Jacquizz Rodgers is unclear about his role with Steven Jackson in town


When Michael Turner was the starting running back for the Falcons, Jacquizz Rodgers had a pretty clear idea about how and when he’d be used by the team.

Turner’s limited value in the passing game meant that Rodgers was used most often on downs when the Falcons were looking to put the ball into the air. As a result he’s had 151 carries and 75 catches through his first two seasons. It’s unclear whether things will remain the same during the 2013 season.

Steven Jackson has replaced Turner at the top of the depth chart and he’s been an effective weapon in the passing game throughout his career with the Rams. Rodgers doesn’t know what that means for his own playing time, but he’s sure that he needs to make the most of his chances in order to get more of them as the season progresses.

“When I get in the game, I’m going to try to make my plays and try to get my number called more often,” Rodgers said, via D. Orlando Ledbetter of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “I’ll try to make every carry and every catch count.”

Things shouldn’t wind up looking that much different for Rodgers. Jackson is turning 30 next month and didn’t play a much higher percentage of the Rams’ snaps last season than Turner played for the Falcons. However things shake out in terms of playing time, the presence of another back who forces defenses to think about the pass/run possibilities in a more expansive way than Turner should be a positive for the Falcons offense in 2013.

16 responses to “Jacquizz Rodgers is unclear about his role with Steven Jackson in town

  1. Jackson might be the best pass blocking/blitz pick-up back in the league. He’s a weapon in the passing game due to that as much as actually catching the ball.

  2. The only thing you need to know about ‘Quizz is that he completely OWNED and PANCAKED Seahawk Earl Thomas in the divisional playoff game. A game Seattle should have won but their inadequate coaching staff choked!

  3. Daryl Richardson managed 475 rushing yards and 24 receptions spelling Jackson last year.

    On top of that Jackson played through a lot of injuries in the last few years, but he’s missed a handful of games as well.

  4. that would be to sit around & wait until steve needs a break, or a cup of gatorade or something.

  5. Obviously he’s playing time will depend somewhat on S-Jax holding up. I doubt it’ll get anywhere near a 50/50 split though. Save the tread on Rodgers for now. He’s obviously more physical than most people gave him credit for initially, based on him dragging one guy like 3 yards for a 1st and flattening a couple others last season. He will come in handy down the line if his mileage is kept relatively low these next couple years.

  6. Ummmmmmm, your role is to sit on the bench , be quiet and try an learn sumpin. And your lousy, terrible, highly overated QB may throw ya a pass every once and a while.

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