Umenyiora trying to mentor young group


The Falcons are counting on Osi Umenyiora to produce this year.

But he’s also trying to teach a young group as fast as he can, too.

The veteran free agent addition told the team’s official website he sees potential in a group which includes four rookies.

It’s my job to help them,” Umenyiora said. “I don’t have too much longer. It’s unlikely I’ll play another 10 years. All I can do is give them all the knowledge that I have now and try to make them better. They’re my younger brothers.”

His younger, less accomplished brothers.

Other than Umenyiora, the only other end on the Falcons roster with an NFL sack is Kroy Biermann (16.5 in five seasons). But between Jonathan Massaquoi and draft picks Malliciah Goodman and Stansly Maponga, they hope there is enough potential to groom some help.

“They’re maturing,” Umenyiora said. “They’re maturing very, very fast. Malliciah (Goodman) is a good player. (Jonathan) Massaquoi is very good also. These are going to be tremendous football players in this league.”

They better hurry, or there might be more of a burden on Umenyiora than he’s had to handle in recent years, when he played with other good rushers in New York.

12 responses to “Umenyiora trying to mentor young group

  1. Must be hard fitting in with a new team. You have to say all sorts of crazy, ingratiating stuff.

  2. The Falcons are are a terrible franchise. They will probably finish third in their division next year with the rise of the Bucs and the return of the Saints.

  3. Good luck Atlanta. Bringing in one of the leagues most selfish guys as a mentor? Everyone on the D-Line will be asking to renegotiating their contract by the bye week.

  4. Prepare yourselves Atlanta, you are about to witness what Osi is really all about. Oh yea, wait until they start running to his side. Oh boy.

  5. Age has a way of providing players with perspective, and perhaps that is what has happened here? From a talent stand point I was glad they brought him in. From a locker room stand point, I was curious. Let’s see how the season plays out, but I remain hopeful that this is a big piece to a SB. It’s hard living in Colt’s country with fans of a 1 SB team who tout how much better the Colt’s are than the Falcons…

  6. Are you kidding touchdownroddywhite? Try living in Pittsburgh as a falcons fan. You can’t do any worse. 6 to 0. This is where I live. It sucks

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