Players must submit renewal applications for therapeutic use exemptions by Sunday

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Plenty of players who have been suspended for violating the league’s steroids policy in recent months have claimed that they had a prescription for the banned substance.  A prescription is irrelevant, unless the player also has received a therapeutic use exemption from the NFL.

The issue most commonly has arisen in connection with positive tests for Adderall, an amphetamine used to treat ADHD.

Once a player has a therapeutic use exemption, the license doesn’t extend permanently.  It must be renewed.  Specifically, all players must submit a renewal application by June 30, 2013.

A notice sent by the NFLPA to all certified agents on Thursday points out that the failure to submit a renewal application by June 30 will result in the player being subject to league discipline for a positive test after July 1, with an initial violation triggering a four-game suspension.

“Players who have obtained a [therapeutic use exemption] in the past MUST submit a renewal application,” the NFLPA explains.

The message is clear for any player with a therapeutic use exemption.  If you have one, you need to apply for a renewal by Sunday, or it disappears as of Monday.

18 responses to “Players must submit renewal applications for therapeutic use exemptions by Sunday

  1. Thus, there should be no further team/fan acceptance of the adderal excuse… file your application! If you are dumb enough not to file, and actually possess a legitimate prescription, then you deserve to be suspended! Does anyone actually believe that seemingly every player who has been suspended over the past several seasons for violating the league’s banned substance policy has been taking prescribed adderal? If so, then you too deserve a four-game suspension!

  2. “you need to apply for a renewal by Sunday, or it disappears as of Monday.”

    And NFL “random” testing will surely begin Tuesday.

  3. That’s a reach. That’s a reach without falsely assuming the NFL did something, because they haven’t (with the exception of the strongly worded letter about possibly doing something if another team signs him).

  4. So we’ve now reached the point where internal NFL paperwork requirements are news for the general public.

    In the meantime, I’ve been asked by my IT department to submit a request signed by my supervisor to allow me access to certain sensitive computer applications. Gotta get it submitted by Friday. Want more details?

  5. Great. I can’t wait for Richard Sherman and his Aderall buddies on the ‘Hawks to start failing drug tests, again. Then blame someone else, again. And get bounced in the post-season, AGAIN.

  6. This is stupid and draconian If you get it once why do you need to reapply? It should be assumed permanent. NFL is growing tiresome year by year.

  7. Did the league also send this out to the teams? It is as much their issue as it is the players.

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