Lloyd’s family satisfied with pace of murder investigation


One week ago tonight, 27-year-old Odin Lloyd was murdered.  His body was found a day later in a North Attleboro industrial park.

Since then, police have moved quickly and aggressively to investigate, conducting multiple searches and reportedly having in their back pockets a warrant for the arrest of Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez on charges of obstructing justice.

The uncle of Odin Lloyd is satisfied, so far, with the pace of the probe.

“We think the investigation is moving quickly enough, especially being that he’s from Dorchester,” Odin’s uncle Ed tells FOX 25.  (Lloyd’s uncle has not disclosed his last name.)

“Still a dream for me,” Lloyd’s uncle said regarding his nephew’s death.  “It’s unreal.”

Every murder investigation merits an efficient and zealous effort, but the truth is that some get more than others.  Lloyd’s case, given the involvement of Hernandez, seems to be getting extra attention from police.

Or maybe it’s just getting extra attention from the media.  Or maybe it’s getting extra attention from the police because the media is paying extra attention.

And I just gave myself a headache.  Again.

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  1. Anyone else think it’s weird that the uncle said it was a dream? Usually that word has a positive connotation. You’d think he would have said “nightmare.”
    Nice veiled shot he took at the police too with the “especially being that he’s from Dorchester” comment. Not sure that will win him any points with the police.
    When the potential accused has high powered attorneys especially, it’s always best for police to do everything by the book so they don’t get caught up in their investigation being derailed by dumb technicalities.

  2. I’ve worked on high profile and low profile homicide cases. Too many hands in the cookie jar and clueless high ranking supervisors on the high profile ones. The trial can get ugly and embarrassing too.

    A good detective puts his heart and soul into the common person who deserves justice as does society regardless of the case’s profile…

  3. Hernandez being involved has nothing to do with the pace of the investigation. All homicides are investigated vigorously until the leads run out or some one is arrested and charged. Most chiefs of police and D.A.’s don’t want unsolved homicides hanging over their heads especially in areas where homicides are little to non existent.

  4. Hate to tell Hernandez fans, but the pace of the investigation and the Police showing up here and there and taking evidence away and Hernandez being Lahdeedah about it all and being on his cell phone, well, it all reminds me of Scott Peterson and we all know how that one turned out….

  5. Florio: you work too hard broski! It’s Sunday and its the off season – go grab your fishing gear and hit the lake! The season will b hear soon enough and you will be nailed to your computer like Hugh Jackman in Swordfish

  6. Police are crying wolf a little too much by constantly bringing up the obstruction warrant. They have not pulled the trigger because it is going to be very difficult to prove what evidence Hernandez destroyed on the phone and security system. Knowing that he is a scumbag and guilty is one thing but proving it beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law is a whole other ball game Just the tapes and damaged cell phone wont cut it. The police need some other things to fall their way before they can make a move.

  7. “Its a dream” and he didn’t give his last name. I said and did the exact same thing when I won the jackpot are the casino a while back.. Just saying.

  8. If the family does not stay on top of this, the case will end up like all the others where a person of influence, fame, or fortune gets off scott free. This obstruction of justice charge bothers me. The police is giving the impression they have nothing on these guys. I hope the family has lawyered up for a civil suit. And good luck to Aaron in Florida.

  9. Isn’t this the family who has been complaining that the police aren’t telling them a thing?

    Now they’re happy with the police?????

  10. Am I the only one that thinks it’s weird the police went back a second time? When I first heard that they went back a second time I thought “Wow, they really screwed this one up”… Because you would think they first time in they would do as thorough a investigation as possible regardless of how Aaron felt about them being in his home.. The idea of a search warrant is to show up unexpectedly so that the criminal has no time to hide or get rid of any evidence that is left… By knowingly leaving un-turned stones, the investigators potentially gave the criminal time to get rid evidence they missed in the areas they knew they didn’t search but should have.. It’s like they knocked on Aaron’s door and said “Oops sorry dude, you gotta lets us in, because we forgot to look in your closet and under your mattress”…

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