Ernest Wallace, connected to Odin Lloyd killing, has been arrested

Aaron Hernandez is being held in jail without bail, Carlos Ortiz is on his way back to Massachusetts after being arrested in Connecticut and now police have arrested the third identified suspect in the murder of Odin Lloyd.

The Massachusetts State Police confirmed Friday afternoon that Ernest Wallace, who was wanted on charges of being an accessory after the fact in Lloyd’s murder, has been arrested in Miramar, Florida. The police in North Attleboro, where the murder took place, had previously announced that the Chrysler 300 that Wallace was last seen driving has been recovered in Hernandez’s hometown of Bristol, Connecticut.

Wesley Lowery of the Boston Globe reports that prosecutors allege Hernandez rented the car the day after Lloyd was murdered in order to help others, including Wallace, leave the state. The person who located the car and informed authorities said that he first saw it at his apartment complex on Friday or Saturday and recognized the car when police asked for help locating it on Wednesday.

“I never saw anyone getting in or out of the car,” the resident said. “I’ve called the leasing office and they said police have already asked for any video footage that might show who parked.”

All three men who have thus far been publicly implicated in the murder are now in custody.

52 responses to “Ernest Wallace, connected to Odin Lloyd killing, has been arrested

  1. Good! Now lets get to the bottom of all this crap. I wonder if they all will point the finger at Odin Lloyd as being the shooter in the drive by shooting last year?

  2. The resident called the leasing office to see about video footage, just in case the police don’t think of that? wtf?

  3. Like bro where were you going. In today’s day of cameras and TVs everywhere where did you think you could go. Even if you could lay low for the next six years in some remote desert you are never out of the woods there is no statute of limitations on murder dim wit. Bunch of Wild West outlaws. Idiots the world is a safer place without you numbskulls on the streets

  4. Other than Rae Carruth, has another active NFL player ever completely threw his career away for murder? I can’t recall. I can only think of those two in the age of E! Sports Edition. Either way it is a banehead move, and situations where you feel you have to kill someone are avoidable if you are in a player like Hernandez’ tax bracket and status. It’s not looking good for him at all in any way.

  5. This begs the question, who is cooperating and giving the police the information? The four people in the car have either been arrested or killed.

  6. Soon he’ll be behind bars looking at a mirror in an orange jumpsuit saying, “You’re not a fish, you’re a man”

  7. Has anyone else noticed that EVERY development in this case somehow includes Hernandez renting a car? Enterprise is really going to feel it now that Hernandez is locked up!

  8. My family lives in Coral Springs and Margate, not too far from Miramar, good job good guys.

    good guys – 8
    bad guys – o

  9. ..

    Those involved were very reckless leaving shell casings, video, rental car agreements and broken cell phones behind.
    This type of hard evidence is difficult to explain.


  10. Not that this needs to make any sense but why is AH even involved in clipping people? I would like to think there is another thing going on here – maybe a meth lab operation in breaking bad style.

  11. Now he has two people that can pay millions to in order to take the fall for him.

    There will be $10M waiting for you when you get out of prison in 20 years. They don’t give death penalty here, so you have nothing to worry about. Come on man, that’s $500k a year to sit around doing nothing.

  12. moonischasinme says:
    Jun 28, 2013 2:31 PM

    One thing we have learned between this/these cases and the Boston bombing is that Mass. police are good at what they do.

    At least when it is a high publicity case, devoting a ton of manpower to it. Who knows what other cases got brushed to the side.

  13. From this day forward, every rental car should have a large sign stating:

    Warning, this is a rental car!
    Please be on the lookout for stray bullets!!

  14. have you read the sun sentinel…….

    remember the shoot out @ Coral Springs mall with the gangbangers shooting up the mall a2 x-mas time and had the cops back peddling as they fired on the cops.

  15. I’m so curious as to why he kept renting cars in his name? Not only is it ridiculous to rent cars in your name to be associated with a murder, but its so much more expensive to rent cars? Why not BUY a car?

  16. This begs the question, who is cooperating and giving the police the information? The four people in the car have either been arrested or killed
    I dont think thats the case, I think wallace was after the fact (not in the car) but helped with the bodly/clean up

    I think that mysterious last person is the one pumping the police with info

  17. My understanding is that Bo Fish was wanted as an accessory after the fact. If he were one of the “associates” in the car, would he not be wanted as an accessory to murder? I thought he was wanted as possibly the person that got rid of the gun(s). If so, that leaves the second associate in the car as unknown, does it not? Maybe that is the person who is talking?

  18. There needs to be one more felony count added on for DMPE…..
    Dumbest Murder Planning Ever!

    “Let’s leave the body here cause its close to my house….I need to get back home before my security video system shows I’ve been gone!” Der…..

  19. So say goodnight to the bad guy. C’mon!

    The last time you gonna see a bad guy like Tony Montana again, let me tell ya …

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