Colts announce their own Kickoff Concert


When Colts owner Jim Irsay took to Twitter to announce a Kickoff Concert the Friday before the opener, we didn’t expect the act would be the inoffensive 1990s pop staple Gin Blossoms.

Then again, Irsay would have had to dropped some “SERIOUS coin” to bring in some of the ’60s acts he more routinely refers to on Twitter, at least the ones that are still alive.

The event’s free and open to the public, and a good chance to turn the weekend of the opener into more of a spectacle than it already is.

Unless, of course, the Gin Blossoms take a page from Bon Jovi and cancel in the  next few weeks, leaving the Colts holding the bag. But with a tour schedule filled with wineries and casinos, it doesn’t seem as likely as the Browns’ latest embarrassment.

17 responses to “Colts announce their own Kickoff Concert

  1. Gin Blossoms are a good band – looking forward to it. Who doesn’t like free concerts?

  2. I bet this would be awesome to attend regardless of who is playing. The Indy Stadium and surrounding area are ideal for a good pre-game experience. Something tells me Irsay knows exactly how to throw a good party. Hopefully McAfee doesn’t find his way to the party before the game.

  3. The Bon Jovi show in Cle was canceled because they reportedly only sold about 500 tix forma stadium concert. Pretty embarrassing. And kudos to Cleveland for dissing JBJ!

  4. The Colts are so awesome. The kickoff concert should just be of the Colts team itself, that would really rock, the Gin Blossoms are just trying to use the Colts awesomeness to come back to some sort of relevance. You all are so lucky to have the Colts in Indianapolis and not Baltimorgue. If I were all of you I would pray every night that your team could even be half the team the Colts are, but sorry, that will never happen. The Colts are just the best franchise ever.

  5. What a homer you are, CWCW. And illogicalvoices is really just trying to irritate people, don’t you know. When RG gets hurt this season maybe he’ll go back to being a Tebow fanatic.

  6. Ya coltswin their the greatest franchises they have some lunatic running around with guns in D.C. area. Keep telling yourself that. By the way you can point that out to paytonsneck18 as well. One more thing who was ROOKIE OF THE YEAR AGAIN.????? WHO WAS THAT. RGIII RGIII RGIII.!!!!!!!!!

  7. The Gin Blossoms? You mean the band whose lead singer/songwriter killed himself right before the band hit it big…leaving the band openly advertising for someone to come & write/sing songs for them? yeah, that should be an awesome show………

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