Browns hire former Raiders P.R. director Zak Gilbert

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Zak Gilbert was in the right place at the right time.

Fired by the Raiders as P.R. director after owner Mark Davis reportedly was miffed at the manner in which he and his late father, Al Davis, were portrayed in a Sports Illustrated article, Gilbert has landed in Cleveland as the team’s new V.P. of communications.

The Browns opted to part ways with former P.R. director Neal Gulkis before Gilbert became available.

“We are thrilled to add someone with Zak’s skills and background to lead our communications department,” Browns CEO Joe Banner said in a statement issued by the team. “He brings nearly 20 years of expertise on both the collegiate and professional level. We are happy to welcome him to the Browns organization.”

The Browns need him. With a federal investigation creeping up the ladder at Pilot Flying J, the truck-stop company run by Browns owner Jimmy Haslam, the Browns will need Gilbert to give the media some good stuff on which to focus as the team tries to achieve the kind of true stability it hasn’t had since returning to the league in 1999.

22 responses to “Browns hire former Raiders P.R. director Zak Gilbert

  1. Mark Davis firing Gilbert for a story he didn’t like in Sports Illustrated reminded me of George W. Bush invading Iraq in retaliation for an attack planned by terrorists hiding out in Afghanistan.

  2. After being responsible for the public images of Undead Al and his son Mark, The Bellringer of Notre Dame, Zak figures any future work will be a walk in the park. Barefoot in plush clover. In the spring after a slight rain.

  3. There is only one individual that can change the perception of “The Mistake by The Lake” know as the “Factory of Sadness” that has pushed Bernie Madoff into the distant memories of hard workers getting taken by “The Man”.

    You are all now about to witness the strength of PR Director Zak Gilbert.

  4. beelicker says:
    Jun 24, 2013 8:58 PM
    … & now for his next trick – a commitment to excrement!>>>

    Actually, there aren’t many PR jobs where Cleveland would be an upgrade but, Oakland is one of them haha.

  5. After reading that weird Browns draft article by Chuck Klosterman on Grantland, I’d wager Cleveland is a little conflicted about their media strategy as well.

  6. LOL what is going to do, tell Cleveland yes even though the owner has been indited and faces 50 years he is innocent until proven guilty, so Please support your criminal owner, he stole to buy your Team so support him, because if he loses, The FBI and IRS will confiscate the Browns and sell them to the highest bidder, then you might get stuck with a bad honest owner, instead of a great owner, who went the distance for you Cleveland!

  7. … or that the guy is actually a Vikings fan confused where he should put the purple helmet?

  8. Sounds about right for the Browns.

    Gilbert was terminated by the Raiders for the portrayal of an NFL icon in a Sports Illustrated article.

    Imagine what he could do for a former minority owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers who is now just a few steps away from a possible Federal indictment.

    This appears to be yet another chapter in the ongoing saga of the Factory of Sadness.

  9. After seeing/reading how much of a bashing the Raiders got for not resigning him I guess…..

    “Yay! The Browns are on their way to a Superbowl!! They will soon become the upcoming dynasty team because of this hiring!!”

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