Idonije makes Lake Michigan gamble to promote reading


Defensive lineman Israel Idonije has left the Bears, but he could be making a return to Chicago this winter.

Per the Associated Press, Idonije has joined Rahm Emamuel in a promise to jump into the waters of Lake Michigan if children in Chicago read 2 million books between June 17 and August 10.

Last year, “Rahm’s Readers” ripped through 1.5 million books.  With a 33 percent increase, Idonije and Emanuel will end up suffering from 100 percent shrinkage.

Idonije recently signed with the Lions after 10 seasons with the Bears.

13 responses to “Idonije makes Lake Michigan gamble to promote reading

  1. Nice to see a feel-good NFL story on here, as opposed to more Aaron Hernandez BS.

  2. A great representative from my hometown of Brandon, Manitoba and a great representative for any football team! Great work Izzy.

  3. Reading and especially writing had become a lost art in this country. kudos to Rahm Emamuel and Israel Idonije for promoting this campaign.

    Cue the Conservative idiots who are frothing about a Rahm Emamuel mention in a story.

  4. If the Lions win the superbowl, I will jump into Lake Michigan in the winter and stay there until summer…my guess is I will end up staying dry.

  5. If Rahm is already jumping then Idonije should setup a similar challenge for the Detroit area and jump into Lake Erie or Huron. Get some Michigan kids to challenge the Chicago kids on who can read more books. And the loser has to also jump into Lake Superior. That should hype things up a bit!

  6. I live in Ashland, WI, on Lake Superior and jump in it all the time at the beaches. No big deal to me. Give me a dollar and I’ll jump in Lake Michigan no problem.

  7. Really glad we picked this guy up. He abandoned that sinking ship called “Chicago bears” and joined a team on the up and up. Now he gets to give cutler something to legitimately cry about 2 times a year (sorry Webb). Smart move by both him and mayhew

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