Tony Gonzalez excused from next week’s minicamp

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The Falcons were willing to slow-play the recruitment of veteran tight end Tony Gonzalez, careful to give him time to make a decision to come back for another year.

Likewise, they’re going to give him even more time off.

According to the team’s official website, Falcons coach Mike Smith has excused Gonzalez from next week’s mandatory minicamp.

Easing up on him in June is probably the smart thing. Frankly, there’s probably not much the 37-year-old tight end is going to learn while running around in shorts that he doesn’t already know.

And giving him the time will also give more reps to some young players, the ones they’ll need when he doesn’t come back at some point.

13 responses to “Tony Gonzalez excused from next week’s minicamp

  1. Can’t you just excuse him from all minicamps, OTA’s, training camps, etc. at this point in his career?

  2. Never understood why this didn’t happen for more older players. Guys that have been around that long keep themselves in shape anyway because they love the game. Let them conserve themselves for the actual season.

  3. @abninf –

    That is absurdity at its finest. He’s showing an example of preserving his body for when things matter. He has a great rapport with Matt Ryan already, knows the offense inside and out, and is arguably the best pass-catching tight end in history. I don’t think he really has much to prove…

  4. @

    abninf says:
    Jun 14, 2013 3:26 PM
    What Tony is saying is that he is not a leader on his team. Leaders lead by example.
    Really, man? The best tight end of all time is going to loose credibility for skipping mini camp?

    Get real, scamp.

  5. Wonder if Matty Ice will ask to be let off while he waits for his new deal? What about Roddy? Oh, just the old dude can stay home. Who does Tony think he is, Brett Favre?

  6. To all the NEGATIVE comments: Get a life and grow up. You sound like a little teenage kid!! Tony G has earned this besides it gives the other guys more reps that need it!!

  7. WhoDat sat at home for the playoffs. Go back to the aunts board and talk about avoiding that two years in arow

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