Richard Seymour seems ready to call it a career without right offer


Richard Seymour has spent 12 seasons in the NFL playing for the Oakland Raiders and New England Patriots. He’s one of only four players on PFT’s Top 100 Free Agents list to still not have a place to play for the 2013 season.

However, Seymour appears at peace with his NFL career if he doesn’t ultimately find a team to play for this year.

Seymour joined Bruce Murray and Rich Gannon on Sirius XM NFL radio on Tuesday afternoon to discuss where he stands in trying to find a home for next season.

For Seymour, he’s not just looking for any team willing to offer him a job. He wants to find the right offer for him. Seymour said that if he wanted to sign with a team he already could have. Seymour wants to play for a team that has a chance to contend for a championship.

“You always want to be at the top. I don’t play just to be on a team. You always want to be able to contend,” Seymour said.

If he doesn’t get the deal he wants, Seymour seems willing to walk away and call it a career.

“I’ve been fortunate and blessed and have no regrets about anything in terms of my career. I gave everything that I had when I played. If it’s time to more to another chapter, obviously I’ve been blessed and fortunate in that regard,” Seymour said.

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  1. Finish what you started in Oakland Richard. You’ve been paid handsomely by Al in the past. Take your cut back salary and give us a final 2 year effort.

  2. It always disappoints me to hear one of these players snub teams in need because they want a ring in their final year. I respect him, and like him, but there are so many teams that might be able to contend if they could just sign two or three good people at key positions. Instead they hold out for one of a handful of pre-season superbowl favourites, and sulk away to retirement if cant get what they want.

    Reminds me of junior high lunch-hour basketball games: if the best 3 players couldn’t be on a team together they wouldn’t play because they were to cowardly to be in a game where victory wasn’t assured.

  3. So what’s the hang up? I wonder how much the spread is between what teams will pay and what he wants. If a contender wants to pay him, say, 2/3 of what he wants for ’13, why not play? That money pales in comparison to the rest of the money he’s earned playing football. I hope for his sake he’s not leaving something on the field because he didn’t want to leave too much at the negotiating table.

  4. The Falcons have as solid of a chance as anyone to win a ring – what he means is that he wants to sign with a contender who will grossly overpay for him.

  5. I know Pitt isn’t exactly a contender coming off an 8-8 season, but wouldn’t it be awesome to have him and Roethlisberger on the same team?

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