Maurice Jones-Drew will face lawsuit over bar incident


Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew will not be criminally charged after he was accused of punching a bar security guard. But he will be sued in civil court.

Patrick Canan, the attorney for security guard Kasim Howard, told the Florida Times-Union he will sue Jones-Drew.

If the state of Florida won’t attempt to seek justice, we will,” Canan said.

Video of the incident was inconclusive, and prosecutors did not believe they could prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Jones-Drew assaulted Howard. Canan still believes that the preponderance of the evidence will show that his client was injured by Jones-Drew.

11 responses to “Maurice Jones-Drew will face lawsuit over bar incident

  1. Money will bump most criminal cases to simple lawsuits it seems. That’s our country.

  2. Unless there is a supremely credible star witness that watched MJD clock this guy, they are wasting their money trying to sue.

  3. Not sure what this Howard guy is smoking, but that video evidence does absolutely nothing to prove that MJD was involved, nonetheless, initiated the assault. Blame it on crappy placement of security cameras, but innocent until proven guilty.

  4. I really do hate the sue-ciety we live in now. I mean, really. You can’t do anything anymore without someone threatening to sue, and sometimes no matter how baseless the claims they could actually win! As soon as would-be robbers started to be able to sue and win for hurting themselves after they tripped over something while breaking into your house it was over for the decent people of this nation. #SMH

  5. Gotta love it when you say the State won’t “seek justice” so you will–on behalf of your client at 1/3 of what they recover in their pursuit of money, er, justice. This guy’s just happy he doesn’t have to waste billable hours on a criminal case now. He gets to focus on squeezing MJD until he gives him every dime he can. Only in America.

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