It’s Mt. Rushmore, Jaguars style

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The Mt. Rushmore process has made it to one of the more recent cities to join the NFL.

But despite recent struggles, the Jaguars had plenty of great seasons in their early years.  Which means that plenty of the folks responsible for those teams will be serious candidates for honor.

The final 12 appear below.  Select up to four.

We’ll pull the tarp off the mountain (couldn’t resist) on Monday’s edition of Pro Football Talk on NBCSN.

47 responses to “It’s Mt. Rushmore, Jaguars style

  1. Brunell, McCardell, Jimmy Smith, and I was torn between Fred Taylor and Boselli but I voted Boselli.

    Smith may be in jail now but he quietly put up a hall of fame career.
    McCardell was the player that for a while when I thought of the Jaguars, he was the player that I though of.

  2. Boselli
    Jimmy Smith

    This one was pretty easy for me. They had some red hot offenses back in their early days!

  3. Tony Boselli’s career was cut way short by injury, because of that, I don’t think he’s worthy of a spot over these 4: Brunell, Fred Taylor, Jimmy, Coughlin. Seems obvious to me.

  4. Brunell-Boselli-Smith-COUGHLIN! TC built the Jags himself back in 95, Still hate he got canned. a DYING NFL Coaching breed.Hall of famer! All 4 in my book.

  5. I admit that I tried to be cuny and posted 4 of the worst players in franchise history on alot of these things, so ill do it for my own team:

    Gabbert, Mike Mularkey, Derrick Harvey, and a tarp.

  6. Boselli
    Fred Taylor
    Rashean Mathis

    Got to sneak a defensive player in there in place of smith, because this is usually a gritty team.

  7. @danieldubay although you didn’t say it very eloquently, I know what you mean about associating Mccardell with Jacksonville. However, he wasn’t even the best WR on the team. This is the first one I voted on because I was eight when this franchise was incepted and have witnessed the devolution of this organization. Easy choice here – Bru, Boselli, Smith, Taylor

  8. Brunell, Taylor, boselli, smith…then after that probably that stupid mascot and that owner who looks like Super Mario from the live action TV show.

    The moral of the story is…BOOOOOOOOOOO!

  9. Mark Brunell, Shad Khan, Tony Boselli and Jaxson De Ville.

    And on the Mount Rushmore bust Shad Khan has to be portrayed as ‘Cigar Guy’ from that meme.

  10. Boselli, Taylor, and Jimmy Smith should be locks, then it’s between Brunell and former owner Wayne Weaver, IMO.

  11. Boselli
    I was torn between Brunell and MJD, and I had to go with MJD.

  12. Tony Boselli – Consensus HOF if not for such a short career

    Fred Taylor – World-class running inside and in the open field.

    Jimmy Smith – Rare combination of size/strength/speed. In his prime, he was simply unstoppable.

    Tom Coughlin – No way the Jaguars have that late-90s run without him. Produced an amazing offense with less-than-stellar parts. Kept the Jaguars in competition for a few years longer than they should have been through amazing coaching and scheming.

    Brunell was above-average but benefitted from the system. Henderson was only really good one year, Stroud only a few. Same for most of the others. And let’s not forget that Weaver is the one who fired the coach who went on to win two Super Bowls with another team.

  13. Boselli, Taylor, Smith are what i think of when looking at teams past.
    The final piece is harder:
    Coughlin was great, but really i think of New York now.
    Brunell was good but not great imho.
    When you think of Jags now who do you think of? MJD! He’s been the face of the franchise since he got drafted and has been a great player.

  14. brunell, jimmy smith, fred taylor, MJD. Not alot of jags stayed very long because their performance started to drop off. We dont keep players just because of what they did in previous years. We focus on the future.

  15. “The tarps”, “Move to LA”, seriously folks, don’t let the facts cloud your perceptions.

    Jags were 20th in NFL attendance and haven’t had a blackout in years. They drew more than the apparently soon to be London Steelers or the London Raiders or, gasp, the London Buccaneers.

    Also, don’t forget former First Round pick WR Reggie Williams who celebrated after 3 yard gains by dancing, often with his helmet off.

  16. Fred Taylor should be a UNANIMOUS decision for this Mt. Rushmore. One of the most under-appreciated RB’s in NFL history. 6 seasons with over 1200 yards; Bettis had 4, Curtis Martin had 6, LT had 7, Dickerson had 7, Dorsett had 4, Faulk had 5, Edge had 6, Marcus Allen had 1, Thurman Thomas had 5.

    Fred Taylor needs to be a HOF’er.

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