If RG3 is healthy, Rex Grossman may not make Redskins’ roster


In 2012, Rex Grossman never played in a regular-season game. But he did play an important role on the Redskins, serving as the veteran mentor on a team whose other two quarterbacks, Robert Griffin III and Kirk Cousins, were rookies.

In 2013, Grossman may have no role to play on the Redskins at all.

Rich Tandler notes at RealRedskins.com that if Griffin is fully recovered from knee surgery, the Redskins may be content to go into the regular season with only two quarterbacks, leaving Grossman as the odd man out. (The fourth quarterback currently on the roster, Pat White, probably isn’t going to make the team even if they keep three quarterbacks.)

Redskins coach Mike Shanahan has been content to have only two quarterbacks on the roster in the past, and he may do so again this year. Especially considering that there are other positions at which Shanahan has expressed an interest in keeping more players: The Redskins appear poised to carry four tight ends on the roster this year after having only three last year, and kickoff specialist John Potter may join field goal kicker Kai Forbath on this year’s roster, meaning the Redskins would be carrying an extra kicker.

If the Redskins aren’t fully confident in Griffin’s health, then they’d definitely keep both Cousins and Grossman as backups. But the speedy progress Griffin is making in his rehab may just make Grossman expendable.

26 responses to “If RG3 is healthy, Rex Grossman may not make Redskins’ roster

  1. Didn’t we just went through the …

    Shanahan says he’ll stake his reputation on Grossman , , , speech ?

  2. The question is what are you guys going to do when RGIII stays healthy the whole year and the Redskins win the Super Bowl? I want contrition from all you naysayers.

  3. People talk about how some duos are the greatest…Steve Young to Jerry Rice. Peyton Manning to Marvin Harrison, or even Kurt Warner to Larry Fitzgerald.

    But all those don’t stand a chance w/ Rex Grossman to any CB in the NFL.

    That tandem understood each other almost every time. Incredible chemistry b/w the two. Incredible biology and literature too.

  4. Who’s gonna handle the 2 minute drill?!?

    RG3’s ‘cardio-vascular’ shape has got to be sub-par post-ACL surgery …

  5. NOOOOOO Chance RG3 makes it through the season. Nope, none, notta. By week 8 he’ll be hurt.

  6. I’m sure Brian Urlacher and about 50 other Bears will go to their graves believing they would have won a Super Bowl if Grossman was not their QB that day.

  7. Hmmm one would have to believe all this hating on RGIII is because you haters wish he was on your teams….and or you’re hoping he gets hurt again so your team won’t have to face him!

    Just because the guy got injured on what was a fluke hit, doesn’t mean he’s injury proned, and if you read the facts it’s not the offense the Redskins run that got him hurt as both times he scrambled out of a traditional drop back passing situation.

    Hell Brady is far from being a scrambler/running QB yet he got hurt and in the pocket at that…

  8. Rex Grossman is the best third string QB in the history of the NFL. Sexy Rexy, aka the Sex Cannon. Who needs a 10 yard out? F-it, I’m going deep. Unleash the Dragon!!!

  9. “RG3 or RG3-and-out” is probably still the greatest quip in PFT history. My nose has soda burns even today.

  10. But he was so productive for us last year. (sarcasm) I’m pretty sure if they cut him he would still be a FA if they needed him later on.

  11. im, for one, am hoping griffin has a great year which for him means a continued shredding of defenses with his arm and acumen. A healthy griffin is very bad news for all redskin opponenets…

  12. skinsfan91 says:
    Jun 26, 2013 2:08 PM

    The question is what are you guys going to do when RGIII stays healthy the whole year and the Redskins win the Super Bowl? I want contrition from all you naysayers.


    Let’s make it simple, let’s talk after the SB. I’ll be the first one to congratulate the skins and their fans for winning the championship. I will commend you personally.

    Now, when the skins don’t win it all this year, I think I would like for all the prognosticators, mostly skin fans, who’ve stated and forseen the skins winning it all this upcoming season to shut the hell up. No excuses neither, how bout that?

  13. I say: Robert Griffin (starter), Kirk Cousin (back-up), Pat White – if he runs the option as good as he did in college abd improved as an NFL passer, he’s not getting cut. Especially if he has a few decent outings with the 3rd team in pre-season.. A player lost in that mess in the M.I.A the Miami Dolphins. . 🙂

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