Brown’s wife says he’s fine, after missing speech


As it turns out, Jim Brown isn’t sick, he’s just tired.

The Hall of Fame running back was scheduled to talk to players at the NFL Rookie Symposium, but the league sent out a release earlier today saying he was being replaced because of an illness.

But Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer talked to his wife Monique, who said he was just worn out from 10 days of travel.

“It’s nothing serious,” Monique Brown said. “Jim is fine and really looking forward to attending the [50th anniversary] reunion at the Hall of Fame during enshrinement weekend.”

Instead of Brown, the rookie got their dose of NFL history from Hall of Fame cornerback Michael Haynes, which is pretty good for a last-minute replacement.

5 responses to “Brown’s wife says he’s fine, after missing speech

  1. Wife says “Jim is just too tired”. What a great excuse for Brown not showing up for his first real gig. If I tried that excuse on my boss my arse would be in the unemployment line. But JB is special. Must be nice to be on Jimmy Haslam’s gravy train!

  2. This is the guy you want to speak at a rookie symposium. Have a man with a history of abusing woman speak to rookies about how to behave. Just another reason to hate the fraud commissioner Roger Goodell. Great job Roger bringing in this guy mentor and influence the new talent coming into the league????

  3. All you people know about Jim brown is that he had some domestic issues. And the last one was 20 years ago.

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