Bon Jovi concert debacle latest embarrassment for the Browns

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As the Browns try to reverse a decade filled mainly with bad performances, they need to get out of their own way.

It’s apparently harder than it looks.

Sure, the federal Pilot Flying J investigation has no direct impact on the football team.  For now.  If, however, owner Jimmy Haslam gets indicted for customer rebate fraud occurring at the billion-dollar truck-stop company founded by his father, turmoil will quickly return to what had appeared to be a settled ownership situation.

The cancellation of the Bon Jovi concert at FirstEnergy Stadium a/k/a the Factory of Sadness likewise has no direct impact on the football team.  But for the fact that the football team teased and hyped and promoted the thing as the unofficial kickoff to the 2013 season.

It’s still not entirely clear why the Browns punted on the July 14 event.  As explained by the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the team referred questions on the reasons for the plug-pulling to Bon Jovi’s publicist, Ken Sunshine.  (God, I hope his middle name starts with a C.)

That seems like a fancy way of saying, “It’s not our fault.” Still, at a certain level, it is.

If, as it appears based on recent media reports, the ongoing feud between Jon Bon Jovi and guitarist Richie Sambora contributed to the cancellation, the Browns should have realized that the problems could prevent the band from honoring its commitment to play — and in turn hired someone else.

Like KISS.

And, yes, this whole blurb was written because I wanted to once again pitch KISS for an NFL gig.

Hey, Browns.  It’s not too late to pick up the phone and call Dr. Love.

49 responses to “Bon Jovi concert debacle latest embarrassment for the Browns

  1. I’m down with KISS. Let’s do that. Nothing like seeing grandpa put on clown makeup & tights, & rockin’ it out to the 3 songs we all know and sometimes love.

  2. The constant pitches for KISS is giving this publication true credibility. The excellent finishing touch with the ‘Dr Love’ reference deserves applause.

  3. Banner does it again. Another Philly reject gets rejected. C’mon guys, it’s not the 80s anymore.

  4. So the highlight of the Browns 2013 season gets cancelled a month before its set to happen?
    That’s harsh.

    Wonder how good the Browns are going to be if they can’t even figure out how to get 5 guys in a rock band to show up and play for 2 hours…..

  5. How this reflects negatively upon the Browns is beyond me. Stop reaching to take shots at the team, Florio. I’m sure they’ll provide ample fodder come September.

  6. Thank god. Bon jovi blows. Maybe they should try getting some regional bands in there. Like black keys, kid cudi, or how bout devo. Likely black keys are only one that would draw a crowd.

  7. The only way they can make this right is to bring in Metallica as an upgrade. Unfortunately, it will more than likely be the Baha Men entertaining the crowd with “who let the dogs out”.

  8. black keys wouldn’t play at ‘the factory of sadness’
    they’re on a roll…no need for jinx

  9. Seriously the Brown’s brand could be so ferociously cool and a stadium nicknamed “The Factory of Sadness,” if that is true, never heard it before, but you take the Ravens and the Steelers and mash their team identity together, that could be The Browns. Wait isn’t it the Dog Pound though?

  10. The Bon Jovi concert was almost certainly cancelled because they can’t draw enough to fill that stadium to a point where the Browns would break even.

    But trolls gonna troll, and Florio gonna Florio…

  11. I feel sorry for Browns fans. First the name… dumb and then the uniforms even dumber. I believe in tradition but those two need to be forgotten.

  12. Bring in Nine Inch Nails. Trent Reznor went to high school in Cleveland. Problem solved.

  13. Mike, I sure hope for your clients sake, you are a better lawyer than comedian. And KISS. I remember thinking I was cool listening to them in the 70’s. Guess what Mike, I wasn’t and they aren’t!

  14. Ok, I like me some Kiss, but have you heard Stanley lately. Dear lord, his voice is SHOT shot. So, no thanks.

  15. People in Cleveland still rock the mullets. No wonder they want an old 80s band like Bon Jovi. The problem is the people making the decisions likely grew up in the 80s, so that’s “their” music.

  16. What’s worse Cleveland or Detroit?

    Well at least Cleveland did have LeBron at one time.

  17. “…Bon Jovi’s publicist, Ken Sunshine. (God, I hope his middle name starts with a C.)” That actually made me LOL. And I dont write LOL unless its true.

  18. Rock on Factory of Sadness !!!!!!!

    Since the Browns have been masquerading as an NFL franchise since 1999 (or before) there can be only one choice for a season opening concert.

    Wait for it…wait for it… Milli Vanilli !!!!!!!

  19. I’m not sure how this is an embarrassment for the Browns. You’re an embarrassment Florio for liking KISS. They have one “good” song which consist of one line repeated over and over and over again. Get Mumford and Sons or Pearl Jam and call it a day.

  20. You warnt To really stop all the negative bs with the browns its easy just start winning games and the labels will start To ease off.pretty simple eh?

  21. How about The Rolling Stones while they’re on their final tour they’d rock & fill the Stadium.

  22. I didn’t really get the Bon Jovi Cleveland Browns tie to begin with. Seems like they should fire their marketing department as well. I though, well…maybe since Jon Bon Jovi owns an arena league team…maybe that’s why the Browns would hire them. They’re not from Ohio…they’re from New Jersey…seems like the Jets should be hiring them for their kickoff…not the Brown. They should hire Marilyn Manson…at least he’s from Ohio. I’d rather see Machine Gun Kelly than Bon Jovi anyday!

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