get in the building during the off-season? Thing is all of the opposing teams have got film on the Russell Wilson of LAST year. I kinda think we’re all going to see a NEW and improved Russell Wilson THIS year.

  24. stumpzzz says:
    Jun 12, 2013 1:49 PM
    Wilson is a beast. If he continues to work hard he will only get better as Seattle comes together throughout the Season. Wilson > Luck & RGIII

    THIS is why EVERY other teams fans say the Hawks have the WORST fan base in the NFL. yeah, since neither the stats or reality bear that out. CONCLUSION, Seahawks fan base is uninformed and delusional. I realize football has only been in Seattle since 1976 but at least learn the rules and nuances of the game! RGIII outplayed Wilson on EVERY LEVEL. Not even close. That’s why RGIII was selected as ROY as a STARTER for the Pro Bowl, was second to Arod in GB. Wilson DID go to the Pro Bowl and play…As the 3rd alternate replacing Matt Ryan. Drew Brees replaced RGIII. RGIII highest passer rating. Highest completion percentage. Most accurate, only 4 ints all season… THOSE are all statistic facts. Yet Seadderall fan claims Wilson> Luck &RGIII. Its laughable and ludicrous. I Do like Wilson, he has HEART and skills to go with it. But not greater than either Luck or RGIII. THAT’S why the entire NFL doesn’t like Seattles fan base. LEARN the GAME. Uninformed blind faith rants haven’t won you a Lombardi trophy yet. While BOTH teams that Wilson Is > than have! MULTIPLE LOMBARDI TROPHIES. Peace

  25. Blacknole08:

    Even if they wouldn’t have been “gifted” a game Wilson still won as many games as the Redskins so you are pointless in that statement. The Niners did win the west, and had the Rams beat them like they should have in that tie game it would be a different story. Redskins got lucky the rest of their division sucked last year. Redskins will not win the division, as the giants will gain the top slot AGAIN.

  26. seandconner says:Jun 12, 2013 1:04 PM

    No, Badger fans knew this guy would be not only a starter, but a star!


    If he’s so great, how come he lost the Rose Bowl?

  27. The the delusional redskins fan above..

    1st of all your team was lucky and won the division based on other teams slumping. The NFC east was a joke last year.

    2nd Just FYI Your team has MOOOOOOORE SUSPENSDED PLAYERS FOR PEDS than the Seahawks but since the media and fan bases are so desperate for success in Washington they don’t want to point that out. Again u have more Ped suspensions than the Hawks and a cpl of the Hawks suspensions are from improper medical paperwork sent to the league office and another player who tested positive Before joining the team who never even saw the field.. Misinformed you are.

    3. The seahawks were a half game behind the niners for the 2nd overall NFC seed moron and home field advantage. Without a gift game from GB the Seahawks are STILL the 5th seed, seeing how they beat both Chi, and Minnesota… Do your research..

    4. RG3 and luck came in to gift wrapped scenarios, having almost the exact same offense as college, the team built the offense around their college program and or had coaches join the nfl with them. Made it a seamless transition and even cost the skins a potential playoff game bc of stupidity.

    5. RG3 is electrifying athlete, but he doesn’t read defenses, he’s a one read and run offense. He take unnecessary shots bc he looks to always score instead of getting down. He comes off as entitled as a rookie instead of humble. He always says me me me. Until he changes he will risk injury by his own stubbornness.

    6. RG3 IS Popular and played in the east coast in the nation’s capital. The media pumped him up because he rejuvenated the franchise. They were starving for relevancy. If you think MVP vote isn’t a popularity contest you my friend are delusional. The reason he was in the voting is mere popularity not from production because his stats line is not MVP worthy. Good for a rookie but league MVP is retarded.

    7. The seahawks are the team returning 20 of 22 starters. 3rd in the entire league and are 4th youngest team in the league and are just entering prime not I’m it. the Niners lost their ONLY THREAT AT WR to injury added an aging possession wr which plays to the Hawks strengths. Niners Have an aging RB, and others coming off of injury and lost all pro caliber players like godson and studs like sapoga.

    The seahawks gained 2 of the top DE this offseason and the MVP leafing vote getter before injury in Harvin. The seahawks got better in the areas that the niners got worse. And the niners got weaker in the areas that Seattle got better.

    8. We can smoke legal homie but you need to lay off the pipe because your loosing it. I love the skins but hate misinformed fans that spew garbage.

  28. I’m a Ram’s fan and IMO I thought we handled Wilson pretty good in both matchups (3int’s and 8 sacks) With that being said he is extremely gifted and shows he wants to do whatever it takes to make himself better. I have a ton of respect for him

  29. The one thing those losses to crappy teams like the Lions, Falcons and Dolphins have in common is 10AM start times. Yeah, we will probably drop a couple of those games again this year, West coast teams always do, but unless we get eviscerated by injuries, the Seahawks are going to shred this league, and Wilson will be a legit MVP candidate.

  30. Robot Wilson has deleted the syntax string “” from his hard drive. 12th Man approves.

    In that spirit, let me point out that Colin Kaepernick is the NFC West QB who really needs to worry about going through a 2nd Year Starter Downtick/Regression, not Russ.

  31. I think that “continue to develop as a QB” would have been a better comment. I believe that Wilson proved that he can spin it years ago while at NC State. He seems well grounded, so I expect him to continue to develop as a franchise QB.

  32. Report comment
    theclaim says:
    Jun 13, 2013 7:08 AM
    @allidoiswin, You make my point FOR me so I’ll go point by point addressing what you list as “research” LMFAO
    Let me preface my comment by saying I haven’t nor will I throw Wilson under the bus, I like the kid. Class act on and off the field as well as a competitor. Now as for your “research”. You just stating or typing a post does not qualify as fact anywhere outside your small world,so

    1. My team was lucky based on other teams slumping. The NFC East was a joke last season.
    WRONG. The NFC East had 3 teams vying for playoff spots and the west had 2

    2. FYI yoour team has MOOOOOOORE PLAYERS SUSPENDED FOR PEDS THAN THE Seahawks but since the media and fan bases are desperate for success in Washington. Then you add the same crap one player this another that.

    WRONG. The Redskins have ONE player suspended for PEDS, Tanard Jackson. A guy who has NEVER played for the Skins. Trent Williams WEED Fred Davis WEED. Seriously? The Media is out to get the Seahawks and push for success in the Media Market DC? Name these PED players fact man! You can’t because there aren’t anymore. The numbers are what they are…6 Seahawks tested positive resulting in 5 suspensions. THAT’S a FACT

    3.The Seahawks were a half game behind the 9ers for the second seed moron and home field advantage W/O a gift game from Green Bay the Seahawks are STILL the 5th seed beating Chi and Min Do your research.

    WRONG. At NO POINT were the Seahawks IN the 2 nd seed slot w home field advantage MORON. With OR without the Green bay Gift you WERE the 5th seed PERIOD.

    4. RGIII and Luck came into gift wrapped scenarios having almost the same exact offense as college or the team built the offense around their college program or had coaches join the NFL with them.

    WRONG. Gift wrapped? The Colts went 1-15 under Curtis Painter. Luck had his TE join him if that’s the PROGRAM your talking about.What coach? Pagano? No! Shannahan?No! Are you talking about the read option? The same Offense YOUR team Tried to run after seeing it run successfully by mine?

    5. RGIII is an ELECTRIFYING athlete but he doesn’t read defense he’s a one read and run offense. He comes off as entitled instead of humble. He always says me me me. Until he changes he will risk injury by his stubbornness.

    WRONG about everything but the electrifying athlete.Always saying Me me me? Not humble? Are you serious? The guy REFUSES to take credit as a singularity and ALWAYS says it was the TEAM that won. EVERY NFL player risks injury EVERY time they take the field so that point was brilliant.

    6. The media blah blah again. MVP is a popularity contest. His stat lines arent MVP worthy,Good for a rookie but league MVP is retarded

    WRONG and AGAIN you make my points for me. Let me quote Adam Schefter “no one should put RGIII in Canton yet, it is fair to show how advanced he has been by comparing him to to signal callers in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Griffins 70.2 percent completion percentage is better than ALL 26.Quarterbacks in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. By ALOT” He goes on to say and I quote “of the HOF QBs Steve Young has the highest with 64.3% Joe Montana 63.2% Aikman 61.5% Kelley 60.1% Marino 59.4% and Elway 56.9%
    Griffin tops them all with ease, at the same point Russel Wilson is at 62.5%
    So there you go. His stat line isn’t worthy?! His QB rating was 104. Dude THESE are FACTS not some

    7. We’ll see! I stated my opinion that the 9ers were the team to beat in the west. I don’t see how you can argue that since they DID beat you out in the west last season. That said it WILL be the Hawks and 9ers vying for the top spot.

    8. I live in Washington state too HOMIE so I CAN smoke legal now but as far as spew garbage… You need to RECHECK your RESEARCH because your spewing hot stanky dumpster fire! You don’t even sprinkle the trash with partial fact. Just rhetoric!

    Sorry Len!


  33. My rebuttal coming soon. Lol

    U can’t use one season of easy reads to show stats lunes that compare him to all time greats. Hes simply not an passing qb yet. His pass plays are easy quick read and or run. He had WR’s running wild in the secondary bc of him extending plays. The other qbs in the league have to use timing, he uses none of that. And is why he his completing percentage and furthermore qbs rating is one of the best of all time bit is not accurate.

    Luck walked into a franchise that was a SB favorite less than 12 months before he got their. He had no help, from his team, he earned those wins but wasn’t elite by any means, he passes over 300 more times than RG3 or RW. Also Shanahan went to study RG3’s college play book and integrated most of if not all those plays with a few tweaks. He was not required to do anything but learn different terminology. Exact same concepts as college. He was given free reigns to do what he did their or atleast attempt to in the nfl. He was successful but very gimmicky in the approach.

    And your definitely wrong RG3 is not always selfish but is a me me me guy. Just because he’s likeable playful and funny doesn’t mean he isn’t (wrongfully selfish) refusing to come out when injured being so arrogant to think he’s the unquestionable leader when he can barely walk against a very physical team is SELFISH.. He is lucky to not hab been hurt much much worse In that game, he did tweak it himself and get hurt himself but between Sf and Sea there are NO OTHER teams S physical as them. He could have literally broke his back limping around on a crap field with some of the biggest hitters in football, wud v terrible but certainly could happen.

    Watch his post game conference, his recent interviews, he SEEKS OUT ATTENTION, it’s easy for him but he certainly seeks it out.

    The seahawks would have been the 5 th seed regardless of the GB game, no matter what, what would hae changed would have been the seeding of sf and GB. The seahawks did not get gift wrapped anything they would have made it regardless, my point is that they were a 1/2 game from a second seed which they were.

    RG3 is great and young and full of potential especially once he develops as an passer which he can and will do, using such an small sample size of numbers is good for stories, but can blow numbers out of proportion. For example check Wilson’s half year stats, they are amongst the best in the league and higher than griffin in nearly every category. But it’s a small sample so it’s not accurate. Get me.

    The seahawks are the most improved team in the offseason with experience and added talent to already one of the top 5 most talented teams. They would be clear SB favorites of not for having such a young qb. The Redskins are mediocre, with an electrifying player at the most important position. Having an good qb can do that, but this season he will be forces to vw ahead of the learning curve for understanding routes, coverages, blitzes and becoming more reliant on cerebral skills.

    Forcing him to do so should and probably will result in a major slump unless the Hawks allow him to run a gimmicky offense. Let me be clear, the read option I believe is no gimmicks, but the style of which the Redskins do it is, all the other teams just use it sparingly, ex sf about 6% and sea about 7%. Having film on something that is gimmicky gets solved, bit using it as an change of pace or to keep an defenses honest will always work.

    RG3 was better than Wilson last season by an very slim margin, and many might argue it was solely on the transition from college to pros and having the job handed to them.

    Lastly u mare good points my dude but you are gravely knew sided in going with gut feelings especially about him being selfish, kid is a nice guy. But he is solely responsible for that playoff loss and getting even more injured. He always talks about himself and the team instead of just the team. Just my observation.

    Smoke good homie.

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