Cliff Harris found guilty of harassment


At one point, former NFL receiver Titus Young and former NFL cornerback Cliff Harris appeared to be in a contest to see who could get arrested more times.  Young won.

But Harris has taken the lead when it comes to getting the legal issues resolved.


According to, Harris was found guilty of harassment on Friday, in connection with an incident outside a Buffalo Wild Wings with his girlfriend.  Judge Jim L. Fun sentenced Harris to 18 months bench probation, 100 hours community service, alcohol treatment, and anger-management treatment.

Harris also had been arrested for marijuana possession and for failing to appear for a court appearance in connection with the harassment charge because Harris had been pulled over for speeding on the way to court.

“I still showed up,” Harris said.  “And they locked me up.  The officer already explained I was going to be late.  He gave them a time frame.  How was I going to make it when I have no way and no means to get there?”

Harris also said he believes he’s singled out “because I play sports.”  But that shouldn’t be an issue.  Currently, Harris doesn’t play in the NFL — and chances are he never again will.

13 responses to “Cliff Harris found guilty of harassment

  1. Can I have that paycheck, I can’t run fast but I would never embarrass my team. I certainly would appreciate what I have.

  2. The best writers in Hollywood couldn’t make this stuff up. “Pulled over for speeding on the way to court”. Hilarious! Maybe if he wasn’t late to begin with he wouldn’t have had to be speeding. Also, the “because I play sports” line is quite telling. What he is really saying is that “because he plays sports” is exactly why he should be able to do whatever he wants, and not have to obey any laws.

  3. Maybe if he would have taken it more seriously he would have left early and not cut it so close that he felt the need to speed. Another annoying player in which it’s everyone elses fault.

  4. The “im targeted because i play sports” thing really shows you how some of these guys think… this dude honestly believes that if he was an insurance salesman and he best up his chick, nothing would happen.

  5. Cliff Harris was such a mess that even though he played very well in training camp for the Eagles last year, the Team cut him first and two days before they needed.

  6. There’s going to be an open roster spot in New England. Sounds like he’s BB’s kind of guy.

  7. Cliff Harris hasn’t been the same since Jack Lambert flung him to the ground during Super Bowl X. Cut the guy some slack…

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