Chad Johnson gets better of Robert Gill on a treadmill

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Chad Johnson would like a chance to beat out current NFL wide receivers for a spot on a roster, but he may have to settle for beating them at running incredibly fast on a treadmill.

Last week, we shared video of Cardinals wideout Robert Gill running 25 m.p.h. on a treadmill. While that impressive feat probably won’t do all that much to help him make the Cardinals’ 53-man roster, he does currently hold one of the 90 spots on Arizona’s team.

Johnson can’t say that much for himself, which may be why he decided to make his own YouTube treadmill video, which landed on Reddit for the masses to behold. Johnson runs 24 m.p.h. at a 2.5% incline, which adds a degree of difficulty that Gill didn’t have in his own bid for viral video glory.

Alas, Johnson’s flying feet aren’t likely to boost his chances of continuing his NFL career. Johnson’s physical abilities haven’t been in too much doubt. His dismal 2011 performance with the Patriots and last season’s arrest on domestic violence charges play a much bigger role and there’s no treadmill in the world fast enough to spin back time to a point before those things entered the conversation.

33 responses to “Chad Johnson gets better of Robert Gill on a treadmill

  1. I’m going to post my GM-audition Youtube video later on this year. It will feature a variety of angled shots of me plucking away on my keyboard from my couch and in various seating positions. Watch me work people and feel the magic.

  2. Sure you can run fast on a treadmill….. But you couldn’t figure out the Pats’ offense for the life of ya.

  3. Chad’s head needs to be corrected, not his body.

    He should be posting pictures of himself helping others and stop try to grab the spotlight. Its over Chad your not interesting or entertaining anymore. Use your status to help people and start charity. Its time to GROW UP.

  4. I wouldn’t call this more impressive than Gill’s 25 mph run. Johnson effectively has a spotter holding him in place, which Gill did not.

  5. Somebody sign that man. He is going to work hard for you. THere is nothing like a hungry person. Chad is hungry. Sign him, even for the vet minimum with incentives, but give him a shot.

  6. IMO, these speeds are bogus. It may be due to the treadmill, or it may be their own exaggerations, but I doubt they are going much more than 20 MPH.

    By comparison, Usain Bolt’s fastest time ever in the 100 meter dash was 9.58 seconds, which equates to 23.448 miles per hour. If you exclude acceleration time, it is estimated that Bolt hit 27 mph down the stretch.

    I don’t think these guys are close to Bolt speed-wise, not at their age.

  7. Chad has a much longer stride than the other dude…
    but the fact he didnt do 25mph means he cant.

  8. Sign Chad Johnson!! Why not give him another chance? He made football ENTERTAINING with his celebrations, and he was among the elite at one point in his career! Sure he has made bad decisions, but give this man another chance!

  9. jerruhjones says:
    Jul 2, 2013 4:02 PM

    Will he be jumping a shark next?

    Too late!


    Actually, IF that is legitimately 24 mph with an incline, then it is pretty impressive. Gill’s legs must be way shorter tho cuz they seemed to be going waaay faster than Chad’s.

  10. He could back peddle 25 mph and nobody would give him a shot.

    His act grew tired well before he decided to beat on his wife.

  11. Moving 25 mph has nothing to do with Johnson’s inability to comprehend playbooks, which was the case in New England. In Cincinnati, his stupidity was merely tolerated. Anyone notice that the Bengals are better without him?

  12. After the video, there was another youtube one of Brandon Marshall doing this back in 2011. He ran much longer and smoother than either Gill or Ocho.

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