Tom Brady: It’s been a fun couple of days

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Message discipline does not appear to be a problem with the Patriots.

Coach Bill Belichick has made it clear over the last two days that he doesn’t plan on spending a lot of time talking about the reasons for Tim Tebow’s signing or any ideas the Patriots may have about how to use him. Quarterback Tom Brady gave more of the same during his visit with the media on Wednesday which, as you likely guessed, included plenty of questions about Tebow.

Brady hit all of the high spots, saying that he wasn’t worried that Tebow’s presence would be a distraction to the team — “I don’t worry about much these days” — and that everything going on is “all in hopes of us winning games.” He booted aside a hypothetical about coming off the field for Tebow to run a package of plays and generally treated the arrival of Tebow as being no different than that of an undrafted guard.

“I don’t really make decisions and transactions, whether we cut players or sign players or trade players,” Brady said, via Mike Reiss of “My reaction is very much like everyone else on the team — just trying to focus on what I need to do and what I need to do to be a better player. Certainly any time a new teammate comes in, you welcome him and you try to do whatever you can to help them fit in and understand what we need to do. It’s been a fun couple days.”

Tebow might still be in the AFC East, but the surroundings are pretty different.

13 responses to “Tom Brady: It’s been a fun couple of days

  1. The guy with the near-perfect life says he “doesn’t worry about much these days.” No kidding.

  2. Tebow must feel like he went from the outhouse to the penthouse. Big difference in how Jets and Patriots conduct business.

  3. I’m really happy he’s getting the opportunity to work in a professional situation.

  4. Tom Tom, doesn’t “make decisions” whether they cut players, sign players, or trade players. He simply raises an eyebrow slightly, squints a bit, or allows the faint trace of a smile to play at the corner of his lips when the matters are brought up.

  5. It will be funny to see Tom go off on Tim for running the wrong route in one of those “package plays”.

  6. This Tebow thing is really going to make Belicheat a even bigger jerk to the media because the questions are not stopping for him, the players, the other coaches, the management……

  7. When Pilgrim Tim arrived in the new land, he was told to seek wisdom from a man called Old Tom. No one could quite remember what Old Tom was famous for. The young people were too young to remember what I had done, and the old people were too old to remember anything.

  8. Why does this 3rd string QB (that is if he even makes the team) get more hype than all the other bench warming QB’s put togeather?

  9. Why does this 3rd string QB (that is if he even makes the team) get more hype than all the other bench warming QB’s put togeather?

    LOL, I’m SURE that is how the other “bench warming Qbs” feel!!

    But the simple answer is because the rest of them did not/were not super-stars on the college level, win a Heisman Trophy, play on Two National Championship teams in college, win a bunch of nail biter NFL games with crazy last second antics plays, win an NFL playoff game, and.. wait for it….GULP… I know you HATE this… but…get huge media attention and fan following for his clean-cut/faith based image…

    That would be the very obvious and simple set of reasons this person gets more attention than other players that you consider to be of his same caliber of talent.

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