Louisville coach tries to crack down on agents

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Louisville head coach Charlie Strong has taken pride in the past in not having an agent.

And he apparently wants to make sure his players don’t have one while they’re under his control, either.

According to Pete Thamel of Sports Illustrated, Strong sent a letter to agents threatening to eliminate their access to his players in the future if they didn’t listen.

“I will cut [the agents] off if they continue to contact them,” Strong said. “At the end of season, I will make sure you have no chance to represent our players. Not that I’m being arrogant, but I want to put a statement out there: You continue to mess with our players, this is what we’re going to do.”

He is also instructing his players to report any contact to him or his director of football operations.

It’s good to know he’s teaching his players how to make good decisions on their own.

“I don’t want any contact until the end of the season,” Strong said. “We’re just trying to do it right. I don’t want [players] to feel like I’m keeping them from talking to an agent. But I don’t know why now, there’s nothing an agent can do for them now.”

Strong’s chest-puffing is well-intentioned, and timely, as he has a good roster headlined by quarterback Teddy Bridgewater.

But it’s ultimately meaningless.

The agents who are willing to circumvent the rules as they pertain to recruiting college players aren’t going to stop based on threats from a coach.

And while Strong can’t be naive enough to believe he can stop the tide of runners and associates from getting to his players, he’s apparently confident enough to think he can bully the agent community, which is too often used as an easy mark for a college system that’s no more virtuous.

8 responses to “Louisville coach tries to crack down on agents

  1. Charlie strong is the definition of class act. Watch his speech on why he decided to stay in Louisville and not go coach for Tennessee in the SEC. This guy would be a perfect NFL coach.

  2. That is a man with integrity.

    But having seen it first hand, he can’t stop an agent from sending a prostitute to a kids dorm room with a diamond encrusted watch.

    That the games agents play.


  3. just another example of these schools trying to protect their cash cows.. contrary to what the coaches and administrators want these kids to believe, there’s no law prohibiting registered agents from contacting
    draft eligible players before, during or after the season ..keep dreaming Charlie, your declarations are utterly toothless

  4. every legitimate agent in the game knows that you have zero chance of signing a kid if you wait until after the season to start recruiting him.. Charlie is delusional if he thinks this will have any effect whatsoever

  5. ..what if high school coaches from the top programs in the country told him that he couldn’t recruit any of their players until after they graduated from high school? I’m sure he’d have no problem with that

  6. “Why don’t you come down to my place in Miami this weekend? We can hang out at The Clevelander. I’ll show you the (topless) beach at 8th and Ocean. Get a few drinks at Mango’s. Joe’s Stone Crabs. Maybe Smith & Wollenski. I’ll hook you up.”

    Show me the 21 year old that says “No” to that proposition.

  7. I like Charlie Strong and he has really proven to be a good guy. It’s refreshing to see that especially at the University of Louisville. I suppose anyone looks good compared to Bobby Petrino and Rick Pitino.

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