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Third suspect in Adams stabbing arrested in Florida


Earlier this week, there were reports that the third suspect in the stabbing of Steelers tackle Mike Adams was hiding out in Columbia County, Florida.

He’s not hiding out anymore. Jerrell Whitlock was arrested on Friday at a hotel in Alachua County, which borders Columbia County. Sgt. Ed Seifert of the Columbia County Sherrif’s Office said that Whitlock’s arrest came about because of the cooperation of the community.

“This capture was only possible because of tips called into Crime Stoppers of Columbia County,” Seifert said, via the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. “We cannot thank our community enough for their vigilance and willingness to get involved.”

Adams identified Whitlock as the man who stabbed him in the left side and stomach early on June 1 in Pittsburgh. Michael Paranay, who is accused of punching Adams in the face, and Dquay Means, who is accused of holding a gun on the Steeler, were previously arrested. Whitlock faces charges of attempted homicide, aggravated assault, attempted carjacking and conspiracy for his alleged involvement in the attack on Adams.

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17 Responses to “Third suspect in Adams stabbing arrested in Florida”
  1. tjacks7 says: Jun 14, 2013 2:41 PM

    If you’re gonna stab someone run from the police.. You gotta get a passport and go hide somewhere that won’t ship you back to the US. You don’t go hide in Florida, you big dummy. Hope he spends a long time in prison.

  2. pooflingingmonkey says: Jun 14, 2013 2:45 PM

    I think a fitting punishment would be to allow Adams five minutes, alone, with each of the three accused. Let’s see how big and bad they are without weapons.

  3. crownofthehelmet says: Jun 14, 2013 2:57 PM

    They better hope they don’t end up in the PN pen. There are some bad dudes that are crazy Steeler fans.

    Hell, I feel like punching these dudes in the mouth, but wouldn’t, for fear of going to jail.

  4. stlunatik says: Jun 14, 2013 3:12 PM

    his punishment should be tackling dummy at Steelers practice but then what would the Bengals do all summer.

  5. nfloracle says: Jun 14, 2013 3:29 PM

    Have they questioned Ray Lewis yet?

  6. 6sbtitles2sweet says: Jun 14, 2013 3:38 PM

    im happy that were talking about everything other than adams funeral!!!

  7. jwil007 says: Jun 14, 2013 3:48 PM

    We dont want any excuses from fans when we smack the Steelers on Monday Night 2nd week of the season…excuses such as… “well Adams isnt 100% so Geno was able to get to the QB ALL DAY” Take the loss like a man NO EXCUSES!

  8. scoobies05 says: Jun 14, 2013 3:56 PM

    why would they question ray lewis. he has never stabbed anyone. thats like saying have they questioned ben roethlisberger anytime someone gets raped. its just plainj idiocy. best wishes to mike adams on his recovery

  9. 49erstim says: Jun 14, 2013 3:57 PM

    Send a message…….death penalty!

  10. nickster31 says: Jun 14, 2013 4:00 PM

    In a related story, the Bengals just offered all three of them contracts.

  11. rcali says: Jun 14, 2013 4:05 PM

    I new Ray Ray was going to have too much time after he retired. Does anybody think Lewis does that funky dance after he stabs somebody?

  12. cheffyglenn says: Jun 14, 2013 4:20 PM

    @jwill007: why do you have to troll the Steeler site? Envious as hell of our team and whole organization I see.

  13. b3nz0z says: Jun 14, 2013 4:22 PM

    hope those dudes never get out

  14. jobotjones says: Jun 14, 2013 8:01 PM

    Glad to see suspects in one of these cases finally being brought to justice.

    Hopefully this sends a message to the other low-life’s out there not to try and take what they didn’t earn.

    Go Steelers!!

  15. hailvictory10 says: Jun 14, 2013 11:56 PM

    Where was Ray Lewis???

  16. scoobies05 says: Jun 15, 2013 11:21 AM

    ummm….ray lewis has never stabbed anyone so why do you care where he was

  17. rockinrodie says: Jun 17, 2013 4:18 PM

    B3NZOZ, they will all be out in 10 years or less. At that point, all of them completely unemployable, they can resume their lives of crime. Isn’t it great sharing oxygen with parasites like this? Nice work law enforcement in apprehending this idiots.

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