Alfred Morris wants to forget his rookie season


Redskins running back Alfred Morris has a rookie season to remember.  And now he wants to forget it.

I keep that drive,” Morris recently told the Pensacola News Journal.  “I don’t have the sense that I made it, even though I did make it.  Last year is in the past, that doesn’t mean anything anymore.”

It’s the right attitude.  While many still apply the “what have you done for me lately?” cliché to the NFL, Morris realizes that “lately” doesn’t matter.

“[W]hat are you going to do this next year?” Morris said.  “How are you going to improve off last year?  Are you going to have a slump?  Are you going to get that complacency and lose it?  No, I hold myself to a high standard, and I know I’d be disappointed in myself if something like that happens.”

It’s easy to assume he’s motivated by being overlooked until round six of the 2012 draft.  It appears that his motivation comes from keeping what he now has.

“It’s such a blessing to go out there and do something, do what you love,” Morris said.  “So many people wish they were in our shoes, so I definitely don’t take it for granted.  I knew it wasn’t easy to get there, and there’s so many people who want these jobs.”

Two of those people were drafted by the Redskins this year — Chris Thompson in round five and Jawan Jamison in round seven.  If Morris slips at all, coach Mike Shanahan will have other guys ready to take away touches.

Don’t bet on Morris slipping.

34 responses to “Alfred Morris wants to forget his rookie season

  1. Can’t blame Morris for wanting to forget last season. He didn’t accomplish anything, and he played for the most pathetic franchise in the history of professional football.

  2. Morris will have to do everything for that team because Fraud3 has been figured out as overhyped and overrated by the east coast media market, and the simpletons on the fake coast.

    Look west simpletons. There you will find the leagues best rusher and the best QB that the game has ever seen. Mr Marshawn “the bulldozer” Lynch and Mr. “real deal” Wilson is the real story folks. The next Super Bowl champs.
    Mr. Russell Wilson shows confidence, nicely dressed, groomed well.
    The Fraud3 shows like he needs a bath, his hair washed and cut, and needs civilized

  3. Gotta love the hater comments from fans of teams who just won the superbowl. Even though we have beaten the last 3 superbowl winners in the regular season… Packers 2010, Giants 2011, Ravens 2012.

  4. As a lifetime Bronco fan, I want to remind REDSKIN fans, that Shanahan is only a GOOD coach, and not GREAT…He rode Elway to glory for years, and never did much after Elway retired. He puts alot of focus on offense, but not much on defense. You’re going to want to hope RG3 and Morris are above average, because Shanny’s coaching will only get you so far….

  5. seahawk fans remind me of 8 year old that are just learning sarcasm but don’t know the right time to use it – it’s kind of cute really. In their derense they are just learning about football in Seattle so let’s give them some time to learn.

  6. kwickett85 says:
    Gotta love the hater comments from fans of teams who just won the superbowl. Even though we have beaten the last 3 superbowl winners in the regular season… Packers 2010, Giants 2011,

    Too bad you didn’t beat anyone in an actual super bowl or that accomplishment might mean something.

  7. Gotta love the hater comments from fans of teams who just won the superbowl. Even though we have beaten the last 3 superbowl winners in the regular season… Packers 2010, Giants 2011, Ravens 2012.


    which means what? who cares. i also moonwalked on the field during 2 regular season ga,es at half time. so what. typical redskin fan reapnse… has done anything SIGNIFICANT in 20 plus years so they try to hold on to the coat tails of teams that HAVE.

  8. Hey, ravanator, the Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh away. You may have the Super Bowl champs for a week, but you’re stuck with Baltimore year-round. Good luck with that!

  9. Since The Washington Redskins joined the NFL in 1932 as the Boston Braves, only 4 teams have won more championships than they have.

    The Ravens are not one of those teams.

    The Seahawks are not one of those teams.

    The Broncos are not one of those teams.

    The Giants time at the top of the NFC East is over and everybody knows it.

  10. My thoughts exactly. Seattle. Lmao. As for the rest of the haters, I see you all got up early to do your jobs on this great 4th of July.Have a nice one and Hail to the Redskins.

  11. The first two post in this thread prove that even posts that are complete opposites can both be wrong and both completely ridiculous! If those two people even believe half of what they wrote them it is my opinion that their IQs are probably in the single digits.

    No I’m not calling then dumb, just questioning the sincerity of their post!

    They both shed a negative light on their respective teams by posing such ludicrous thoughts!

  12. @iknoweverything.
    1 east coast far from fake,unlike
    your lala coast..
    2 lynch looks like he could use
    a shower.
    3 wilson reminds me of webster..
    4 griffin is well spoken and the son
    of 2 drill seargants..
    see u on the east coast when the skins
    beat u in the nfc championship..
    that is if u have a team or will they
    all be suspended for peds..

  13. How anyone can hate on a guy like Alfred Morris is beyond me. He’s humble, tough, productive, doesn’t talk smack and works so hard. Any team would be lucky to have a guy like him

  14. Will Morris have another season where he is statistically the second best RB on the NFL? He and RG3 can’t repeat as the best rookie RB tandom in NFL history. By the way that isn’t my opinion, it is fact. Some of that had to do with the fact that not many teams have ever had a rookie QB and RB that were the starters all season.

    Morris will most likely still end up as a top five rusher and I think top ten is his floor. No way he drops below that.

  15. Alfred Morris wasn’t statistically the second best running back In the league. There is more to being a hb than rushing yards like blocking a pass catching. That’s why Marshall Faulk is a HOFer and Edgerin James is not

  16. Skins fans can easily talk smack to hawks fans. Hawks won what superbowl? How many championship? Let’s not pretend that super bowl wins is the only factor in deciding great the bills in the early 90s. Look congrats to these new teams that have something exciting to look at, hawks. But the skins, if you know your history are one of the nfls marquee franchises, period. The wins, championships, great coaches, players, supportive and dedicated fan base, win or lose..check the money spent on merchandise, check the teams worth..Respect Facts

  17. TO Alfred Morris and his teammates:

    ‘You don’t have thing ‘less you got that ring’- (ps add the do wop)

    yours truly Ray Rice

  18. Morris and Fletcher are the only two players I respect on the Skins. Hope he gets out of that sinkhole of a team and carries on to greatness elsewhere..

  19. Skin Fans- Be proud for we are now the most Hated Team in NFL History- according to our post here on PFT. The Jets notwithstanding, but this is due to the stupidity and incompetence of their organization.

    Take this is a sign of utmost respect when fans from other teams just have to chime in to “Hate in Mass” on our beloved Redskins and good citizens like RG3 and ALF.

  20. @ thefootballgodssay:


    The same mags that picked ’em to win the NFC East last fall?

    How’d that work out?

  21. Every fan of another team who comes here just to try and bash skins for not being relevant just proves clearly they are relevant or u wouldn’t be commenting lol. The stupidity of people never seeses to amaze me.

    I mean seahawk fans why don’t u look up your superbowl wins. I mean not once have u won it all ever. I mean evvvveeeerrrr! Yet u act like its the greatest franchise ever. Will give u wilson is like the second comjng of drew breese at times. But u copy the redskins offense and then talk smack. Can u please slap yourself so I don’t have to waste my airmiles.

    Now giants. Yes u recently won twice. But to say its due to eli is foolish. Once was purely defense. Second was pure luck. But a win is a win. So I will give u that. How many times have u beat the skins over past three seasons? Gone are the days of counting that as two ws a year. Get used to it and stop whinning.

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